Tuesday, April 06, 2010


My two new loves are settling happily into their home and developing some entertaining personality traits.

When they first came to live with me, Rusty hid a lot and was very shy and reluctant to socialize with anyone, not even me, except when food was being offered. Now he has discovered the pleasures of sleeping at the foot of my bed and receiving enormous amounts of affection whenever he happens to be close to me - and he makes it a point to be close to me as much as possible.

Mischief-maker Buddy is no longer the true alpha cat who first came to live with me. As Rusty has gained in confidence and comfort in our home, he has begun to assert himself to the point that the relationship is much more balanced than in the beginning. Sunday, they sat on the sofa, having a stare down. Rusty had provided himself with a slightly higher ground by sitting on a small cushion. They'd stare at each other for as much as 5-10 minutes, with one paw half raised and then one or the other would smack his brother in the face. Rusty was doing most of the smacking. To Buddy's astonishment. This went on for nearly an hour, by the end of which time I was laughing so hard I had trouble breathing and tears were running down my face!

Now that Buddy can no longer boss his brother around as in the past, he has taken to other pursuits - such as trying to hide my car keys. He has apparently made the connection that when I have those keys in my hand, I'm leaving him and he doesn't care for that at all! Lucky for me, the keys make a LOT of noise when they're being dragged across the living room floor by an industrious feline and besides that, Rusty loves to rat his brother out!

To say that I am besotted is gross understatement! They are a pair of beautiful, funny, delightful companions.

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