Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Are these zealots even remotely rational? They have attacked figure skater Johnny Weir, who is not (as all who read my blog know) one of my favorites - why? Because he has a little tuft of fox fur on the shoulder of his long program costume.

For the love of God! Everyone who knows me knows that I love animals. But this kind of nonsense just makes their movement look ridiculous and pretty damned stupid! While educating people to the [perhaps] inhumane methods of obtaining fur for coats and so forth would be a good thing, this kind of hysteria just creates the appearance of hysterical stupidity! And by the way, having seen the behavior of minks in the wild(as I have), you'll never dissuade me from believing that they fulfill their minky destiny by keeping me warm! They are the most vicious critters around.

And Mr. Weir makes a very intelligent (high praise coming from me) and thoughtful response: In the vast scheme of things, a few tufts of fox fur don't matter. Everyone in the competition is, after all, skating in cowhide boots! Well spoken, young man! I have ever so slightly revised my opinion of you and in a positive way!

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