Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Terry McAuliffe, the ultimate carpetbagger, doesn't give a rat's eardrum about you!

Despite the fact that Colorado voters sent a clear message (in a state not noted for its conservative views) that they have no love for liberals' continuing intention to violate and attempt to circumvent the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, Mr. McAuliffe has pledged to enact Colorado-style gun restrictions in the Commonwealth.

Isn't this like saying, "I don't care what voters want!" ?!?

It's your choice, Virginia: Vote!

UPDATE: Just saw a commercial by Mark Warner stumping for McAuliffe. Who elected this creature? He sounds like he's spent far too many hours in smoke-filled rooms making shady deals and generally screwing over the voters. I'm glad Newt Gingrich is considering running against him next year! Can you imagine the debates? Can you imagine the look on Harry Reid's dessicated old undertaker face when he has to face Newt in the Senate? More to the point, can you imagine the floor debates in the Senate and the knots into which the liberal asshats can be tied?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


As reported in the Christian Science Monitor, this is what our so-called president said today:

Speaking before the United Nations General Assembly, President Obama justified the NSA’s spying programs, arguing they have helped to stabilize the world in the five years since he took office.

“As a result of this work, and the cooperation of its allies and partners, the world is more stable than it was five years ago,” the president said on Tuesday morning.
Words totally fail me! The man is such an arrogant putz that it boggles the mind and he apparently hasn't noticed the Malls in Kenya being destroyed (along with the numerous deaths), the wholesale killing of Christians in Pakistan, the on-going genocide in Syria, the Egyptian upheaval and numerous other dangerous activities of dangerous nations like Iran and North Korea.

It becomes ever more apparent that we have a sociopathic nincompoop in the White House! He needs to be legally and properly removed from office, sooner rather than later. Period. End of discussion.


When the lineup was announced a few weeks ago, I had my doubts that this season was going to be anywhere near as entertaining as last season, given the fact that I had never heard of most of the cast.

Well, I'm here to admit I was wrong.

First of all, let's dispose of a single complaint..... some of the dancers (Elizabeth, Corbin) are a tad too accomplished for this early in the season, causing me to believe that they've perhaps(?) danced before!

What the hell Bill Nye (the Science Guy) is even doing there is anyone's guess. He is an appallingly bad dancer and should be sent home, Instead, some more deserving contestant will eventually be eliminated.

Valerie Harper is courageous and I understand why she's doing it, and I must say she looks good. I doubt she's going to get anywhere near the end, but I applaud her effort.

Amber Riley is superb, Leah Remini is on a mission (which, again, I applaud), Nicole Polizzi (Snookie) is surprisingly good, Jack Osbourne is far better than he thinks he is, and what can I say ---- I'm voting for Engvall. He's a delight and entertaining as hell, which is what the show is all about.

So give the show a look see. They've redesigned the set, tightened the production, the judges are less obnoxious and Tom Bergeron is the humorous oil that keeps the entire two-hour, once-per=week format moving!

Monday, September 23, 2013


The two watchable song and dance sequences aside, was last night's Emmy show the absolute worst you've ever seen?

Neil Patrick Harris, a thoroughly gifted performer, did his best with bad material, bloated production values and a lengthy show that literally put people in my household to sleep, but he just wasn't enough to save the show.

IT needs to be asked, why cannot television professionals put on a broadcast of their own industry awards? And why were awards like the guest actor/actress awards relegated to a special ceremony? Why not keep those living recipients in the main show and ditch the special "In Memoriam" bits - especially the one pandering to youth culture such as the one for Cory Monteith? Robin Williams' tribute to Jonathan Winters was pretty nice, but even so, incomprehensible to some.

And would someone please feed those women at the show a sandwich? I have not seen so many bones since the last office picnic's fried chicken was decimated!

It's just my opinion. I could be wrong. But I'm not!

Monday, September 16, 2013


News outlets are dominating the airwaves again today - all stations reporting and all repeating over and over again the same not necessarily accurate information, tedium personified and making real breaking news somehow uninteresting - that there is one, maybe two, shooters at the Navy Yard and that perhaps 4 are dead, 8 wounded, or maybe more or maybe less.

Here's a thought...I know it's the 24-hour news cycle, but how about y'all wait until you actually KNOW something instead of endless, frequently baseless speculation (and yes, you, Fox News Network are just as guilty as everyone else). For the people in this area who have friends or relatives working at that facility, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

If Gibbs were real, this shit would have been wrapped up long ago, the perp(s) subdued and civilian/military loss of life minimized. I'm just saying - it's a damned shame fantasy doesn't even come CLOSE to reality, mores the pity.

UPDATE: So in the end, after all the hyperbole and false information spewed by the various and sundry news purveyors, we end up with 12 victims of a murderous and now-deceased shooter. And, predictably, the anti-gun lobby is in full, baying cry, despite the fact that D.C. has one of the toughest, most repressive gun control climates in the nation. "Shelter in place" makes me think more along the lines of "sitting ducks" where instead perhaps there ought to be people in place who can "lock and load" in these sorts of situations. Maybe then fewer people would have lost their lives or been injured so grievously, including the one policeman who is in danger of losing his legs!

UNLESS you are able to change the Constitution (which Urkel is definitely trying to do - or he just ignores it), gun ownership is a guaranteed right and I somehow doubt that, outside the effete coastal areas of this nation, a Constitutional Amendment banning guns will go the way of the dodo!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Saturday, September 07, 2013


According to the latest, not necessarily verified, intel Iran has given the green light to its minions around the region to attack American interests, specifically and particularly, the American Embassy in Baghdad. Then Iran starts lobbing bombs at Israel (their REAL target) and Israel, true to form - and as they should - retaliates. Using a nuke is not out of the question given the historic antipathy of Iran towards Israel, as well as Israel's long-held mantra of "Never Again". Then the various Saudi-sponsored bad actors start stirring up a shitstorm throughout the region and here we go again!

Given the predictions that Pope Francis (who has already sternly admonished Urkel to stand down) is the LAST Pope, as well as other predictions of the like, is this the beginning of the end times? All because Urkel in the White House is trying to show his nonexistent cojones!

REALLY folks? Do we really have to do this? Do we really want to once again stir up the laws of unintended consequences?

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Have you completely lost your minds?

There is NO UPSIDE to bombing Syria and only the possibility of further attempts to destroy us on our own soil.

These people are not like us. They don't accept the norms of civilized society. In reality, they are still mired in the 7th Century and no amount of hoping and wishing on your part or ours will pull them out of that mindset because they LIKE THEIR LIVES the way they are - horrible as they are!

They don't think. They FEEL, they REACT to stimuli the way infants do. There is no reasoning with their primitive idiocy and trying to do so, over and over and over again, is the height of insanity!

AND A FINAL NOTE: The fraudulent so-called president is claiming that HE didn't draw a red line but rather than CONGRESS did.....preparing for failure you miserable excuse for a human being?

Sunday, September 01, 2013


So tell him NO in loud and unequivocal terms. This p.o.s. would love to start WWIII (and no doubt blame it on Bush or Republicans or anyone but his own moronic self) but we cannot permit him to embroil us in a no win situation.

We're supposed to bomb Syria as a punishment for Syrians bombing other Syrians? How stupid does he think we are? Where's the upside for our country? I can see none. Just more deficits and American lives at risk.

Rep. Rob Wittman, I know I don't have to tell you to say no. I know you will, but just as a reminder, NO.

SPECIAL NOTE: I have disagreed with other presidents in the past. I am, after all, 71 years old. I have never used the language I've used here and elsewhere to describe any other president, not even the execrable James Earl Carter, Jr., whom I detest. That gives you some idea of how completely useless I consider the current occupant of the White House!


John Kerry used a picture from 2003 (Iraq) to justify bombing Syria today - assuming that nobody would know the difference! This is how little regard for the American people this Administration has and, when you think about it, if those were victims of chemical weapons (in Iraq, mind you) then why do they keep saying the Bush 43 lied? It's all just so impossibly despicable!

Someone elected these buffoons and evildoers and someone now needs to impeach their asses!