Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I know I left out one of the prime movers in the Paula Deen debacle - The Food Network - but they're such a bunch of weinie-brained losers they wouldn't even understand this post. Since they do not understand that because of Paula Deen they had a BLACK (Pat and Gina Neeley) couple doing one of their shows - then they're truly morons and not worth any effort. Self-destruction is a possibility!

Here's the deal. You other folks bully and castigate and generally pile on a 66-year old woman who used a WORD that is considered incorrect - despite the fact that, like Ms. Deen, you've probably used it in your past lives and without the provocation of a black man holding a gun to your head in a bank where you work. We still hsve freedom of expression in this country - even when the freedom is used to say unpleasant things. So I'm going to be even more politically incorrect and suggest that - for the foreseeable and undetermined future - I'm going to make the effort to avoid your various places of business. There is nothing whatsoever that I need that I cannot get somewhere else - probably in one of the "mom and pop" stores that have struggled so mightily since the heydey of the megastore has dawned.

My thinking is that I can remove MY dollars from your companies and, should other feel like-minded, maybe you all will pay as you deserve to pay for the bullying of a 66-year old woman by a bunch of hypocritical lemmings!

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