Tuesday, January 02, 2007


There will be lots of changes in our lives, I’m sure, due to the Democratic majority. The one change I think we should not expect is a dialing down of the rhetoric and hate speech emanating from the left. Their unreasoning and over-the-top hatred of President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and, for that matter, any Republican has become and continues to be somewhat frightening.

What exactly do these left wingers expect to accomplish by labeling the President of the United States in such pejorative fashion? Do they REALLY believe that President George W. Bush has committed the sins that Hitler did? Enslaving an entire group of people (millions of Jews) and herding them into death camps? Do they honestly believe something that bizarre about our President? And do they believe that they’ve just gotten lucky that they haven’t been herded off to those camps? Or are they just plain nuts!?

The disconnect and lack of logic is actually awe inspiring in its own way. On the one hand, these leftist mouthpieces label the President of the United States as performing all manner of heinous acts and Tim Robbins’ even goes so far as to say the “chill wind” of repression of speech is blowing – but it sure doesn’t stop HIM from running his mouth at will and babbling all manner of inane and scurrilous remarks about the man who is his President every bit as much as he is mine. Nor has this so-called chill wind stopped ANYONE, including but not limited to, Barbra Streisand, Sean Penn, Natalie Maines, Cindy Sheehan, all the readers of Daily Kos and an entire host of other somewhat out-of-touch characters. In fact, as far as I’ve been able to see, ONLY people who don’t agree with Robbins, Penn, Streisand, et al. are expected to shut up and not express themselves.

What we have here, to borrow a phrase, is a failure to communicate: intelligently and rationally. When President George W. Bush won (yes won – there have been numerous recounts conducted by numerous independent news organizations who have no reason to love President Bush and all have concluded that he DID WIN Florida – fair and square so don't EVEN start that nonsense with me) the 2000 election after Al Gore’s extended temper tantrum put our entire nation through hell for a number of weeks, it seems to me that a large number of people on the left became completely unhinged and, without proper treatment, none of them have recovered.

And regardless of the claims of the left, President George W. Bush WON the 2004 election as well. The claims of “thievery” in Ohio have been completely debunked, as have the claims made elsewhere. The fact of the matter is, the left considers any election they don’t win to have been “stolen” – regardless of what the facts prove.

I have concluded that the completely unacceptable and vile rhetoric of those who revile President George W. Bush stems from the baby-boomer generation who were taught to HAVE self-esteem, rather than EARN self-esteem. They want what they want when they want it and, if denied, they will rant and rave and throw their bodies to the floor (metaphorically speaking) and pound their little fists in complete frustration.

I think we must work very hard during the next two years in our efforts to put these whining, crabby babies on “time out” until they learn to work and play nicely with others, something that is clearly out of their range at the moment.

In the meantime, responding in kind is – or should be – beneath us. If someone has to exhibit the kinder, gentler nature in this political landscape, I think it must be us. I have found most conservatives to be mature, intelligent, thoughtful, well-educated and, most important of all, sane. If the rhetoric is to be cooled, it is, therefore, up to us to show the way with patience and as much kindness as we can muster. And if that doesn’t work, smack their little bottoms and send them to the corner until they learn to behave themselves!

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