Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Last night Buddy discovered rule no. 1 in our household - make Mom laugh and you get a treat! I got home from work and unpacked their scratching post and sprinkled it with a bit of catnip to attract them to it and lo and behold, Buddy ran right to it and then didn't put his brakes on in time and ran right into the ottoman that was next to it! As soon as I knew he wasn't injured (he jumped up, smacked the ottoman with his paw and went on about his business), I totally lost it! He came running to my lap to see what was so funny and I hugged him and gave him a treat and told him he was a good boy to make me laugh! Rusty sat on the back of the couch observing all these antics as if to say that he was too dignified for such hijinks. But then, Rusty is so gorgeous that he gets treats just for existing!

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