Tuesday, December 29, 2009


These moronic twits cannot possibly inhabit the same reality enjoyed by thee and me! They just cannot. They look at some demented Jihadist whose only goal in life is killing us because we are free, Christian or American and definitely not THEM and they actually feel sorry for the sons of bitches! Why? Because they started life so disadvantaged.

So what about the latest nutbar who wanted to incinerate an entire planeload of people over a city that already has big problems - Detroit, Michigan! He's a son of wealthy parents and was raised with all the finer things in life, well educated and generally pretty doggone privileged. He isn't some backwoods rube who believes what he believes because of cultural or physical deprivation. He's just freaking NUTS with hatred of our way of life! There's no reasoning with these people, there's no negotiation, there's no "coming together" with them. Their only aim in life is our destruction. Period. And by the way, just so we're clear, Osama Bin Laden, the biggest asshat of them all, is also a son of wealth and privilege!

The reason these people want to kill us is that they are CRAZY and they belong to a so-called religion of peace which is actually all about murder - of us! So let's quit being fatuous idiots and call them what they are - murdering lunatics who can only be stopped by killing them. We start showing these pieces of shit that we mean business and they'll back off right quick. Because at their most basic level, they are cowards - one and all. That's why they make war on the defenseless!

Wake up people. Start PROFILING these bastards and keep them off our planes! And out of our nation. Do we honestly want people living here who rape 2-1/2 year old little girls because her father wouldn't convert to Islam? Canada is giving these people asylum! Read about it here.

I had low expectations from Janet Napolitano when she opined that people like me, the backbone of America, were the real terror danger! She fears that we'll get on to her and her minions and run their happy asses down to Gitmo in perpetuity!

Well Ms. Napolitano, those free Americans who have consistently clung to their guns, their religion and their belief in the American dream are just about at tipping point and your assertion that "the system worked" on Christmas Day is just one more nail in your administration's coffin!

In the first place, the American TSA would not permit the kind of body scan in Amsterdam that would have kept that Muslim (not Nigerian, MUSLIM, you demented crone) off the Northwest flight headed to Detroit! Secondly, searching women like me - age 67, short spikey hair, round gormless Midwestern face - patriotic American citizen, native-born and practicing Catholic - is a waste of time and resources. Get those guys who are loudly speaking Arabic and testing us to see if we have the balls to keep them off our airplanes! PROFILE WENCH, PROFILE!

And just as an aside - the planners of this new threat were recently released from Guatanamo! Good reason to confound the liberal asshats and keep the place open, don't you think? Are you CAPABLE of thinking?

You're stupid, you're ignorant and you're clearly an anti-American tool! Buh-bye! Your Lord and Master, Herr Czero, will be flinging you under the bus any day now.

Monday, December 28, 2009


There are people out there in the world who seek to reconcile the differences between their theological beliefs and our own by way of murder (of us) and that's not going to change any time soon. Treating these incursions as police matters, instead of the acts of war that they truly are isn't going to do us any good either!

There have been several recent "testings" of airport security and, predictably, most of those threats were met with spineless wimpiness by our corporate and public officials who made quite a point of appeasing these Islamofascist murderous thugs! It was then left to ordinary passengers (on Christmas Day of all days) to show the savage cretins that we don't just genuflect to any radical religious nutbar but rather, prevent them from doing whatever nasty business they are planning to do to us.

The assumption of the Islamist loon crowd is that we are too weak, too cowardly to stand up for ourselves and our nation. That would be a very stupid assumption with which to continue to live what's left of your worthless lives!

I have said before, I have absolute faith in MOST of the American people. I have faith in my own courage; I have faith in the courage of others. We will defend our nation. We will, in fact, fulfill the pledge and vow our public officials took and are now ignoring. We will, in fact, preserve, protect and defend the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic!

Can I ask a question? Who decided that profiling is WRONG? I don't happen to believe that!

Janet Napolitano, Dept. of Homeland Security's resident idiot, was actually quoted as saying that "The system worked!" in the case of the would-be bomber of the Northwest flight into Detroit.

Bullshit you ignorant crone! What worked is an alert citizen stopping that loon from murdering a planeload of people! What else can we do? Our so-called leadership is busy searching little old grey haired ladies rather than Islamists who are part of a religion that wishes us and our nation ill!

What part of "They want to KILL US!" do you morons not understand? Dear merciful heavens! God has to protect us. The government that has sworn to "preserve, protect and defend" certainly isn't making any effort to do so.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Our beloved liberal idiot legislators and "leaders" are stone idiots who have insisted, with their heads firmly implanted in the sand (or up their asses) that because we're joining hands and singing "Kumbaya" that we are safe from any kind of threat from Islamofascist murderers! Well, on Christmas Day a plane bound for Detroit sure found out the contrary thanks to one nutbar who got past the no-doubt slack scrutiny of the powers that be (under a slack and idiotic president whose staff didn't even tell him until three hours after the fact that this infamy was taking place - imagine if his name had been Bush instead of Obama - what wailing and gnashing of teeth we'd have heard) and onto an airplane bound into this country! He was on BRITAIN's terror watch list, but not ours! How does that happen?

I don't intend to fly any time soon and, if I did, I would object to being scrutinized closely by the TSA instead of some Islamic type. Yes, I DO believe in profiling - my question is WHY DON'T YOU?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Or full of whatever emanates from one, at least! This ridiculous creature feels perfectly free in labeling a young woman he has never met as a "K Street whore" but is offended when a Florida woman starts a website that opines he is crazy! Whatever happened to freedom of speech, Congressman Grayson? Are you THAT thin-skinned? Are you a bully who can dish it out but cannot take it? Ahhhh - now we're zeroing in on reality with you, you droopy-drawered piss poor excuse for a human being!

You want a woman who is exercising her right of free speech to be jailed for criticizing you. What horse feathers! You are completely fair game Congressman. You are one of 535 members of the House of Representatives who have done precious little good and a whole load of BAD during this current legislative session. You should have your heinie spanked good and proper for your offensive and amateurish behavior during your time in office. I'd be happy to do it were it not that I suspect you'd enjoy it!

They haven't really passed a definitive health care bill as yet and are trying to have the Senate's version pass on Christmas Eve because funding the murder of the unborn is just such a Christmasy thing to do! And do not think for one minute that, however much those lying sacks of excrement swear to the contrary, abortion isn't on the table, along with the souls of those Senator willing to establish a price for their whoredom in full view of the voting public. Do I sound like my Christmas spirit is somehow deficient? It is - and it's because those brainless, spineless creatures in the Senate and the House are selling America and Americans down the river and not out of conviction (although a great many of them ought to be convicted - starting with Charlie Rangel), but just out of greed and avarice. So to Senators Landrieu, Nelson, Dodd and Lieberman - screw you! You have committed what is, in my opinion, treason and ought to be impeached! Then tried, convicted and jailed. Then tarred and feathered and ridden out of town - in January cold - on a rail!

This son-of-a-bitch killed 14 good Americans! I only wish that the policeman who stopped his rampage had had better aim!

Attorney John P. Galligan said police stopped a phone conversation between Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and one of his brothers Friday because it was not in English. Galligan told the San Antonio Express-News on Monday that police at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio refused to let Hasan pray in Arabic from the Quran with his brother.

The attorney says he thinks that's illegal and violation of religious rights.

Aw, shut the hell up Galligan! How do you KNOW they were praying? Because your scumbag client told you so? How credulous can one man be? Your client is lucky to be alive, unlike the 14 hapless and PATRIOTIC Americans he murdered in cold blood. Don't expect sympathy for him from anyone who cares about this country. He was born here and used taxpayer [my] money to get a first-class education, one that I could not afford, and then he repays our generosity in this way. And don't try that "diminished capacity" crap either - he's a terrorist, plain and simple! He should burn in hell for all eternity but that isn't my sentence to impose, it's God's! The one who said, quite clearly, "Thou shalt not kill" and meant it!

Monday, December 21, 2009


The shameful and absolutely unabashed selling of their votes to pass an abysmal so-called health care package that provides neither health nor care to its consumers, the American public is a new low and perhaps the tipping point in our great national debate of left v. right. I actually had some respect for Nelson, Lieberman et al. before they put their integrity and their votes up for bids, quite shamelessly and publicly!

Meanwhile, according to at least one Dem, anyone who opposes anything the Dems choose to do, be it constitutional or not is - well read it yourself!

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) today took shots at those who are not supporting the health care legislation. During a floor speech, he excoriated Senate GOP members for up holding the pending health care bill and accused their supporters of being birthers and fanatics in right-wing militia and Aryan support groups. He started off by citing an editorial from the Manchester Journal Inquirer, which used insults like "lunatic fringe."
Senator Whitehouse - you are, in my opinion, a complete horse's ass and should be thrashed by any one of your colleagues for insulting the representatives of 40% of your nation's population!

Apparently the Dems aren't interested in being returned to office in 2010! They are so completely ready, willing and anxious to insult the population of this country that yes, DOES question their patriotism!

UPDATE: I always knew what they were - we've just settled upon their PRICE! About Chris Dodd and Landrieu I'm not surprised. But I honestly thought that Lieberman and Nelson had one or two principles!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


RIO DE JANEIRO – Brazil's Supreme Court on Thursday delayed the return of a 9-year-old boy to his U.S. father only hours after the man arrived from New Jersey in hopes of taking the boy home for Christmas.
David Goldman's son, Sean, was kidnapped five years ago by his then-wife and taken to Brazil where she then divorced Mr. Goldman and subsequently married another man. She died giving birth to her second child, a daughter! Mr. Goldman was, even then, attempting to get his son back. Since then, her widower, a man with no blood relationship or claim to Sean Goldman, has been blocking David Goldman's wholly legal access to his son with the aid of the Brazilian court system.

Brazil is a signatory to an international treaty which specifically states that in the cases of parental abduction, the child is to be returned to the custodial parent immediately and in the past five years, Brazil has done everything in its power to keep a father and son separated - not even permitting Mr. Goldman to SEE his son except on a limited basis.

To his credit, President Obama has been putting pressure on Brazil to give Sean Goldman back to his father, along with the U.S. Congress and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton have all urged the child's return, and a U.S. congressman traveled to Rio on Thursday to continue lobbying for Sean's return.

Brazil - quit crapping around and behaving like a third-world thugocracy. Allow Sean Goldman to return to the United States with his father David Goldman. Enough with permitting Sean's Brazilian grandparents and his mother's former husband to treat the biological father of Sean Goldman as though he has no rights to his own son. That's bullshit, any way you slice it and all of you should be ashamed of yourselves!

UPDATE: Brazilian grandparents ordered to turn the child over to his father!

Both the U.S. and Brazilian governments have said the matter clearly fell under the Hague Convention, which seeks to ensure that custody decisions are made by the courts in the country where a child originally lived — in this case, the United States.

Silvana Bianchi, Sean's maternal grandmother, wrote an open letter to Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva just hours before the Tuesday ruling, in which she said cultural differences and international pressure were driving the case.

"Our moral foundation values the mother's role. In the absence of the mother, the raising should be done by the grandmother," she wrote. "That's how it's done in Brazil, from north to south, regardless of race, religion or social class. It's natural that foreigners, with a different foundation, would not understand these authentically Brazilian feelings." (Does the old biddy understand International Law? and is she suggesting that her family's money and influence is more weighty than a father's right to raise his own son?)

Meanwhile, Goldman has said his parents and other relatives have been waiting for years to be reunited with Sean.

Silva has said he would not intervene in the case, that it was purely a matter for Brazil's legal system.

(Actually, it’s a matter for international law and U.S. law, whether the Brazilians like it or not! Authentically Brazilian feelings are apparently to disregard and disrespect a child’s legal parent!)

UPDATE #2: Sean Goldman is now in the United States with his father. This is a good thing. It will take a while for the wounds inflicted by the selfishness of Sean's mother and the unbelievably insensitive behavior of his stepfather and his grandparents to be healed. Meanwhile, negotiations are underway to arrange for the Brazilian grandparents to visit Sean.

It is commendable that David Goldman does not intend to do to them what was done to him! I applaud him for his decency and concern that his son continue to know his maternal grandparents through the years. But David - make sure they never get their hot little hands on Sean's passport and make sure that their visits are always supervised!

UPDATE #3: In a statement dripping with effrontery and arrogance, the Brazilian grandparents of 9 year old Sean Goldman have now announced that they are going to continue the fight to remove Sean Goldman from his father's care and custody and return him to the custody of his grandparents in Brazil - the same grandparents who wouldn't even permit David Goldman to see his own son during their entire five-year separation. What kind of evil people are these? Please do not tell me they are loving grandparents. The father of this child is the truly loving one - he is willing to allow Sean to spend time with his grandparents - granted under supervision and in his own home here in the U.S. But here is the statement from the attorney for the grandparents:

SAO PAULO – The Brazilian family of a 9-year-old boy returned by court order to his U.S. father said Tuesday it will fight to regain custody.

Lawyers for the relatives of Sean Goldman said they will push forward with a request from his Brazilian grandmother to allow the boy to make his own wishes known in court.

Nine-year old boys are not permitted to express their wishes! And the longer it takes for the grandparents to get this kid into court, the less effective will be the brainwashing they have inflicted on him. This is not love, this is child abuse!


For those of us who do not consider Charlie Crist to be the ideal candidate for any office, this is great news. Everything I know or have read about Marco Rubio leads me to believe that this fine, Cuban-American gentleman is exactly what the Senate and the people of Florida need. And now to the great shock of all - even the pollster - Rasmussen is showing that Rubio and Crist are in a dead heat! THAT is stunning.

In the first place, it has long been my opinion that our Americans of Cuban ancestry are the most vibrant and energetic contributors to the health of our conservative culture. In the second place, Charlie Crist is one of those RINO types who don't really represent the Republican Party to which he putatively belongs. I also feel that he is a sycophant and a dissembler of the first water!

Granted, I live in Virginia so it isn't really my call, but come on - the future of American legislative politics IS at the top of this post! And it doesn't look half bad, does it?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


And God bless us, everyone of us! Especially God bless the leftwing loons who are doing all they can possibly do to destroy this beautiful country. They need all the blessings they can get.

God bless Barack and Michelle Obama. Two of the most ill-prepared and incompetent humans ever to occupy the White House, surpassing only James Earl Carter, Jr. in lack of intelligence and class! I believe that the occupant of the Oval Office is a man with deeply seated feelings of displacement and disconnection from normal humans, and an absurdly elevated idea of his own importance and capabilities. Here's the memo, Mr. President. You are just an ordinary human, like the rest of us. You are also NOT our ruler, but rather our SERVANT and EMPLOYEE. I pray that his naive arrogance and her bitter disdain for our nation are both ameliorated by the love of God throughout this blessed season and throughout the coming year 2010. May the Holy Spirit visit their hearts and bring them peace and joy.

God bless Michelle Duggar and her husband Jim Bob or whateverinhell he's called, the randy s.o.b. who has kept her pregnant almost nonstop throughout their marriage. She just gave birth to her 19th child, a little girl who was months premature! What part of "keep your dick holstered you hound" does this man not understand? Yes, God wants us to be fruitful and multiply. But there's fruitful and then there is ridiculous. The Duggars are now in the realm of ridiculous, not to mention life-threatening danger to Michelle. Who, by the way, I find myself disliking - the long hair to her waist and the little girl, breathy voice. I always get the feeling with these endlessly pious Christian women that there is something rotten lurking under the surface. Call me a cynic; you'd be correct.

God bless Tiger Woods and his wife Elin. May their lives return to some semblance of order sometime soon, if only for the sake of those two beautiful little children of theirs. Tiger, my advice to JimBob Duggar applies to you as well. You took vows. Be prepared to keep them. Humble yourself before the woman you have offended so grievously. You may yet salvage your dignity and reputation, if not your marriage.

Left-wing loons of the chattering classes (Garofolo, Olbermann, Joy Behar, Chrissie Matthews) - just shut the hell up already! None of you knows what you're talking about and you display your ignorance so proudly! Does any of you have the ability to self-evaluate and realize that you are embarrassing yourselves? Boneheaded, mean-spirited dopey haters all of you!

I survived numerous health challenges during 2009 and am heading into 2010 with joy in my heart and hopes for the future. I wish the same joy and hope to all of you and will suspend blogging until 2010!

From me and from Sam the Wonder Cat (who has taken to sleeping at the end of the couch, on his back, with all 4 paws sticking straight up - what a beloved dweeb), all love and prayers for the coming Holidays and New Year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


And no, I'm not referring to Bill O'Reilly, although heaven knows he qualifies. Does he even listen to people when they're speaking or is he so enthralled with his own self-perceived brilliance that he's busy formulating his next interruption or snide remark?

However, the windbag to whom I refer is one "Plugs" Biden, vice president of the United States, who has pronounced that:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – If the U.S. Congress fails to agree on a healthcare bill soon, the opportunity for a sweeping overhaul of the $2.5 trillion system will be lost for a generation, Vice President Joe Biden warned on Tuesday.

Biden was speaking just hours before Democratic lawmakers were to meet at the White House with President Barack Obama, who is pressing them to reach agreement and pass a bill on his signature domestic policy issue.

Obama has invested much of his political capital in trying to get the Democratic-controlled Congress to pass a healthcare bill by the end of the year. The bill has been passed by the House of Representatives, but Democrats have struggled to win the 60 votes they need in the Senate.

From your mouth to God's ear, Vice President "Rosary Joe" Biden. The healthcare reforms being considered in both the house and the Senate are egregiously flawed and don't deserve to see the light of day - or the acquiesence of our erstwhile President!

And just as an afterthought, God is truly great and good, Vice President Biden. It's the only explanation for how one with your limited intellectual abilities was able to rise to such a lofty office!

UPDATE: Over at Contentions, Jennifer Rubin has an excellent take on the matter!

I am likewise tired of the speculation about what his wife, Elin, plans to do about his philandering. She has two small children to think about and by the way National Enquirer, you aren't making her job any easier!

Whether or not the family or just Elin and the two children retire to the house in Sweden for six months, I don't CARE! Whether Elin decides to continue in the marriage, I don't CARE! Whether or not Tiger has been taking performance enhancing drugs, I don't CARE! I want one day to pass without hearing about this athlete's self-indulgent, self-involved behavior and I DON'T want to hear about the 14 skanks who are trying for their 15-minutes of fame by claiming to have slept with him. You knew the man was married so what's your beef. You behaved in a slutty manner and now you want to make money from it? There's a name for women who make money from sexual behavior! Don't be so freaking proud of yourselves, bimbos!

I am not interested in the slightest about whether or not Tiger Woods is a cheapskate, non-tipping piece of excrement! I don't CARE! Golf is a game, people, not the mover and shaker of the world. It's a GAME!


Monday, December 14, 2009


I guess nobody should be surprised that the Italian general population and their news media are reacting with shock and dismay to the attack by a mentally disturbed man on their prime minister Berlusconi as he was signing autographs in a cathedral over the weekend. In a cathedral? Really? How deeply inappropriate!

ROME (Reuters) – Italians asked on Monday if an ugly assault on Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was prompted by a "climate of hatred" splitting their nation and commentators said a wave of sympathy looked set to boost his political fortunes.

Berlusconi was hospitalized on Sunday with broken teeth, a fractured nose and a scarred face after a man with a history of mental problems hurled a statuette of Milan's cathedral at him as he signed autographs after a political rally.

A medical bulletin said on Monday there were no big worries about Berlusconi's condition but that he would stay in hospital at least until Tuesday because he was complaining sharp pains in the head and face and had lost about a liter of blood.

Sr. Berlusconi claims to be a devout Catholic despite multiple marriages and very public liaisons and now he is attacked signing autographs in a cathedral. Excuse me if I opine that the so-called climate of hatred is directed more toward his utterly inappropriate behavior and far less toward an atmosphere of political hatred.

The man is a pig. A public pig. He has directed completely inappropriate and vicious language and attitudes toward Pope Benedict and behaved in a manner that is in flagrant violation of both Church and Italian law. Sympathy for this cretin? I think not. But then, these are Italians! So what can one expect? A beautiful country filled with beautiful people, food and wine, and not exactly overly endowed with backbones.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

REALLY? HE'S GOING TO VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION AGAIN - Isn't that an impeachable offense?!

Our president, Captain Moonbeam, is actually planning to accept the Noble Peace Prize - an award to which he is hardly entitled and an award, the acceptance of which is specifically interdicted by our Constitution. But hey, why deal in trivialities like the Constitution when you're the savior of the free world? Right? Yeah, well, not so much.

Article I, Section 9, of the Constitution, the emolument clause, clearly stipulates: "And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State."

An opinion of the U.S. attorney general advised, in 1902, that "a simple remembrance," even "if merely a photograph, falls under the inclusion of 'any present of any kind whatever.' " President Clinton's Office of Legal Counsel, in 1993, reaffirmed the 1902 opinion, and explained that the text of the clause does not limit "its application solely to foreign governments acting as sovereigns." This opinion went on to say that the emolument clause applies even when the foreign government acts through instrumentalities. Thus the Nobel Prize is an emolument, and a foreign one to boot.

Second, the president has indicated that he will give the prize money to charity, but that does not solve his legal problem. Giving that $1.4 million to a charity could give him a deduction that would reduce his income taxes by $500,000 -- not a nominal amount. Moreover, the money is not his to give away. It belongs to the United States: A federal statute provides that if the president accepts a "tangible or intangible present" for more than a minimal value from any foreign government, the gift "shall become the property of the United States."

So he's accepting an award from a foreign government (i) to which he is not entitled, (ii) the acceptance of which is clearly unconstitutional and (iii) monies which he is accepting and then donating to charity - monies that are not his to give away since they belong to the U.S. Treasury!

Didn't our president advertise himself as a "constitutional lawyer" during the campaign. Surely he knows he is committing clearly impeachable offenses here. Or does he even care?


Ahmadinejad - the utterly demented, babbling idiot who is the president of Iran, made the following comments recently (see post below):

“We have documented proof that they believe that a descendant of the prophet of Islam will raise in these parts and he will dry the roots of all injustice in the world,” Ahmadinejad said during a speech on Monday, according to Al Arabiya."
First, you moronic piece of camel excrement, let's see your documented proof. Secondly, what he calls "injustice" is actually the result of poor governance, complete lack of work ethic and a desire to have handed to you all that others have produced with their hard work and dedication.

I'm truly surprised that when we see this poor excuse for a human speaking, his eyes aren't spinning counterclockwise. He's just that crazy! And possibly with nuclear weapons at his disposal. Now THAT is truly batshit crazy!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims the United States is attempting to thwart the return of mankind's savior, according to reports from Al Arabiya, a television news station based in Dubai.

Ahmadinejad reportedly claims he has documented evidence that the U.S. is blocking the return of Mahdi, the Imam believed by Muslims to be the savior.

“We have documented proof that they believe that a descendant of the prophet of Islam will raise in these parts and he will dry the roots of all injustice in the world,” Ahmadinejad said during a speech on Monday, according to Al Arabiya.

"They have devised all these plans to prevent the coming of the Hidden Imam because they know that the Iranian nation is the one that will prepare the grounds for his coming and will be the supporters of his rule," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying.

Mind you there have been reports over the past few years that Ahmadinejad believes himself to be the Hidden Imam so he isn't even making any sense. Either he's already here (in a manner of speaking) or he isn't. Just more proof that this man is a psychotic, loopy-dee-loop nutbar! With his finger on a possible nuclear trigger! If you aren't scared, you should be.

Monday, December 07, 2009


So here's the deal. I made my first predictions several months ago and, at the time, thought I was waltzing way out on a very shaky limb. Now I think I've pretty much figured it out!
Figure Skating:
Women's Singles: Yu Na Kim, South Korea (also in the mix, Rachael Flatt and Alissa Czizny of the U.S.)
Men's Singles: Yvgeni Plushenko, Russia (Nobunari Oda of Japan and Evan Lysacek of the U.S. also on the podium)
Ice Dancing: United States (either Belbin and Agosto or White and Davis), Canada (Moir and Virtue) or Russia. This is way too close to call!
Pairs: Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao of China - in a sprint away from the others, with Pang and Tong of China and Szalkowy and Savchenko of Germany also figuring in the mix.

Hold me to these predictions kids. Barring injuries, I very much believe that these are about as accurate as any handicapping coming out of Vegas!


True to my predictions, Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao won the pairs final at the Grand Prix competition in Japan over the weekend. They are platinum in a field of lead! They command the ice with joy and passion in a way that no other contemporaneous skaters are able to do! In short, they are mind-boggling and remarkable in every way. Total champions of the heart and the technique which is impeccable. Even the current world champions from Germany were pale by comparison and they are magnificent skaters themselves! I'm not all that impressed with the other Chinese pairs teams as they strike me as still being somewhat sloppy in their presentation - but Shen and Zhao are brilliant by anyone's measure.

In the ladies free, Yu Na Kim halted her brief and totally expectable slide from perfection at 2 performances and won the final handily. All she did with those 2 losses is prove she is human! Evan Lysacek skated extremely well to win the Men's title while Charlie White and Meryl Davis gave the United States an unprecedented win in Ice Dancing. Johnny Weir skated well in the men's final. I will withhold my rants until after I'm done with Mr. Lysacek.

Okay, Evan, what's with the freaking five o'clock shadow and the greasy hair? I realize you need to show that you're using your upper body in the step sequences, but is the endless arm waving and flapping really necessary? You look ridiculous. That asinine snake on your costume isn't well taken either.

Now on to Mr. Weir. He is frail - both emotionally and intellectually. Having barely managed to win third place in the final, he was predicting that he will beat Mr. Lysacek (who won the competition) at the U.S. Nationals - in other words he expects (or says he does) to defeat the reigning World Champion and the reigning Grand Prix champion in just 8 weeks' time. Mr. Weir, it's called Mens skating - you are a boy and an immature one at that. You are so busy taking yourself oh-so seriously and paying assiduous attention to your sequins and feathers and other fripperies that you cannot even begin to realize that Evan Lysacek is a MAN and a powerful one at that on the ice. Don't kid yourself. You aren't up to defeating either Evan Lysacek or Yvgeni Plushenko in a direct competition which is what the Olympics will be. So quit running your mouth. You've finally managed to skate two relatively clean programs for the first time in 18 months and now you think you're ready to defeat the world? Talk about hubris! And get a haircut instead of going out on the ice with that scrambled and untidy mop on top of your head!

I must give a kudo to the ice dancers and the other women skaters who had clean skate laces and roots that matched their ends this time! It's about time that they started showing respect for themselves as world class athletes and for their sport and the occasion!

Friday, December 04, 2009


The matter of the Salahis insinuating themselves onto the White House grounds for the State Dinner being given by President and Mrs. Obama for the Prime Minister of India continues to exercise Congress - as it should. I don't like our current White House occupant but I for damned sure don't want anything untoward to happen to him either! Nor do I want his wife and daughters to be endangered in any way by the bad behavior or carelessness of others. Despite the Salahis breezy assertion that they've already talked to the Secret Service, the brass balls required to tell the U.S. Congress to go take a hike is exactly the same kind of brass balls needed to crash a White House State Dinner.

The latest fusillade of childish rhetoric has been (naturally) participated in by Robert Gibbs, the unbearably smug little twerp who is serving as White House Press Secretary and April Ryan of American Urban Radio, in which Gibbs essentially compared Ryan to a petulant child. Ryan said that Desiree Rogers had overstepped the traditional role of her title at the event to become the "belle of the ball," thus "overshadowing the first lady." Frustrated by Ryan's tabloid-y line of questioning, Gibbs instructed her to "calm down" and to take a deep breath," adding "I do this with my son and that's what happens." The smarmy and offensively condescending Gibbs is displaying none of the tact and patience exhibited by predecessors - although it must be said that the White House Press Corps is an unruly bunch, seldom amenable to being kept "on message" much as the White House would like them to do so.

It is my belief that the Obama White House, like the Clinton White House, is staffed with childish and immature people who see only their own self-aggrandizement and have no thought for their responsibilities to the president, his family and the nation that pays their salaries! It is my further belief that Robert Gibbs is a horse's patoot! In spades!

In view of the Flight 297 situation several weeks ago, would you be willing to board an airplane that was also being boarded by a bunch of men who look like they've hit the white sale at Macy's?

Personally I would rather WALK than get on the same plane with these bozos - even one bozo - and I don't walk all that well.

What's your opinion?

There are pairs skaters - and then there is Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao! This married couple has come back after being off the competitive circuit for nearly 3 years and they haven't missed a beat. They are the gold standard when it comes to pairs skating and in the short program at the Grand Prix Final in Japan - they set a new record for a pairs short program! They were so incredibly good and skated with such evident joy that I was moved to tears!

If you get a chance to watch any figure skating over the next few days - try to get a glimpse of these two luminous and brilliant skaters from China. I am betting on them to win Gold in Vancouver!

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Thanks to our out-of-control lunatics in Congress, led by Madame Pelosi and Harry "The Cadaver" Reid and encouraged and abetted by Captain Czero the current occupant of the White House - our one nation, under God is in serious trouble.

So what do we do?

First, we must inundate our elected representatives (who think they are the bosses of us) with letters reminding them that 33% of the Senate and ALL of the House is up for re-election in 2010 and that they will not receive our votes should they pass into law that egregiously flawed health care reform bill currently under consideration, or should they romp further down the road to socialism - a philosophy on which this country was not founded. We need to take back OUR government and carefully think out the transformative measures required to return us to our proper philosophical pathway, completely respecting of the U.S. Constitution which the current powers that be are treating as a set of suggestions rather than settled governing law.

Second, we need to resist in every way we can, the federal incursions onto our liberty. Don't let those bozos abrogate our rights under the 1st or 2nd Amendments. Give only the most basic of information to those intrusive census takers or - better yet - just don't ever be "at home" when they come around. Continue the Tea Parties up to and including 7/4/2010. Don't stop reminding these dimwitted ignoramuses (?) that WE the people don't like what they're doing one little bit. Contribute money to the candidate seeking to defeat Harry Reid. Send money to San Fran Nan's opponent. Continue to believe, as I do, that nobody is absolutely ENTRENCHED.

There is hope, there is a remedy - if only we believe in ourselves, our nation and our fellow citizens.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I was under the impression that our president was an electrifying speaker. So why did his address to the nation vis-a-vis Afghanistan succeed primarily in putting the cadet corps into a coma?

I watched part of the speech and it had the same effect on me. But then again, I'm 67 years old and afflicted with sleep apnea!

What I got from his speech is that (a) it's all President Bush's fault, (b) he's only going to give General McChrystal (President Obama's handpicked general) 75% of what he requested in terms of additional troops, (c) it's all President Bush's fault, and (d) we have a definite withdrawal date (in much the same way that we had a definite close-down date for Gitmo).

My assessment of last night's speech? Blah-blah-blah! Nothing new here; more along!

Maggots and slime and all manner of nasty pests can be found in the woodwork - particularly in the case of the Tiger Woods saga. Suddenly this intensely private man is having his personal business bruited all about the Internet and people who should know better are speculating on what happened over Thanksgiving weekend, even though the Florida State Police have already closed the case.

Here's the deal - I absolutely do not believe in unfaithfulness within a marriage. I think you take vows and that's that! You live up to those vows. Period. However, it is not my place to tell Tiger Woods how to live his life and I sure as hell don't need to have any respect for those cretinous bimbos who are suddenly stepping forward claiming to have had a "relationship" (Gadzooks I am starting to hate that word!) with the finest golfer of his generation. Maybe all they did was say "hello" to him at a business function or maybe they did do the horizontal mambo with Mr. Woods. I don't know and frankly, I don't CARE!

Sit down, go away and shut the hell up you self-promoting clowns! It should purely be a matter between Mr. Woods and his WIFE. Nobody else. Let them work out their marital situation as best they can for the sake of their two little children.

My guess is "no", given the nonsense that pours out of his ignorant piehole! The latest (And could MSNBC sink any lower?) from the mouth of Matthews, when he referred to West Point as an "enemy camp" and wondered why the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the U.S. military would go to such a place to make a speech.

Have the tingles up this tool's legs finally rendered him incapable of coherent thought? The fact that he is free to spout such foolishness is the result of the vigilance of our military who protect not only those of us who value and love our country but also idiots like Matthews who possess the IQ of a kumquat!

When, oh when, dear Lord will we be delivered from this moronic twit and his deeply stupid commentary? My sister's pit bull Zeus makes more sense! And is a great deal more likable.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


So apparently a pair of socialite wannabes managed to either crash the State Dinner last Tuesday (a rude act at the very least, possibly an actionable national security breach at the other end of the scale) or show up without an invitation in hand or anywhere in evidence. Trust me, if they had an invite, they'd have shown it by now. The President is - reportedly - absolutely furious and he has every right to be. It's seldom that I agree with President Obama but on this score he is absolutely correct to be angry. Michelle Obama is also absolutely within her right to be steaming angry as well. Her family's security and safety were at risk when a combination of stupid mistakes by various people allowed these fame whores to crash a State Dinner in honor of the president of India! Michaele and Tareq Salahi reportedly wished to be included in Bravo's "Real Housewives of D.C." program and were using this as their entree. Dear merciful heavens, have we now completely blurred the line between reality TV and reality? Whatever their motivation, their "crashing" of the State Dinner was rude, unconscionable and downright dangerous!

Tiger Woods crashed his Escalade just outside his home in Florida. I think he's being somewhat foolish in not talking to the authorities about what happened. I also think it is none of anyone's business what happened if no crime was involved. It was an accident. He was injured. That's the end of it. Let's not use this accident as an opportunity to smear one of the truly great athletes AND gentlemen of this decade with unfounded and scurrilous rumors. It's just not right.

We are too much up in other people's business these days. We need to step back, take a deep breath and mind our own more thoroughly instead of being sanctimonious inquisitors of people we don't even know. I don't give a rat's eardrum if Brad and Angelina have differing political views. I don't CARE if Jennifer Anniston is getting laid. I don't have the slightest desire to hear about what Jon and Kate Gosselin (a pair of despicable creatures both) are up to except that I hope someone is looking out for the welfare of those 8 chidlren. I don't really care one way or the other if the President is having sex with his own wife. It isn't any of MY BUSINESS. The only reason that Bill Clinton's liaison with a slightly overweight yenta the same age as his daughter was that he freaking LIED ABOUT IT TO A FEDERAL GRAND JURY. That's a whole different thing. Tiger Woods doesn't owe me an explanation, even if he was having a domestic with his wife! As long as he's okay and nobody else got injured - the hell with it.

We're a nation of people who whisper in corners - and it's demeaning to us all as a culture. Five days off work gave me time to really think about it.

(And the fact that my eyesight was unaffected by the April 2009 stroke I suffered was the best news I could have gotten from my lengthy visit to the eye doctor yesterday - seriously, 3 HOURS?)