Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The MSNBC crowd was momentarily stunned into silence by last night's election results. Even the tingle in little Chrissie Matthews leg temporarily abated! But they're back at their venomous commentary again today, with some pinheaded troll who works for Chrissie Matthews named Schuster to blather on about how stupid the conservative voters are. After all, we didn't attend the elite schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Penn. Of course, neither did Schuster (University of Michigan - it figures). As an alum of The Ohio State University, School of Journalism, I know that I cherish my time there, the people I met, the professors who taught me and the knowledge I gained. But then Mr. Schuster apparently doesn't believe that anyone with intelligence would attend a school that wasn't one of the "elites". Or University of Michigan which can boast of only a really good law school and a 2nd rate football team!

All of which might explain why he was so roundly criticized (and suspended) for the stupid, stupid comment he made about Chelsea Clinton. Yeah - he's THAT guy! He used to work for CNN, now he works for NBC - talk about a drop in status!

Mr. Schuster, you're a clear and shining example of the so-called "elite" media - brain dead, completely lacking in good judgment and altogether obnoxious. And yes, Mr. Schuster, I AM smarter than you are! I write better than you do and I think better than you do. So shut the hell up you unbelievably moronic troll!

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