Friday, March 19, 2010


The Anchoress, God be good to her, has the YouTube of that smarmy bitch blathering on erroneously about how today is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker and how it's sacred to the Italian American people. And how utterly indecent of her to actually claim to be praying to St. Joseph in order to pass the Health Care Reform bill detested by so many Americans! And condemned by the U.S. Bishops! I don't give a rip how many nuns Mrs. Pelosi rounds up to support her pro-abortion attitude, nuns aren't theologians and should be keeping their big fat yaps shut! Very few nuns have any experience of the real world, let alone what most humans must deal with in order to live their day-to-day lives and they are unrealistic thinkers most of the time. I know. I survived Catholic school - 11 years of it!

NO you ignorant piece of excrement you don't know what the hell you are talking about - as usual! This is the Feast of St. Joseph - stepfather to the Christ child and husband to Jesus' mother Mary.

Has the Botox addled your brain, you offensive, ignorant and cretinous slut? You were raised a Catholic, educated in Catholic schools. Were you paying attention at all? What a disgusting and stupid, stupid, STUPID woman you are! You have apparently surrendered your soul to the forces of ambition and vanity and, in the process, have surrendered it to pure evil. I know that Vice President Biden is the champion Gaffemaster of the administration, but bitch you come in a close second.

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