Friday, March 19, 2010


One of the places the "phishers" made multiple charges against my ATM card was Skype Great Britain. I notified them immediately (within 2 hours of the fraudulent charges being processed) and they notified me today that they have tracked down and "dealt with" the perps! I cannot help but contrast their attitude and their general responsiveness to that of who basically told me it wasn't their problem and I was responsible for dealing with the results of someone else's crime. I guess Willy Sutton could have used that defense when on trial for robbing banks, but I doubt that a jury would buy it then - or now! No sane person would believe that a bank is responsible for being robbed any more than I believe that I am responsible for being robbed electronically!

Final score - patronize Skype, avoid CardBoardFish if you can! I have a very low opinion of In fact, in my final email to them last night, I called them cretinous yahoos! I should be more creative than that. Remember the secretary played by Carol Burnett on her show - Mrs. Wiggins? That's how CardBoardFish behaves. Sitting on their fat asses, filing their nails. Skype, on the other hand, springs into action and actually accomplishes something! If I'm ever in a position to need the services of someone like Skype, they'll be my #1 choice!

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