Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Prosecutor-run-amok Mike Nifong has dropped the rape charges against the three Duke lacrosse players but let the sexual assault and kidnapping charges stand.


If the accuser’s statements are not, as Nifong himself admits, sufficiently reliable to prove rape, how then is she credible enough to prove sexual imposition or assault, let alone kidnapping?

If neither rape nor sexual imposition/assault can be proved, how can kidnapping be proved? Stop and think, just for one moment, about the exceptional seriousness of this particular charge. Even IF the accuser was even halfway credible, isn't this charge overkill?

Why was kidnapping even charged against these boys? She came to the house willingly, nothing happened to her (except possibly getting her feelings hurt by someone and it is by no means certain that these three boys were the ones who did that), and clearly she was intimate with three other disparate men either earlier in the evening or later in the evening, NONE OF THEM her boyfriend OR a Duke lacrosse player. My mama used to have a name for that kind of behavior. So do I.

Greta Van Susteren had an in-depth look at this case on her program over the weekend and has been following the botched investigation and insane indictments closely. I think that Jeannine Piro said it best when she opined that Nifong is either incompetent or “something more sinister”.

Now the lawyers of the three victims (the accused players) are demanding that the U.S. attorney general look into the prosecutor’s conduct during the entire case and are seeking federal intervention.

Nifong is claiming that the defense is committing character assassination? The man is clearly demented in my view! The defense is not committing defamation, they are committing DEFINITION of Nifong’s cynical misuse of the accuser’s multiple and contradictory stories and the racial element involved in this supposed case in order to further his own re-election agenda. In so doing, it is my belief that he is doing a major disservice to every future rape victim (white or black) by making the prosecution of properly identified assailants who are tied by DNA to the crime more difficult than it should be. He is showing himself to be both a despicable human being and a wholly incompetent public official who does not effectively serve the public by whom he was elected.

The true victims in this case are the improperly accused lacrosse players, their families and the entire community of Raleigh/Durham. Mr. Nifong should be recalled by the voters he duped with his prosecutorial misconduct. Criminal charges and/or civil action should then follow.

This man must be held up to all in his community, as well as throughout the nation, as an horrible example of the horrors of criminal “justice” gone completely off the rails and, perhaps, prosecutorial evil.

Alberto Gonzales has been asked to look into the matter. Many (including me) have written the N.C. State Bar Association complaining of Nifong’s conduct. On Greta Van Susteren’s show she had five prosecutors who ALL opined that Nifong was totally wrong in what he was doing at a minimum and some (like Jeannine Piro) had much stronger language for his conduct. Prosecutors do NOT normally criticize their brethren, so for five of them to do so in one place at one time is significant.

NIFONG MUST GO! And sooner, rather than later!


kenb said...

Nifing is utterly despicable, but what happened to George Ellis (the prosecutor who railroaded the recently-released Tim Howard onto death row)? As far as I'm aware, nothing. (I'm in Columbus too.)

Your posts are great, as is your letter to the NC Bar Association, but our own state is not without its problems.

Gayle Miller said...

I work within the system here in Ohio. Unless I move to N.C. (not an attractive option at all - too hot there), I can't work within the system there.