Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Since I wasn't cooking for the holiday, I gave myself permission to sleep in on Thanksgiving - and indeed I did sleep late - until 11:30 a.m.! I haven't done that in a long, long, long time! Woke up feeling feisty and peppy. I wasn't out of the sack more than about 5 minutes when certain feline companions of mine started upping my giggle factor by a LOT!

Buddy and Rusty first amused me by campaigning for brunch with a show of aerobic hijinks that reduced me to tear inducing giggles! Then they spent an inordinate amount of time jockeying for position on my lap while I tried to drink my coffee!

Went to Joyce's for the day and her future (?) son-in-law was deep frying anything that came within his reach! I came prepared with a fresh turkey breast that immediately found its way into the vat of screaming hot peanut oil! When it was done it looked amazing and it tasted even more amazing. Thanks Conrad! After spending a few hours enjoying the revelry, the good food, the companionship and the antics of Joyce's grandkids, I headed home to enjoy a leisurely chat with friend Pam. I miss her.

The balance of the weekend I spent puttering, resting, playing with the boys and just enjoying my home. I have a long-standing policy of staying within my own 4 walls and off the roads during the holiday weekends!

Made a new discovery, however, because I felt compelled to watch "The Wizard of Oz" at least once. Turns out Rusty is enamored of the munchkins (or at least their voices). He planted his lovely self directly in front of the TV and proceeded to give the screen his undivided attention. Weird little fellow is Rusty! Buddy finds the TV completely without interest and took the opportunity of Rusty's distraction to climb on the back of the recliner and launder my hair! Long acquaintance with catdom has taught me that this is a sign of affection. I have no doubt that there is a great deal of affection between the 3 of us.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My annual rant about the figure skating competitions.

First, lots of dark roots to be seen. If you are going to go blonde, then keep it up! How difficult is that concept?

Second, lots of filthy skates and dirty skate laces to be seen. No. No. No. You must respect yourself and your appearance as a part of respecting your sport. Put in clean, fresh laces before a competition (thereby, as a bonus, possibly preventing a broken lace during the actual event) and make sure that you have polished your boots and in other ways refreshed the appearance of the soles and heels of the skate boot. It's simple cleanliness and should be considered as part of the overall presentation mark.

Third, costuming does not have to contain every sequin available in the known world! Tone it down some. Aside from the tacky factor involved in over-sequining your costume, there's the danger to other skaters. Those puppies cause falls and it is irresponsible to make the ice unsafe for others! Check your skirt length so that your partner doesn't end up tripping on an overly lengthy, overly flowing skirt! It has happened to one pair twice already in the same competition. That is avoidable error folks!

If you have only a 50% chance of landing a jump, don't include it in your program. The sight of your butt hitting the ice isn't one to which I look forward! The best competitions are the ones in which everyone skates cleanly and to the best of their abilities. Then the BEST man wins - not the last man standing!

Or are other people really, really, really annoyed by the hyperactive female in the Target commercials? She is frenetic beyond belief. And not in a good way.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A newly-elected Florida congresswoman, a Democrat, wants the soon-to-be Speaker of the House to change the rules governing the wearing of hats - for her benefit!

Isn't that just like a Dem - wanting the rules to apply to everyone but herself!

Like other freshman lawmakers, newly elected Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson ran for Congress on a vow to change Washington. But her first order of business has nothing to do with health care, education or the usual mix of issues that come up in the early days of a new Congress.

Instead, Wilson's first goal is to overturn a rule that blocks her from wearing a hat on the House floor. The freshman Democrat is pressing incoming House Speaker John Boehner to overturn the rule, which dates back to the 1800s, or at least to make an exception for her. But it's unclear whether Boehner -- who, in any event, will likely have plenty of priorities ahead of a rule-change request from a member of the opposition party -- could do anything, shy of a full floor vote, to overturn the House's hat ban.

Madam Congress Critter - you do what you want when you aren't on the people's dime; you were elected to Congress to govern, not subject us to a fashion show!

I watched it last night and frankly, I voted for Bristol Palin because she did a very credible job once again. Jennifer Grey came into this competition with an unfair advantage and no small amount of dshonesty. All this "Oh I loved Patrick Swayze so much" crap is just that - crap. It is well known that they despised one another when they were making "Dirty Dancing" and nothing I've ever read or heard tells me anything to the contrary. So cut the self-serving rewriting of history lady!

Furthermore, I became fed up throughout the period that the show was on with her whining and complaining about being in pain for one reason or another. EVERYONE on the show was in pain; that's part of the deal with DWTS you entitled bitch!

So no, I do not want Jennifer Grey to win - even though it's probably preordained that she does! Everyone is so enchanted with her. Why? She's a nasty piece of work so far as I can tell.

I also watched "Skating with the Stars" and my verdict - the show is just plain lame - but in an entertaining way! I'm rooting for Rebecca Budig to win. I was under the impression that you could vote online, but this morning I discovered that apparently you cannot.

By the way - WHY are they filming both shows at CBS studios in L.A. when the shows are ABC products?


Friday, November 19, 2010


Anyone who saw the video of Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) opining that the FCC should shut down BOTH Fox News and MSNBC (never mind that they are both CABLE networks and thus out of the FCC's reach) saw the staffer standing behind him rolling her eyes. Clearly the Senator's remarks were NOT in the script!

Senator Rockefeller - here's a little piece of information for your ignorant self - in this country we have a little something called the First Amendment to the Constitution which guarantees the freedom of the press and freedom of speech.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Nowhere in the First Amendment does it say that a grandstanding cretin has the right to shut down an entire news network because he isn't happy with what they are broadcasting. And no, Senator Rockefeller, they aren't there for YOU to like, they are there and Fox News at least is successful because it's the only place to find unvarnished, balanced reportage, something that cannot be found on NPR. By the way Senator, isn't your WIFE the president of a PBS station - WETA? Can you say "Conflict of Interest" Senator?

That he selected Obama and is using his billions to subvert the U.S. and its Constitution. In an article appearing in the Huffington Post, we find the following:

WASHINGTON -- At a private meeting on Tuesday afternoon, George Soros, a longtime supporter of progressive causes, voiced blunt criticism of the Obama administration, going so far as to suggest that Democratic donors direct their support somewhere other than the president.


"We have just lost this election, we need to draw a line," he said, according to several Democratic sources. "And if this president can't do what we need, it is time to start looking somewhere else."

Mr. Soros, a word of instruction since clearly you do not understand how this country works. A majority of the American people has rejected you and your flap-eared puppet and they will continue to do so no matter how much money you throw at the project. And that's just the way it is supposed to work. Our nation is set up in such a way as to prevent rich lunatics like you from subverting the will of the American people. I know you thought you were buying America but it turns out, America is smart enough to remain unbought!

Final bit of advice - return from whence you came! Do it now. The next Administration might be willing to mount a serious investigation of your despicable ass and you might find yourself stripped of your American citizenship and deported so that you can never foment mischief here again! Come to think of it, George old fellow, that might be why the huge amount of effort and enthusiasm has gone into the attacks on Sarah Palin. Hungarian men are generally terrified by and thoroughly cowed by women in general, and Hungarian women specifically.

Best way to get rid of you would then be to elect Sarah Palin as our next president to replace The Lightbringer!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Were it thee or me, we'd be heading "up the river" to a nice peaceful stay in prison. Since it's a member of Congress, maybe he'll be censured! Big whoop!

Meanwhile, what is happening with Maxine Waters? So far as I can tell - absolutely nothing. Darrell Issa - where are you when we need you?

The behavior of these people who stay and stay and stay AND STAY in office into their dotage is proof positive that we need term limits and we need them now. Of course, the Lightbringer won't sign such legislation so we'll have to wait 2 more years - by which time I'm very much afraid that the current incumbents, elected with so much hope, will have become part of the problem, rather than part of the solution! Feeding at the public trough just plain sucks the ethics out of Congress critters!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Darned straight I voted for Bristol Palin. She is the only TRUE amateur left in the competition. Jennifer Grey and her crocodile tears about how she misses Patrick Swayze (they hated each others' guts by all accounts - so that's pretty phony in my view) and her pain and her physical limitations - it's all currying favor with the viewers in order to make it appear justified that she wins - which seems to have been the program all along.

Of course the people who wanted Brandy and that spoiled rotten, poor loser, snotty, temper-tantrum throwing Max to remain on until next week are crying "foul" but bottom line - I voted my five votes for Bristol and a lot of other people did too. She is refreshing and delightful.

Don't retreat, Bristol - just reload! I intend to keep on voting for you. AND watching "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on TLC. The left is just terrified that Sarah Palin is going to recover quite handily from the non-stop character assassination being directed her way. The American people are a lot smarter than they give us credit for being - we're on to your nonsense Leftwing losers.

TSA now has scanners that may or may not provide a pretty doggone accurate picture of our naked bodies and may or may not be dangerous to our health - depending on how often a person takes to the skies!

If you "opt out" of the scanning machine experience, TSA intends to conduct a patdown of recalcitrant passengers. The manner in which those pat downs is being conducted is what seems to be riling airline travelers. The TSA screeners are seen by the flying public to be a bunch of people who would otherwise be unemployed due to their lack of real skills. And they have been reported to be fairly offensive when dealing with people who opt out. Maybe some sensitivity training is in order. Whether that is or is not the case, the methodology is fairly offensive. I'd rather be scanned than have some screener sticking her hand in my underwear! And to be perfectly blunt, my fat and sagging 68-year old body will provide nobody on earth with prurient fantasies!

Here we are folks, some 9 years plus a bit past 9/11 and we're chafing at the idea of stringent security being applied at long last to those who are opting to fly. Mind you, the underwear bomber and Richard Reid were both on flights that originated elsewhere and thus would not have been stopped by TSA's precautions. But do we honestly know how many other plots may have been foiled? Do we? We want to be safe but we seem to want that safety at the expense of common sense precautions. I'm not saying this is the ideal solution but it's a start. What say you?

UPDATE: It has now been revealed that airports can "opt out" of having TSA do their security. There are 4 other firms that are approved for this task and some airports (albeit smaller regional facilities) are choosing to go that route. Further, people who feel they have been handled improperly (as in groped unnecessarily or too intimately) can and should call the police and turn in the TSA agent who behaved in a thuggish fashion. Perhaps when there is a personal consequence these people will be less abusive of their tiny little bit of power!

Harper ended her earthly journey this morning. Her pain became so intense that her family felt that they needed to take her to the St. Louis Children'sHospital, where she passed away.

She only lived less than two years, however, she brought many of us together in our prayers for her and her family, and in our realization how precious life really is.

Thank you all for your prayers on Harper's behalf, and for Amber and Ryan to be able to get through what they have yet to face.


Anna Marie

h/t Piano Girl

Friday, November 12, 2010


Cindy McCain, wife of Senator John McCain, is opening her yap about the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy - and my question is - who gives a rat's eardrum what she thinks.

Her husband is the Senator from ARIZONA. He didn't win the presidency madam. Your opinion is unnecessary. The matter is before the Supreme Court of the United States. When they rule, then it will be semi-settled law. What YOU think isn't relevant.

You and your empty-headed daughter should shut the hell up!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Those conducting the count of the absentee and write-in ballots in Alaska are being urged (indeed hectored into) considering the "intent of the voter" rather than following the strict letter of the law in Alaska, to wit:
"Alaska law says a write-in vote is only counted if "the name of the candidate or the last name of the candidate is written in the space provided." It goes on to say [b]"the rules set out in this section are mandatory and there are no exceptions to them. A ballot may not be counted unless marked in compliance with these rules."
The law says absolutely not one damned thing about "voter intent" and thus, in my view, votes not properly completed should not be counted for that loser-bitch Murkowski (clearly my inclination is obvious and no, he isn't related to me so far as I know).

A new film, open now in limited release and opening nationwide on 11/19 is 127 Hours which is based on the book by Aron Ralston detailing his harrowing survival of a climbing accident. Ralston ended up cutting off part of his own arm in order to free himself from the crevice in which he was trapped. The brilliant young actor James Franco plays Ralston. Mr. Franco was completely unknown to me until earlier this year when he somehow was persuaded to play a short-term role (two different times) on the daytime show "General Hospital" where his character was both creepy and charming - and a stone killer as well. The film looks to be a wrenching experience and yet, I believe I will go to see it. Franco is that good an actor.

On 11/03/10, Al Qaeda in Iraq took it upon themselves to murder Catholics who were worshiping in their own church, bothering nobody. The story, from Catholic News says, among other things:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Catholic Online) - Catholics, other Christians, other people of faith and people of good throughout the world continue to mourn and reflect upon the brutal killing of Catholics at Holy Mass in Baghdad last Sunday. However, those associated with the Muslim extremists who perpetrated the evil act continue to spew their hateful and violent rhetoric. We are committed to updating our global readers on the unfolding danger that these threats portend against Catholics and other Christians. Serious times demand a serious response.

Asia News has provided excellent coverage of the massacre and its aftermath. On November 3, they filed this report: "The so-called 'War Department' of the 'Islamic State of Iraq' (ISI) al-Qaeda in Iraq issued a statement on the Web to announce that the passing of the deadline of its "ultimatum" to the Egyptian Coptic Church to release two Egyptian women, Camilia Cheh and Wafa Constantine, wives of Coptic priests, whom according to the terrorists are detained against their will in a convent after converting to Islam. Their conversion has been denied by all the Islamic religious authorities in Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood have harshly attacked the authors of the massacre in Baghdad. Al-Qaeda, however, confirms that all Christians and their churches have become "legitimate targets" of the terrorist group and are therefore are in danger. The message issued today by the Iraqi cell of al-Qaeda also makes explicit reference to the Vatican.'

"While confirming its desire to attack the Christians, the terrorists say they want to give one more chance to the Catholics of the Church of Rome. They claim that "the War Office of the Islamic State of Iraq announced that starting today all the churches and Christian organizations and their leaders are a legitimate target for mujahedeen. These politicians and their bosses in the Vatican should know that the sword will not fall on the heads of their followers if they proclaim their innocence, and distance themselves from what has been done by the Egyptian Church. Al-Qaeda calls on Catholics to "send a clear signal to the mujahedeen of their effort to put pressure on the Egyptian Church in order to obtain the release of two women, their prisoners."

My first impulse is to want to eradicate every single member of this murderous death cult masquerading as a legitimate religion! I am, however, a good Catholic woman who will, instead, pray for the repose of the souls of the dead and for the return to sanity of those who orchestrated this shameful and despicable attack.

And by the way, have we heard ANYTHING at all in the so-called "elite media" about this OUTRAGE! I think not. And that is the most troubling aspect of all!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


The rumor mill is grinding out the fascinating news that Mrs. Pelosi intends to hang onto whatever little scrap of power she can, for as long as she can. This shouldn't be difficult considering that the more moderate Dems who supported her against their own best interests are mostly gone from the House.

Bookworm Room says it best:
I’m worried that we’re showing hubris by getting all excited about Pelosi’s decision to retain her leadership status. (Here’s an example from Roger Simon, whose writing is always so delicious.) Nancy is vile. Nancy is dishonest. Nancy is intellectually stupid. Nancy is all that. But she’s also got a feral knack for manipulating people (aided, no doubt, by her dishonesty), and I have no doubt that the core players (Soros, the Chicago people) are behind her move because they think it will benefit them. I don’t know how it will benefit them, but I’m neither manipulative nor dishonest. We should certainly feel free to laugh, but I’d still keep my hand on my weapons around that woman.
Be afraid, be very afraid. The Wicked Witch of San Francisco continues to walk the halls of Congress. And she will use her cunning and her total lack of honesty to do everything she can to wreck whatever repairs are attempted by the GOP majority.

Why do I get the feeling that the entrenched powers that be at the GOP will totally misread, ignore and generally screw up the gains made thanks to the Tea Party rebellion? Apparently, Newt (no fool he) "gets it" or so it would seem from his conversation with the presumably biased George Stephanopoulos of ABC News.

The ossified brains and impulses of these worthies are capable of destroying through sluggish or largely absent forward motion all that it took the Tea Party an entire year plus to achieve. In other words, we need to kick these lard asses the hell out of the way. These putzes need to be firmly convinced that the Tea Party Movement is not fashion but rather substance and that what the people who comprise the Party want is as far from business as usual as it can get!

We'll see what shakes out as the days and weeks go by to the seating of the new Congress on 1/1/11. But start marshaling your strength and your Rolodex to force these old farts into positive action.

Friday, November 05, 2010


No, he wasn't suspended for impersonating a journalist - although that charge can be and has been made - he was suspended for making 3 political contributions. Sorry - I didn't know you surrendered your civil rights when you went on TV to host a seldom watched, largely ignored television show. Even if you are Keith Olbermann and one of the least likable, least believable, least talented pundits around.

I don't think for one minute that the cagey, albeit unhinged, Wicked Witch is going to go quietly off the national stage. Speculation that she will retire or sit quietly in the background while others supplant her as leader of the Dems in the House seems to me to be more wishful thinking than an actual prognostication.

One of the reasons this demented virago has had such power over her brother Democrats in the House is that she knows where every single body is buried. For two years she has faithfully and with apparent enthusiasm, carried the Kenyan Wetback's water, only to see her majority status get kicked to the curb in the wave of revulsion by voters! Old Nancy doesn't strike me as the type to take that kind of a slap upside the head peaceably.

I am, most assuredly, waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's entirely possible that Herr Lightbringer's trip to India is coming not a moment too soon.

That's the latest party line from the pinhead who occupies the White House. I was raised to be respectful of my president, despite how partisan his behavior might be, but in the case of The Lightbringer, civility fails me frequently!

Apparently, it is now Zippy's story that we Americans in flyover country and the South are just too damned stupid to understand what he was trying to do for us (or to us)!

I have a news flash for you Mr. President. You are full of shit! I'll match my IQ against yours any day of the week. Hell, I'll match Buddy and Rusty's IQs against yours any day of the week. I understood from day one what a completely unqualified, incompetent, Socialist pinhead you are and nothing you have done since 1/20/09 has served to change my mind about your absolutely disastrous policies and the despicable people with whom you surround yourself!

Get real, Mr. President, and we might like you a little better. Not much better, just a little better. You are an inherently unlikable man, you know. Arrogant, elitist, condescending. But hey, despite all of that, you are one of God's children just like me, so I will be tolerant. And forgiving. As much as my "stupidity" will permit!

What her detractors don't seem to realize is that the process of insulting Palin, they are insulting the majority of the country. If being a self-made success story, a working mother, a church-going member of a small-town community and a believer in moderate to conservative political viewpoints disqualifies Palin, what does that say about mainstream America? The inherent condescension at the heart of the anti-Palin campaign is coming across loud and clear, and it may actually be boosting her popularity.

Cinnamon Stillwell

As always, our one-woman blog army friend Sissy Willis pushes the narrative in common sense directions - and she has the most gorgeous cat named Tiny!

The 11/2 election is complete [except for recounts and other Dem huggery buggery with "found" ballots and such] and the Republicans have taken a number of seats away from the Dems in the Senate - although The Cadaver is still the Majority Leader - and Nancy Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of San Francisco has been resoundingly stripped of her power and her position a heartbeat from the Presidency! Thank you dear Lord.

From now until the first week in January 2011, could we all just take a nice deep breath and cease the never-ending campaigns?

We're weary of the bloviating, the hype and the nonsense!

And it won't be pretty. Now the increasingly irrelevant pundits of the Leftwing so-called "elite" media is taking aim at Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-MN). They have begun the demonizing, the name-calling, the character assassination.

And of course, there will be crashing silence from the precincts of the National Organization for Women, even though this kind of sexist-based nonsense is supposed to be anathema to them! Let's face it folks, the Dems and the Left fear conservative women because we are FIERCE and we can kick butt and look good doing it!

Our role model is Laura Bush who is, at all times, a complete lady. It is NOT Michelle Obama who hasn't got a clue how to dress for her position and her body type and insists on tricking herself out like a sideshow clown! Except not as attractive!

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Now that the American electorate has handed the Dems their asses - and their walking papers in many instances, THIS nonsense emerges from the bunker where the remaining Dems are currently hiding:

Reid, especially, renewed a threat he made before, that Republicans must stop obstructing and start cooperating. The majority leader, who survived a close reelection battle, said he spoke early Wednesday afternoon with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

“Republicans must take their responsibility to solve the problems of ordinary Americans,” Reid said. “Simply saying ‘no,’ as we’ve had this past Congress … won’t bring jobs back. It won’t strengthen the economy, and it won’t help families who are struggling to make ends meet. ‘No’ is not the answer. It has to be ‘yes.’ Not our ‘yes,’ but a combined ‘yes,’ something we work out — a consensus ‘yes.’”

Senator Reid, you horse's ass, the Democratic Party had overwhelming control of both houses of Congress for FOUR years and accomplished nothing but bad legislation and out-of-control spending, despite the clear indication from the electorate that this wasn't what they wanted from you and your confreres!

And you have the brass balls to open your ignorant mouth?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


When the Tea Party movement began about 18 months ago, the so-called "elite media" basically told them to "sit down and shut up" with Katie Couric famously calling us the "great unwashed middle" of the country!

But as Michael Goodwin writes in the New York Post:

Nothing short of a revolution. That's the only way to describe the public upheaval that took place yesterday. Nancy Pelosi has been fired, the Senate is far more balanced and President Obama was resoundingly rebuked. Republican governors could control upwards of 30 statehouses when the smoke clears. That's what you call a consequential election. As predicted, the explosion of government cost and the economic slump were the driving factors for voters. The results immediately reinvigorate the checks and balances inherent in the two-party system and bring a needed dose of fiscal sanity to Washington and the states.
It was evident from his news conference today that the President doesn't understand what happened yesterday. He still thinks he's in control of the world he sees around him. Unfortunately, he is afflicted with a severe case of reality myopia! The American people, for whom he works (this is the part he never understood - he works for US, not the other way around) resoundingly rejected all of the Obama agenda, particularly Obamacare. We rejected Barack Hussein Obama's administration and all its works. We rejected socialism. We rejected the manipulations of such as George Soros, Andy Stern, the SEIU and ACORN. We voted YES to American exceptionalism and we voted NO to apologizing for our country's magnificence.

Now let's get back to work and start to rebuild that which 20 months of a trifling popinjay have wrought!

Idiot that slips through the cracks, that is!

Here's evidence of one:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who will have far-ranging subpoena power in the new Congress as a result of Tuesday’s election, is going out of his way to dispel perceptions that he’s a partisan bombthrower who plans to use his newfound authority to paralyze President Barack Obama’s administration.

“I want to prove the pundits wrong. My job is not to bring down the president. My job is to make the president a success,” Issa said on a midnight conference call with reporters, just after House Minority Leader John Boehner’s victory speech.

Rep. Issa - you may need to have your job responsibilities explained to you again! Your job is to represent your constituents in California! Perhaps John Boehner can explain that to you when he slaps you upside the head.


As of 1/1/11 - a LOVELY date to be sure - we will no longer need to be subjected to the preening, overly botoxed and supremely self-satisfied face of Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Thanks be to G-d! You brought this on yourselves when you displayed your complete and utter disregard, even contempt for the voters who are your employers.

It is my great and very real fear, however, that John Boehner won't be a whole lot better. Granted, he's younger and better looking than Pelosi (by a LOT) and he currently seems to be hearing what the Tea Party and other Republicans are saying about growing down the size and intrusiveness of the Federal government, but in the end, will he really act on what he's hearing.

My feeling is that his fellow majority members will make sure that he behaves in the manner we expect from him.

Congratulations to all the winners. You've run the race and achieved your goal. Now let's see if you can govern!