Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Already the Internet is awash in stories of all the candidates for the presidency in 2008 (in HRC’s case, those rumors started back in 1999 – but I digress).

Folks, it isn’t my intention to attempt to stifle free speech and all - but seriously, we just HAD the mid-term elections – slightly over a month ago! Could we all just step back, take a deep breath and wait – LIKE A YEAR OR SO – before we start the next election cycle?

I mean, it isn’t like anyone can take seriously the already-declared candidate (the embarrassing troll Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) who is apparently STILL looking for women willing to date him – as if), or even the ones being pushed by the mainstream media idiots.

Joe Biden? Give me a freaking break. The man has the IQ of wheat germ.

Barack Hussein Obama? Wouldn’t it be a novel idea if he actually ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING before throwing his hat in the ring? And does anyone seriously believe that HRC is going to tolerate him sucking the oxygen out of HER buzz?

Senator John F. Kerry, not satisfied with being largely absent from the U.S. Senate during the entirety of his last run for the presidency, believes that the American public will allow him to pull that stunt again in 2008. It is a given that the Massachusetts taxpayers are notoriously willing to tolerate that nonsense from its politicians, but apparently Edward M. Kennedy (D-Stoly) has decided that one shot at the big score was all the glory to which John “Futile” Kerry was entitled and Teresa is back to using “Heinz” as her last name, so one suspects little or no support will be forthcoming in THAT quarter.

We American voters are weary, all y’all. We’ve heard enough obfuscations, “nuance” and general untruths to last us a while and we’d be really really grateful if all the politicians would just shut the hell up until, oh I don’t know, JANUARY of 2008?

Thank you for your consideration!


Mark the Pundit said...

Actually, I think Kucinich got married shortly after the 2004 election. I guess that personals thing on Jay Leno worked!

shoprat said...

Sadly I think this country is now in permanent campaign mode.

"If Reagan is re-elected, I will start my Presidential Campaign as soon as the votes are counted" (Or words to that effect) Jesse Jackson 1984

Gayle Miller said...

It's exhausting! And annoying as hell!

Mark - I cannot believe ANYONE would be interested in that strange little man. Just proves there's someone out there for everyone, doesn't it?