Thursday, January 04, 2007


I was channel surfing last night (what - you though only MEN did it?) and happened upon a round table on CNN just in time to hear a female panelist who clearly thought our nation having open borders was just the coolest thing around make a remark that absolutely floored me. She said, "The Founding Fathers were all illegal immigrants!" and my jaw definitely did drop open!

This is proof positive that there are way more ignorant people on the left than even I had originally thought. And the moral relativism implicit in this comment was stunning.

The Founding Fathers were BORN HERE you ignorant buffoon and it wasn't even a country yet!

If you're going to be an anti-American, morally deficient idiot - at least do a little research! Oh, but wait, people who actually understand and know our history generally are CONSERVATIVES. And those who manipulate the FACTS in our nation's history are generally either college professors or liberals.

There are days when I despair of our nation's future - then I remember those intelligent, well-educated and steadfast young men defending us in Iraq, our President and the good people I know and I once again feel hope.

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