Sunday, June 16, 2013


My father, Gilbert Joseph Miller (1913-1984) was one of six brilliant - and slightly peculiar - children. Guess that goes a long way toward explaining ME!

To give you an idea of my father's somewhat eccentric ways, there is this: In 1958 I bought a house. My father, an electrical engineer, was dissatisfied with the electrical situation in this brand new domicile. Accordingly, he had two additional electrical lines run into the house - a 220 and another 120. He had no intention of ever seeing a short circuit develop on his watch!

Then he proceeded to rewire this just-built house to HIS requirements (and as I have come to realize, he was way ahead of his time in this) with me helping him in his endeavors. This is how I came to be sitting on a stepladder, in my own basement, one Saturday morning, holding two wires. My father casually walked by and commented "It would probably be a good idea if you didn't let those two wires touch. I haven't turned off the main!"

For this and all the many other examples of your humor, your loving care for me and your frequently dry and hilarious commentary on the world through your eyes, I love you and miss you and value your place in my life.

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