Wednesday, March 03, 2010


As was reported today on Yahoo! news:

After a year of furious town-hall fights, landmark House and Senate votes, the surprise election of Republican Scott Brown and the president's bipartisan summit last week, it now all comes down to a game of chicken.

Either the House or the Senate has to begin the process of meshing their two very different health care bills into a single piece of legislation. Only when the two chambers have passed the exact same bill can President Obama sign it into law. Like every other step along the year-plus path toward passage of a reform package, this one has lots of treacherous Chutes and Ladders-style pitfalls.

Well isn't that just peachy keen. This is a takeover of 1/6th of the American economy by a bunch of bumbling idiots who couldn't get it done when they had an overwhelming majority in the House and the Senate and a President who was on their side. They locked Republicans out of their deliberations and basically told them to shut up and go away. Then they have ONE freaking meeting at the White House with Republicans present and now they think they have cover to say: "It's the Republicans' fault" when a crappy bill gets presented to the American people!

The defeat of Kay Bailey Hutchison in Texas should be the Dems' final wake-up call. The Tea Party movement is alive and well and defeating people who do not have the best interests of the majority of American citizens in mind! American unemployment is going to rise after the November elections - and rightly so! All y'all will be unemployed!

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