Monday, January 23, 2012


It doesn't matter what Barbara Walters says on The View - the anti-Republican bias was crystal clear, even in her defense of the so-called "elite media"!

The only reason ABC-News ran the hit piece featuring Marianne Gingrich, whose face betrays all her bitterness and ill-will toward her former husband, was to stage an "October surprise" on Newt's campaign. None of this was news really - all of it had been discussed years ago in the press and by Newt himself. That makes the intent of ABC News quite obvious to me, at least, they were trying to slap down another Republican, using their favorite slapping tool - sex. And, once again, they trotted out that same old crap - Newt was part of the group who went after Bill Clinton for his sexual escapades!

First of all, and let's say this one final time: The impeachment wasn't about SEX. It was about lying to a Grand Jury and a Federal judge. Bill Clinton was a lawyer. It isn't done! It's a felony. He should have gone to jail for his bullshit!

But let's remind people, he was committing sexual harassment as well! Using his position to literally bring a chubby little dumbkopf of an intern to her knees. Isn't that something liberal women shriek and holler about?

We won't even discuss the women who have accused him of rape!

Where is it written that only Republicans are not supposed to have sex? Who would WANT to have sex with a liberal? They are the most joyless and utterly contemptible people on earth (at least most of them). And their women are truly ugly with the sour, arrogant, sanctimonious faces that would make a man marooned on a desert island think twice and then say no!

CNN stepped in a pile of doggie do when they asked the question at the opening of the GOP debate in South Carolina. No amount of backpeddling, excuses and whining is going to change that fact.

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