Friday, March 16, 2012


I'm a woman - I can call that self-entitled idiotic female whatever I want to call her. What she has done is insert herself into the debate that is and should be centered on FREEDOM OF RELIGION you ignorant crone! Ann Coulter says it best in her column today and I highly recommend it.

When will the Dems cease to try to deflect the essential argument into something so idiotic and so filled with assumptions (without a shred of proof) that it boggles the mind!?

Sandra Fluke is in law school. If she's actually studying when would she have time for $3,000 worth of shagging during a three-year period? And if she is larking about so much, how good a student can she be?

Having reviewed her testimony, my sense is that the woman isn't very bright and is hoping for the government job that will at least make whoever paid for her education minimally proud!

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