Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Just when you thought that Kate Gosselin couldn't get any worse, she proves you wrong! I have never seen anyone who is as utterly devoid of dancing ability in my life and I've observed some really bad dancers! Puh-leeze people, quit voting to keep her on the show! Put us all out of the Kate-created misery.

Buzz Aldrin is equally bad but at least he's a likable enough fellow and a real American hero. Let him keep dancing for another week.

But PLEASE let's kick that incompetent, lead-footed, stumblebum Kate Gosselin off the show!

Evan Lysacek once again danced brilliantly. Nicole Scherzinger was also quite good. I pretty much have started ignoring the judges' comments because bottom line - these two are entertaining as hell and well worth watching, regardless of any technique deficiencies. Much was made of Evan dancing with two broken toes. Didn't surprise me. That's what skaters DO! When I was skating (badly) back in my more athletic youth, I broke every toe on both feet at least twice. After the 2nd broken toe, I even started setting them myself! Didn't seem like a worthwhile trip to the doctor who did precisely what I could do on my own!

UPDATE: Well, Buzz Aldrin is gone but that bumbling, stumbling poor excuse for a dancer is still there - yes, indeed, Kate Gosselin, she of the almost overwhelming self-regard and utter lack of coordination or grace has survived to dance another day. Are they serious?!!!

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