Wednesday, March 03, 2010


What we need to happen is this: we need to convince other moderate, conservative, and independent sites to think outside the usual box and direct all activist power to identifying and pressuring Democrat donors to rein the office-holders in. Instead of hitting the Senators and Congress critters directly, it will carry much more weight to have wealthy socialite donors make those calls for us — frantic — that their support for the people behind this madness has caused the public to start sending thousands of letters a day to their law firms and jamming their fax machines with endless letters demanding to know why they are the ones funding this madness.

It’s like a battlefield strategy to cut off the Democrats’ supply chain: if we severe the money stream from large private donors, we can cripple the DNC.

It will be a lot of hard work. We certainly can’t do this alone. But, we all have fundraising experience here. We’ve been on statewide Finance Committees. We know how skittish donors are. These people don’t want to be noticed. They don’t want to hear from the public. They don’t want to be questioned about why they’re writing big checks that directly led to the people they support enacting the “nuclear option” of Reconciliation.

Hold the donors accountable.

Cut off the DNC’s funding.

Cripple the Leftists.

Save the country.

It could work, especially if only George Soros is left to fund DNC candidates! Even Soros doesn't possess enough funds to carry all the load! And with his ego and arrogance, he'll try to do it, thus breaking his own financial back!

Hmmmmm! Ideas anyone?

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