Friday, December 01, 2006


“Preserved in the permafrost of the Cold War is a piece of advice given by Pavel Sudoplatov, Stalin’s master spy, to an apprentice agent. Sudoplatov’s career in the Soviet secret service spanned three decades of Stalinism, and few understood better the brutal and complex psychology of spying.

When seeking to recruit a spy, Sudoplatov advised his underling that one should “search for people who are hurt by fate or nature — the ugly, those craving power or influence but defeated by unfavourable circumstances. In co-operation with us, all these find a peculiar compensation. The sense of belonging to an influential, powerful organisation will give them a feeling of superiority over the handsome and prosperous people around them.””

h/t Ace of Spades

To me, this is the description of a lot of liberals (although honesty compels me to state that John "Futile" Kerry jumps to mind too quickly).

So let's have a little game here and YOU name the person who fits the description in your view. No prizes, just recognition of your brilliance by me!




Wilson - Plame


Hillary and Bill (even the US Presidency wasn't enough to appease their insecure narcissism)



Rosi O

Jesse Jackson

Biden (but so ignorant, he would have told everyone he was a spy within a day or two...)

etc., etc...

Gayle Miller said...

All winners hnav!

Charles said...

See, I would have posted, but he named everyone that I would have.