Monday, February 22, 2010


Plushenko started trash talking Evan Lysacek long before the two men took the ice in the men's long program. He has continued to do so since winning the Silver Medal to Lysacek's Gold Medal and that's just wrong.

Plushenko and his team ignored the rules of the long program skate, believing as they did that the competition was about ONE JUMP and front loading the program with jump after jump after jump and incorporating no connective steps of any consequence and leaving multiple points on the table by doing damn-all during the second half of his program. The only person he has to thank for his Silver Medal is himself for being so arrogant as to assume that he could just "show up" and win. Evan Lysacek has worked hard, day after day, for 4 years since the last Olympics, honing his craft and devleoping his skills.

One of the principle differences between the two men is stamina. Lysacek has run through both his programs day after day after day throughout the season. He has run through them multiple times daily - from start to finish. Typically, Russian practice is to run through parts of programs but they seldom, if ever, do full run-throughs. That may well be why Plushenko front-loaded his program. He knew he'd have nothing left for the second half and filled the time by mostly "screwing around" and mugging for the judges! Anyone who has followed skating has noted that typically Russian skaters do have a stamina problem in the second half of their programs. Viktor Petrenko, as delightful as he is, had that problem; so too did Alexei Urmanov!

So shut the hell up Yvgeni. I love you a lot and think you're a brilliant technician. But a good loser you are not. Lysacek has been gracious and complimentary to you ever since justifiably beating you for the Gold Medal! It's time that you learned a second lesson from this truly great champion.

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