Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I had low expectations from Janet Napolitano when she opined that people like me, the backbone of America, were the real terror danger! She fears that we'll get on to her and her minions and run their happy asses down to Gitmo in perpetuity!

Well Ms. Napolitano, those free Americans who have consistently clung to their guns, their religion and their belief in the American dream are just about at tipping point and your assertion that "the system worked" on Christmas Day is just one more nail in your administration's coffin!

In the first place, the American TSA would not permit the kind of body scan in Amsterdam that would have kept that Muslim (not Nigerian, MUSLIM, you demented crone) off the Northwest flight headed to Detroit! Secondly, searching women like me - age 67, short spikey hair, round gormless Midwestern face - patriotic American citizen, native-born and practicing Catholic - is a waste of time and resources. Get those guys who are loudly speaking Arabic and testing us to see if we have the balls to keep them off our airplanes! PROFILE WENCH, PROFILE!

And just as an aside - the planners of this new threat were recently released from Guatanamo! Good reason to confound the liberal asshats and keep the place open, don't you think? Are you CAPABLE of thinking?

You're stupid, you're ignorant and you're clearly an anti-American tool! Buh-bye! Your Lord and Master, Herr Czero, will be flinging you under the bus any day now.

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