Thursday, February 11, 2010


Amongst the many, many creatures wandering the White House these days there is a press secretary whose locutions and behavior is sophomoric at best and downright despicable most of the time!

Robert Gibbs thinks he's very amusing - he's not. He thinks he's witty - and what he is devolves the level of discourse emanating from the White House to a level that wouldn't be tolerated by that maven of poor judgement, Keith Olbermann. That's right folks - I'm comparing Robert Gibbs to MSNBC's resident idiot and Gibbs LOSES!

Whatever happened to civility and a new era of communication gentility that President Moonbeam was supposed to bring to the table? Apparently, the Rahm Emanuel model is more compelling than that being displayed by the First Lady who has been a paragon of tact of late. I still don't like her but I do admire the civility with which she is comporting herself!

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