Tuesday, March 30, 2010


First, let me dispose (literally I hope) of my worst dancer nomination - Kate Gosselin. She is without a doubt the most untalented dancer it has ever been my misfortune to see, and she is arrogant about it as well, giving her partner a hard time about his teaching methods and her inability to understand what he is telling her to do. She cannot move worth a damn! I'd like to tell her what to do. Go home, you nasty bitch, and spend some time with your eight children! You cannot dance and there's no point in trying to pretend that you can. It's like teaching a pig to dance....you frustrate yourself and irritate the pig!

Second in ineptitude only to Kate Gosselin is our beloved Buzz Aldrin who is good at a myriad of things. Dancing isn't one of them. Buzz, I know you're trying but whatever possessed you to think you had any kind of an ability in this area? Trust me, you do not.

Now to the good dancers - Nicole Scherzinger and Evan Lysacek are my two favorites, with Niecy Nash and Pamela Anderson coming up close behind them. Ms. Nash is hysterically funny so even when she isn't moving so well, she's entertaining. The film of her rehearsals was killer funny. Pamela Anderson is very good at conveying her emotions whilst dancing. Last week it was pure joy, this week she was channeling the late Marilyn Monroe. Both were highly entertaining and well done. Posture and pointed toes will take you a long way, Pamela. Work on that, please.

The rest of the dancers fall somewhere in between. But once Gosselin and Aldrin are gone (one of them this week - my vote goes to Gosselin - and the other next week - Aldrin), we can get down to business!

UPDATE: Dear merciful heavens, the voters aren't very bright - Shannen Doherty is gone and that lumpish oaf Kate Gosselin dances on? Next week a concerted effort needs to be made to get rid of that 4-star bitch permanently!

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