Saturday, April 28, 2012


Have you noticed lately that there are a large number of women in the 20-40 year age bracket who are all talking in a breathy, little girl voice? Why don't they want to grow up? Is adult responsibility too much for them to face? I'm really tired of dealing with other women who sound like Minnie Mouse! Or a very bad imitation of Jackie Onassis. Those voices are annoying and if you want to advance in your profession or be taken seriously in any way, get thee to a speech therapist and learn to talk like an adult female. The same can and should be said for those who employ the beautiful and rich English language in a disrespectful and ungrammatical manner. This can be noticed most clearly in the states of Maryland and the District of Columbia where the English language is routinely murdered in the mouths of some of those locale's citizenry. I have also noticed a plethora of females who are dressing in a manner more suitable to their 12-year-old daughters, most of whom are dressing like hookers! Here's the deal. Growing up has a lot going for it and once you have children who have mastered the art of using a flush toilet, you should start dressing like a grown-up woman. And if you weren't so busy being a "pal" to your daughters, you might have the energy to actually be a PARENT, and make sure your daughters understand the harm they are doing themselves by indulging in the too-much-too-soon mode of late childhood. I blame the overly hyped "reality" stars - particularly the Kardashians who only weigh about 90 pounds soaking wet when they get up in the morning. Once they've applied their eye makeup and shoveled enough goo onto their faces to lubricate an entire car's chassis, they've gained 20 pounds, I suspect! I like to watch "The Five" on Fox News Channel. Friday afternoon they were discussing the testimony of John Edwards' good friend who not only took campaign monies to cover up Edwards' out-of-wedlock shenanigans, but also used some of it for himself. They commented that it was a two-for-one-pond-scum affair! Well done. And as far that toddler who burst into tears when a young couple caught a foul ball and didn't give it to him - welcome to reality, kid. Life isn't always going to hand you what you want and if you want to have a happy and successful life, you'll learn now to deal with it!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


First the administration goes to war with the Christian/Catholic community over Obamacare, thus violating the religious freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and now he has the effrontery to violate yet another Constitutional provision - the separation of powers.

He has not the right nor the permission of our Constitution to "threaten" the Supreme Court (a separate and co-equal branch of our government)! What kind of pinhead would even consider doing that? Apparently, there is nothing Barack Hussein Obama is loathe to dare! What's next you moron, abolishing Congress? If you want to start a major insurrection amongst the voters, just keep on doing what you are doing. You'll end up with 2 or 3% of the votes in November and the GOP nominee will win by a landslide such as we've never seen.

The thing of it is, this so-called professor of Constitutional law is a freaking moron! He doesn't know our Constitution even a little bit or he wouldn't keep displaying this boneheaded behavior.

Wise up, you worthless piece of crap. We need to put up with you until 1/20/13 but not one second longer, of that I am sure.

And don't blame the GOP for your forthcoming loss - you are doing it all by yourself!