Thursday, September 06, 2012


And if it is true that a person's inner self is reflected in his outer visage, that man's been rode hard and put up wet! What a dissipated face he has developed. Not that he was ever that good looking in my view. My idea of good looking is a Tom Selleck or even a Clint Eastwood. Intelligence in a man's face is soooo attractive and while Clinton supposedly has a high IQ - I have never seen much evidence of it. Manipulative narcissism absolutely and a venal but manipulative spouse, undoubtedly. But true brilliance, which includes morals and ethics, not so much!

So, did we all watch Clinton’s speech last night? The only president ever impeached for lying under oath told more lies in one hour than most people tell in their entire lifetimes. Luckily, millions more people watched the football game than him. One of the rapist-in-chief’s biggest whoppers was that Obama had NOT gutted the welfare to work requirement that Clinton himself had signed into law. However, a few hours before his speech, the General Accounting Office had announced that Obama HAD gutted the welfare to work requirement and his action was illegal without Congressional approval. I guess no one bothered to tell Clinton about that decision.

H/T My brilliant cousin Scott!

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