Thursday, January 04, 2007


1. One of my favorite movies is “Gumball Rally” which stars a very young Michael Sarrazin and the truly hilarious Norman Burton and was my first introduction to my most beloved (and sadly now gone) actor – Raul Julia.

2. I cannot sing, and won’t do it even in the shower. I do, however, sing to my sister very, very early on her birthday every year. My theory is that after hearing that, her day WILL go uphill.

3. I have worked as a waitress, on-site superintendent in the construction industry, accountant, legal secretary, paralegal, point-of-purchase demonstration manager (you know, those folks who fry eggs without butter or oil at the entrance to your local J.C. Penney store – or at least they used to) and assistant producer of a radio talk show in Cleveland, Ohio. I think I might still have one more career left in me!

4. I am currently reading “Pawing Through the Past” by Rita Mae Brown and her co-writer, her cat Sneaky Pie Brown. Mystery novels are my way of decompressing after the holidays or after any other stressful time in my life.

5. I insist that all my hangers in my closet match exactly in color and that they are all hanging in the same direction. Further, my clothing in my closet is arranged according to color and type of article. To those of you who think that’s insane, I don’t disagree.

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Life is pretty depressing too much of the time. We might as well have a chuckle!


Sabra said...

Oh my gosh, Gayle, I thought I was the only one who did a closet this way! Not only do the hangers all match, but I shipped them in, to Saudi, at a significantly higher cost that "normal" because this was SOOOOO important to ME! Oh my. Just try putting a shirt on a hanger the "wrong" direction or in the "wrong" place. I will get up out of bed at night to fix it. Thank you for being so normal - at least as "normal" as I am!

Mark the Pundit said...

You would be so disappointed in me - my closet has white, green, and blue plastic hangers. and even some wire hangers! And they are not all hanging in the same direction.

Oh God, I am so ashamed!


LOL !!!

i want a photo of this closet!

a work of art, and perhaps a future display in the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM In NYC.
now, i do appreciate being 'tagged, but will be concerned with revealing any secret identity...

since, i work purely for the vast right wing conspiracy, and am merely a computer, created by Mr. Rove to grow the War for OIL!

but i promise to think of something yet, and will consider these questions with great attention.

thank you.

Gayle, you always impress...

that Cleveland RADIO OUTLET should give you, your own program.

Gayle Miller said...

I was in my 20s when I worked in Cleveland in the news department and assistant producing the talk show (man - when you are screening calls do you get called names). The most memorable part of that stint was that I was working there when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. That was a VERY exhausting and defining time in my life - I was in my EARLY 20s at the time. Very naive and very green when I started - after November of 1963 - not so much!

Gayle Miller said...

Hang your head Mark!

On second thought - you have other exceptional qualities so you don't need to hang your head.

benning said...

My hangers all hang in the same direction, but my sartorial choices don't allow the luxury of hanging by color and style.

I like Lilian Jackson Braun for extra-light mystery reads.

If I was doing those demos I'd be eating WAY too much!

I sing a lot! My voice is deeper and gravelier than if I had never smoked, but I ain't bad! I do a mean "Light My Fire" in the voice of Elmer Fudd.

I'm still looking for an affordable VHS or DVD of "The Trap" with Oliver Reed. I saw it on TV when I was about 12 and never forgot it.

Now I know more about you, and you me.

*step back slowly ... don't show your fear ...*

Laura Lee Donoho said...

Hey! I've never been tagged before! Thanks Gayle!

Gayle Miller said...

I LOVE Jackson Braun's books. Why wouldn't I - I am half-owned by a Siamese cat, the most vocal breed!