Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Two night competition, no eliminations, team dances. What a fun two evenings!

First off, I seriously think Kelly and Val were severely undermarked. And I'm also starting to agree completely with Wendy Williams who says the show needs new judges. Len is crabby and rigid, Bruno's antics are no longer as amusing as they once were and Carrie Ann Inaba is just annoying.

Shawn Johnson moved out of her comfort zone and was mezmerizing and Gilles Marini was, as always, unbearably sexy!

The team dances were lots of fun. The team doing the cheerleader dance was entertaining but I don't think they merited their high scores. The dances was merely okay!

The Gangyan Dance number tonight was hilarious, definitely a hot mess and had everyone in stitches! We haven't laughed this hard since Rusty the cat developed the peculiar habit of running headlong into closed doors and wondering why it avails him nothing! Or when Timmy gets really, really relaxed and falls off the back of the couch!

Anyway, I voted and I hope those who enjoy the show did too. It's by far their best season.

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