Monday, January 30, 2012


J.C. Penny clearly wants to induce a permanent state of "peeve" in its potential customers with their utterly obnoxious screaming commercial which makes no sense and generally ruins the hearing (temporarily) of those of us who cannot get to the "mute" button fast enough!

Likewise Geico - the squealing pig has gotten on my last nerve - and then some! Enough already! Cute concept, annoying execution!

Life is tough folks, we need to laugh. So for your Monday assignment, pick your favorite liberal and have at it! Myself, I'm going to laugh at that ridiculous harridan Nancy Pelosi who is mincing around shrilling her new mantra "I've got something that will destroy Newt Gingrich"! To which he, very properly responds, "Do your worst you incompetent crone!" only he says it nicer!

Let's all have a good laugh at the woman whose brain is so poisoned by excessive Botox that she cannot maintain her mask of sweetness and light which was so transparently phoney that only another liberal would buy it! Nancy, you despicable twit - don't you know that conservatives are miles smarter than the smartest liberal. In fact, I dare say that if Newt and I were in the same room with all the Dems in Congress, we'd outpoint them on the IQ measurements! And I'm not THAT smart! My sister, however, is that smart and I'd love to see her take on old Nancy!

Memo to all the pundits, commentators, so-called journalists out there - I don't give a rat's eardrum who runs against OBAMA, just so long as they BEAT Obama in all 50 states! Although there's faint hope for Massachusetts and probably Maryland!

FINAL BUT CRITICAL NOTE: All those who speak on television, kindly remember that GRAMMAR matters! It isn't "Like I said". It is "As I said". And a hat tip to my beloved late friend Clara Wochele!

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