Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Prior to the start of the Masters tournament, Tiger Woods averred he would not use profanity and throw his golf clubs during the Tournament. Clearly, if you were watching on Saturday, that was not the case. If you watched, you heard him yell, "Tiger, you suck!" and also use loud and sacriligious profanity.

Tiger, dear lad, you are attempting to rehabilitate your image which now portrays you as a spoiled, self-indulgent jerk. This performance was not the way to do it.

Would it be possible for you to accept that you are not the center of the entire world's attention and that other people's feelings and sensitivities are worth attention? In other words, stop behaving like an entitled BRAT!

What would have gone a long way towards making people forget how bad your on course behavior truly was would have been for you to man up, walk up to Phil Mickelson and congratulate him sincerely considering that the man has been going through hell during the past year with real problems that are not self-generated! Got it? I doubt it!

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