Monday, January 25, 2010


Given the excellent results in the Massachusetts Senate race and the disinclination of a lot of Democratic office holders to run for reelection, Republicans probably are rubbing their hands together and saying "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" to themselves regarding their November 2010 prospects!

I wouldn't get myself all worked up if I were in a position to be planning any Autumn 2010 campaigns. Variables abound.

First, we need to find really, really good candidates to challenge the incumbent Democrats. And in some venues, that won't be enough. Indeed, the electorate is mighty riled up but I get the sense that they're peeved at both Republicans and Democrats. They're upset with the Republicans because they honestly do not understand how the legislative process works or even (thanks to our fine(?) teachers) how the three branches of government work! For example, blaming George W. Bush for the size of the deficit when Barack Obama took office is an easy reaction. However, from 2006 onward, the Democrats were in charge of both the House and the Senate and they passed these huge, expensive pieces of legislation. Yes indeed, George W. Bush signed them, but it was the Dems who wrote them into law.

Second, anyone who is angry at President Obama for the lack of transparency being displayed by his cronies over at the House and Senate (and heaven knows both Harry Reid and Botox Pelosi deserve full measures of calumny heaped upon their heads), yes indeed he did promise that CSpan would be present through all deliberations and, if they had the President's best interests at heart, the Cadaver and the Crone would have made sure CSpan was, in fact, present and broadcasting - but since the Legislative Branch is separate and co-equal to the Executive (which Mr. Obama, who claims to be a constitutional lawyer should have known), the President cannot dictate what they will or will not decide to do in that regard. So here's another reason to rid ourselves of those two suppurating pustules on the butt of the American body politic!

Finally, in order to "kick the bums out" we need to not indulge in "business as usual" ourselves. For example, much as I like Sarah Palin, her decision to campaign for John McCain's re-election in Arizona strikes me as the actions of a business-as-usual, toadying politician and it disappoints me greatly. The ill-tempered and irascible McCain should be able to rise and fall on his own merits or lack thereof. Mrs. Palin should be spending her political capital where it will effect a sea change in the composition of the Legislative branch in order to restrain some of Barack Obama's worst ideas and to begin to move our country back into its normal, moderate tending conservative state of being. Certainly Senator McCain's campaign staff deserves no consideration or assistance from the popular Mrs. Palin, a woman they have already treated shabbily at best. In other words, screw 'em!

We should be picking the seats that are most vulnerable, finding viable candidates with spine and convictions and running good, well-financed campaigns to fill those vacant seats.

Finally, we should not behave like Democrat-lite and spend an inordinate amount of time whining or being duplicitous or nasty. Walk around with a quiet, secretive little smile on our faces and we'll drive the other side nuts while they wonder what we're up to. Remember, Democrats love dirty tricks and thus believe that we will be similarly indulging. We must be vigilant enough to make that difficult to achieve but drive them nuts when we don't do it ourselves. Moral high ground, kids! Always a nice place to be.

It is wise to remember that George Soros is out there somewhere in the shadows, waiting impatiently to further his planned destruction of America as we have always known it. He makes me ashamed to be of Hungarian ancestry. Don't let the sociopath win!

UPDATE: Terrifying thought: There is a MR. Pelosi, you know!

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