Friday, August 31, 2012


Watched the speeches last night. Thought Clint Eastwood should not have ad-libbed. At his age, ad libs aren't a great idea! But I loved his line about the politicians being OUR employees! And the subtle imagery of him talking to an empty chair was outstanding.

The other speakers were excellent, particularly Marco Rubio. He is impressive and looks about 12 years old, a genetic gift that will serve him well as he ages!

I was both surprised and pleased by Romney's acceptance speech. He was likable, thorough and passionate (in his own laid-back way) and I found the humor in his facial expression when he announced that The Won had promised to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet absolutely hilarious. His follow-up that he and Paul Ryan would worry about our families was priceless.

All things considered, I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Romney last night. He needs to work on not doing that "Ed Sullivan" thingie with his shoulders but other than that, he was quite good. Naturally the leftwing media is finding all manner of fault with his performance but screw 'em - they're already in the tank for the incumbent idiot (which makes them what?). I trust my own eyes, my own ears and my own perceptions far more than I do those of Chris Matthews and his tingly leg!


Gwen said...

Been worried about you dropping out of sight like that. Afraid you had a stroke even after the surgery or something. Even told your classmates at the Lourdes gathering so they were concerned.
The new kitten ( a champagne point Tonkinese boy) says hi.

Gayle Miller said...

My two critters - the totally hilarious Buddy and Rusty (did I ever mention that Rusty doesn't meow - he barks or chirps - very entertaining) - send their love back.

I'm healthy, not to happy these days but doing well otherwise. Trying to make enough money to move back from Virginia to Columbus, Ohio! Hate it here and want to go home - where family and friends abound! Need to get dear friend Linda back on her feet but am aiming for a return in May 2013!