Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So far the Tea Party movement has shown remarkable restraint in demonstrating their justified anger at the unconscionable agenda of the Democratic-controlled Congress and the most Left-Wing President this nation has ever had and, arguably, the worst president this nation has ever had.

As a group, most conservatives are well behaved, polite and considerate people, all foul canards thrown like bombs to the contrary. We do not believe in throwing feces or urine at police personnel, nor do we revel in beating our fellow citizens into bloody symbols of our rage.

I find it absolutely unbelievable that those people who were so delusional as to call President Bush '43 such things as "chimp" and "Hitler" are so outraged and emotionally enraged when we quietly suggest that Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist. And because this absolutely thin-skinned half-white person is half-black, then of course to the minds of the Democrats, ANY criticism of their chosen idol is racist in the extreme. Bullshit! Do we really need to remind the Democrats that it was legislators from their own party who voted against Civil Rights on numerous occasions. In fact, it was Jackson Democrats who were most invested in the preservation of slavery and who were in no way prepared for slavery to end. Remind them of this when they are in full rant and watch their eyes spin counterclockwise! Particularly when you remind them that it was a Republican (Abraham Lincoln) who actually freed the slaves!

There is no way to shout down these idiots. Their ability to reason and perform tasks of critical thinking is so impaired as to be almost negligible. One must speak to them very very softly. The more they rant and rave and utter spittle-spewing imprecations against people who inhabit the middle and right ground, the more softly we must speak. This can garner several good results. First, the more softly a person speaks, the more effort must go into hearing that person. Theoretically, if you only speak to a person in a voice barely above a whisper, that person must concentrate on every word you say. Also, if we are speaking in a soft, non-threatening tone and the other guy is ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth (either literally or figuratively), we cease to look like the loser in the conversation! Forcing them to acknowledge facts is a wonderfully effective strategy and one we should be employing as the crucial November elections draw nigh.

Finally, my largest concern is that we somehow, as Republicans and conservatives, lower ourselves to Rahm Emanuel's level. That inclination must be resisted at all costs. The best thing about the political processes in this nation are that it is a permanent fix.

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