Tuesday, February 16, 2010


With a slightly flawed skate that was still brilliantly executed in almost every respect, my picks, Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao won China its first pairs figure skating medal last night! The program was brilliantly planned, placing two of the most spectacular elements, the throw jumps in the second half of the program where they would earn a 10% bonus, which I suspect was the margin of victory!

The Russians, sore losers as always, stomped out of the rink in disgust after their pouty little pair failed to achieve the podium.

The second Chinese pair won the Silver and the Germans (my favorites in any other year and absent Shen and Zhao) won the Bronze.

Now on to the next event! I understand the people in Yvgeni Plushenko's camp are whining about his scheduling for the short program. Where have they been. It doesn't matter where you are scheduled to skate and in which group. Your performance is judged on its own merits and frankly, although I have predicted he will win the gold, Plushenko should have more faith in his own skill! And should get his cute little ass off to the barbers and get a decent haircut. That littel Dutch boy look is passe!

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