Friday, February 19, 2010


For all his trash talking, Yvgeni Plushenko had to settle for the Silver Medal in Men's figure skating at the Olympics on Thursday night.

It was Evan Lysacek's night - and in my estimation Johnny Weir's night as well. I have never seen either of them skate with the magnificence that they both displayed on the ice. Evan's skate was majestic and balanced with technical precision and artistry. Johnny Weir was a technical powerhouse and his artistry was brilliant throughout; I am upset with the judges that they didn't recognize and reward Johnny's brilliant skate. But somehow I think that putting that program out for all to enjoy meant quite a lot to him - maybe almost as much as winning would have done. At least I hope so.

Yvgeni - it isn't like the old days - you didn't get marked on reputation and your program - 2 minutes of jumps and 2 minutes of screwing around, wasn't well thought-out and in this instance, you were ill-served by either your own ego or your coach's lack of foresight.

So congratulations to Evan Lysacek and thank you for proving me wrong. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Daisuke Takahashi won the bronze and should receive a courage award since he came back from some major injury to achieve his victory.

All in all - a good night of men's figure skating!

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