Friday, February 25, 2011


If I lived in a District allegedly represented by these 14 clowns, I would be working on a recall petition. They are AWOL from their responsibilities and shirking the duties imposed by their oaths of office. Even more to the point, one of them, Sen. Lassa is 6 months pregnant and has a husband and two little kids at home! How irresponsible can one woman be?
Tim Carpenter.jpg
Tim Carpenter, 3rd Senate District.
Spencer Coggs.jpg
Spencer Coggs, 6th Senate District
Timothy Cullen.jpg
Timothy Cullen, 15th Senate District
Jon Erpenbach.jpg
Jon Erpenbach, 27th Senate District
Dave Hansen.jpg
Dave Hansen, 30th Senate District
Jim Holperin.jpg
Jim Holperin, 12th Senate District
Robert Jauch.jpg
Robert Jauch, 25th Senate District

Chris Larson.jpg
Chris Larson, 7th Senate District
Julie Lassa.jpg
Julie Lassa, 24th Senate District
Mark Miller.jpg
Mark Miller, 16th Senate District
Fred Risser.jpg
Fred Risser, 26th Senate District
Lena Taylor.jpg
Lena Taylor, 4th Senate District
Kathleen Vinehout.jpg
Kathleen Vinehout, 31st Senate District
Robert Wirch.jpg
Robert Wirch, 22nd Senate District

If they are unwilling to do the job they were elected to do, then they should be fired by the people who elected them! What they are doing is frivolous, feckless and farcical!


From the Associated Press:
Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly took the first significant action on their plan to strip collective bargaining rights from most public workers, abruptly passing the measure early Friday morning before sleep-deprived Democrats realized what was happening.
Golly gee whiz, wonder where they learned THAT tactic? Couldn't be the antics of Pelosi and Reid et al. in jamming through the Obamacare legislation, could it? Sucks to have your own game plan used against you, doesn't it? And let's talk about civility, shall we? I suppose you consider it civil behavior for a big thuggish middle-aged man to whack a young woman in the face with a placard? I'm pretty sure Emily Post never covered this kind of foul behavior but if she had, don't think she'd have been in favor of it. I'm just saying!

I'm referring to the magnificent Anchoress whose post today says everything I've been wanting to articulate in a way that I couldn't achieve. She is truly a spectacular writer and, I suspect, an equally fantastic human being. She is a daily must read for me and I hope you have discovered her as well. She has made me think, she has made me smile, she has made me cry with her sorrows and smile at her triumphs and considering that we have never met - she is a beloved member of my nutty Hungarian family, despite the fact that she is Irish!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Driving from Fredericksburg to D.C. this morning we encountered some seriously bad traffic. Perhaps it wasn't the worst we've ever tolerated (barely) but it was up in the top 10. Which gave me a chance to reflect on the various vehicles on the road around me. And the one car that I saw that I consider an absolute tragedy waiting to happen is the so-called Smart Car.

First of all, it's ugly - a box on roller skates.

Second, it's dangerous. There is no engine compartment to protect the drive and no back seat or trunk to protect the passenger compartment either.

Third, it is driven by hubris ridden, self-righteous twits who are enormously self-congratulatory about their ecologically sound purchase and quite willing to endanger their own lives and the lives of others to celebrate their stupid purchase!

Fourth, why would anyone sane drive a vehicle that costs $11,990 to $16,990 that has no ability to transport more than 2 people and maybe, maybe 2 bags of groceries!? I mean really. Talk about LESS bang for your buck?

Drive a Smart Car? I don't think so.

Once again another straw poll has shown that Republican voters are willing to consider Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate in 2012, side-by-side with Huckabee and the luminescent Sarah Palin!

Shall we get real folks? Mitt Romney is a non-starter in the eyes of anyone who has ever seriously read a newspaper, even one as feckless and unreliable as the New York "Slimes". This is the man who was governor of Massachusetts and signed into law the precurser to Obamacare for goodness sakes. This is also the candidate Zippy Obama would most like to run against! Romney has the personality of a dead carp! Mike Huckabee is probably a perfectly nice man but he doesn't exude the mental capacity and agility to mount a successful campaign against the well-funded Obama machine. Sarah Palin is likely the only one of those three so-called "front runners" who has a chance in hell and then only if she has a really good running mate. Herman Cain and Col. Allen West both come to mind!

As the Middle East continues to implode it becomes more and more important that we find a cure for our national ailment - Barack Hussein Obama, his hypocritical spouse, and his dumber-than-dirt Vice President, along with the entire Cabinet, particularly Eric Holder - probably the absolute WORST Attorney General in U.S. history!

The President tells Eric Holder that he doesn't need to defend a law passed by both houses of the U.S. Congress? What kind of shit is that!

Monday, February 21, 2011


My dear friend Sandy, whose breast cancer has been in remission for some little while, sent this email over the weekend:
The good news is that I have now lost 80 pounds !!!!! YEAH!!!!!! The bad news is Cancer has returned and is in my left breast this time. I have had the biopsies done at OHSU and will go there on Wednesday for an MRI and a PET Scan on Wednesday and then a consult with the doctor on Thursday to create the plan. The ugly would be if it has traveled farther than my left breast and lymph nodes. I believe in the power of prayer and I am using it every day. I know God knows the plan, and I will be strong enough emotionally to handle whatever it is.
Have a great Sunday. The sun is Shining and it is a beautiful day.
Love, Sandy

Stiff upper lip is definitely her style. Needing prayers for her is mine. She's a good lady and a retired teacher who has never done a bad thing to anyone, ever. Please pray for her return to health.

Thank you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


The Tea Party movement has had it right all along but haven't gone far enough IMHO. The overreach of the Federal government has become so extreme and so thoroughly supported by judicial fiat as to become somewhat crippling to the liberties we are supposed to be enjoying in this nation.

If, as is becoming evident, states are moving to limit the powers of public sector unions to cripple the economies of various states (California and Wisconsin come to mind), then those states and their citizens must assert their right to do business as they see fit and make it abundantly clear to the Federal bozos that they need to back off and stay out of purely local matters.

This needs to happen sooner rather than later and that may, in the end, become the biggest revolution in this nation since 1776!

Isn't it about time this useless creature stopped self-promoting and started doing something worthwhile with her self-indulgent and dimwitted self? I will grant you that her limited brainpower would be a bit of a stumbling block but damn - you are 30 you ignorant blonde bimbo!

While we're on the subject, am I the only person in America who is bored beyond belief with the entire famewhoring Kardashian crowd? This from the Hollywood Reporter's profile of Kris Jenner:

The new issue of The Hollywood Reporter goes in depth with Kardashian mom and manager Kris Jenner about the inventive — and controversial — ways she's monetized reality fame for her family since their arrival on E! in 2007.

Last year, THR reveals, the tightknit family made more money than what Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, and Tom Cruise are estimated to have earned combined: a staggering $65 million (a source close to the family confirms the figure).

So she is pimping out her daughters for money - lots of it - and the only difference between her and the guy in the ermine fedora on Sunset Boulevard is that they made $65 million last year and he probably made $65,000!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Here's a performance by Paul Wylie that will absolutely blow your socks off. I know it blew mine off!

Paul Wylie was the unrecognized treasure of American figure skating for many years until he shocked everyone by winning a Silver Medal at the 1992 Olympics! He an intelligent man and, I might add, he has one of the cutest . . .well, you get my drift! And together with Scott Hamilton, Alexei Yagudin and Kurt Browning he has the greatest feet in the figure skating world! To this day. Just watch those and you'll be astounded.

Anyway, enjoy! At least I won't be ranting about his dark roots or dirty skates, eh?

Just watch this - and in particular watch Mika's face! This was on the doofus network of all things! I think I'm slightly in love! A Harvard professor I can respect. An historian who gets it!

I am the first one to say that I fall in love easily. Often the objects of my affection let me down in one way or another (Newt Gingrich comes to mind; he's starting to redeem himself but has a long way to go). I don't think that Herman Cain is one of those short-term situations. Listen to his speech from CPAC and you'll see what I mean. He is the sexiest kind of man - brilliant, capable of critical thinking, strong and that VOICE is a magnificent instrument! The Tea Party and the right-leaning wing of the Republican Party is starting to produce some very viable and attractive possible candidates to carry us through the next couple of decades at least!

God loves America, that's evident. And due to the arrival of the likes of Chris Christie, Herman Cain, Col. Allen West, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, it's becoming evident that God loves the Republican Party as well!

Okay, that last was hubris of a sort, but I'm feeling inspired today!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Already Republicans are hearing advice from the cognoscenti and the mandarins of the New York Times - a newspaper so irrelevant that it's even ticking off its own liberal base (when the NYT has ticked off Whoopi Goldberg you know they're in trouble!) - as to the proper candidates to oppose their beloved darling, the current sitting (if not legitimate) president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

The left-leaning liberal establishment very much supports the likes of Mitt Romney - who always looks to me as though he's trying to destroy the ozone layer with excess hair spray, is burdened with the stiffest most turgid body language and comes to you courtesy of the Massachusetts health care law debacle, wearing it as if it were a leper's bell around his neck.

What Republicans need to get through their thick skulls is that any Republican recommended by the NYT is a candidate to be run from at a velocity surpassing that of sound or light!

I'm looking at possibilities. I'm seeing (contrary to the b.s. being promulgated by the NYT writers) a wealth of possibilities. There's of course my #1 choice, Sarah Heath Palin with a running mate of say Rep. Allen West. That ticket has so much to recommend it that I don't even know where to begin. What conservatives and Republicans must not do is fight amongst themselves in any prolonged and destructive war, nor should they even begin to consider the losers of past primary battles, nor should we consider "conventional wisdom" which is neither wise nor conventional. We need to think outside the box and we need to mount our campaign using strong, principled, intelligent and forward thinking.

Our nation is now and will continue to be under attack from within (the liberal left wingnut faction of the Democratic Party - which, while not especially large is particularly noisy) and from without - the Islamofascist cretins! We need serious and strong leadership that possesses a spine, a heart and a intelligent courage. We don't have it now, we need to get our hands on some ASAP!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Has there ever been a more embarrassing Vice President of the United States? The answer is yes - Albert Gore, Jr. was more embarrassing but Bill Clinton's antics tended to overshadow the lunacy being spouted by Tipper's soon-to-be-ex-spouse!

Now that V.P. Biden is pushing high speed rail transportation for the nation, to the tune of $58 billion (apparently the message of November 2010 hasn't penetrated yet - STOP THE FREAKING SPENDING) he has finally seemed to find his agenda. Too bad it took him so long to come up with such a clunker!

As someone who is potentially dependent on rail transit to go to and from work daily, let me be clear about this Mr. Vice President - HELL TO THE NO!

The rail transit is dependent on sharing the tracks into D.C. and home again with CSX who are also responsible for maintaining those tracks. I rest my case against CSX with one sentence - two derailments in a period of 6 months! All rail traffic halted for 3 days.

When they aren't derailing their silly selves, they are interfering in myriad ways with the on time performance of VRE (who aren't innocent bystanders by any means since maintaining the equipment is their responsibility and they do a piss poor job of it) with signal problems and the like. Then there's Keolis who are the new operators of the VRE system. They are new to the franchise and seem to be trying their best, but the elderly equipment and infrastructure is limiting their ability to promise and deliver on time performance.

The net result of all of this is that I make a 51 mile drive every morning and every evening to insure that I get to work on time. I leave my home at 6:55 a.m. and generally return home about 7:30 p.m.

So no, Mr. Vice President. You've coughed up a dumb idea in the extreme. And with only 2 years left to inflict stuff on us, you and your #1 - The Lightbringer - need to stand down, shut up and quit tinkering!

Technically, the President didn't lie to Bill O'Reilly when he was interviewed by him on Super Bowl Sunday.

Seeking to burnish his centrist credentials, President Obama told Fox News' Bill O'Reilly Sunday that he "didn't raise taxes once."

He ACTUALLY raised taxes more than 2 dozen times, starting with a whopping raise in the excise tax on cigarettes that added 62 cents per pack to an already overly taxed product!

But then parsing their words is what lawyers do. I should know, I work for them and have for two decades!

It looks like Lindsay Lohan is heading to jail again and this time, for a serious incarceration! Apparently she is being shown in no uncertain terms that she cannot help herself to anything she wants! The L.A. prosecutor is planning on arresting the troubled actress on grand theft (necklace) charges some time today!

Her parents have truly screwed up this young woman. One can only hope that the other two kids have somehow escaped the toxicity of being raised by two crazy, famewhoring parents!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Yes, overall it has been a winning franchise, but realistically, Green Bay hasn't had the Lombardi Trophy "home" in many years. And they played with heart, skill and courage. And while I'm normally a Steelers fan, I cannot support a team that continues to employ and protect a pig like Roethlisberger. I'm sorry to use a man's personal failings as a guide to my loyalty but in this case, I suspect that there's more to his lack of character than what is just visible on the surface.

In any event, the brilliant play of the Packers and the sub-par play of Pittsburgh decided the game.

Friday, February 04, 2011


I freely confess to being particularly critical of Johnny Weir over the years for what I perceived as his flakiness and lack of focus. I have, however, just finished reading his new book and I think I have a newfound appreciation of his enormous talent and the struggles he has endured (and yes, some of the flakiness as well). I started to appreciate the sweetness of his personality when he was a judge on "Skating with the Stars" and I was impressed by how genuinely nice he tried to be.

However, I must say that young Mr. Weir is instantly redeemed when I revisit this program on YouTube. The young man (and he is still quite young) has more raw talent in his little finger than 98% of the male skaters in this world.

Thursday, February 03, 2011


So let me get this straight . . . Charlie Sheen goes on yet another cocaine-fueled rampage, accompanied by five porn stars and he is being permitted to participate in a rehab program that is taking place in his own home – for privacy reasons? Is there nobody in Charlie Sheen’s life that is willing to tell him “No”! And lock him up long enough to save his life? This man is doing everything in his power to kill himself and people are not really making a sincere effort to stop him, but rather to get him minimally functional again so that he can continue to make money for CBS? Or will they collect their insurance monies when Mr. Sheen’s heart explodes from an overdose of cocaine?

I used to live in Los Angeles. And yes, the town is as cynical and souless as one would expect. Charlie Sheen is a talented man and a pathetic human being. Anyone care to make bets on how much longer he will live at the rate he is going? I give him 9 months at the outside!


I watched the U.S. Figure Skating championships which took place in North Carolina. I don't know if it was the beautiful scenery of North Carolina, the inate courtesy of the North Carolinians, or the fact that it is the first post-Olympic year, but honestly, the entire event was beautifully conducted. And the results turned out to be unexpected in many categories.

First, the Ladies' event was totally delightful. The enchanting Alissa Czisny recaptured her U.S. Championship, last won in 2009. Last year's champion, Rachel Flatt placed in the top 3 largely on the strength of a passionately skated short program that wowed me, the audience AND the judges, and Mirai Nagasu did her usual and blew her lead from the short program. But the main thing was, it wasn't a stumble fest the way it was last year. Everyone skated clean with very few exceptions.

Ryan Bradley, one of my favorite skaters, captured his first Men's Championship and two complete unknowns shared the podium with him. The tediously boring Jeremy Abbott placed 4th and good riddance. Sorry but I just don't "get" Abbott. Bradley is fun and technically brilliant and did I mention, he's fun!?

Ice dancing offered no surprises - Meryl Davis and Charlie White took their 3rd title in a row and they earned it by skating brilliantly. However, they are now being pushed by their training mates the extraordinary Shibutanis. This brother and sister team are the future of American ice dancing and based on what I saw in both the short and long programs, it's a rosy future indeed! And unlike some of the competitors in this discipline, their skates were clean and their laces immaculate! I find the dirty skates, dark roots and dirty skate laces particularly offensive when you consider that this was the Russian gold standard not all that long ago!

Pairs skating boasts a new championship pair. Coughlin and Jankowskas are excellent technically and emotionally. But baby girl, scale back a little on the false eyelashes! You look like you cannot see!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Lots and lots of promises about transparency have been made by Scooter, the current occupant of the White House but the reality is:

The White House drew criticism Wednesday as President Obama privately signed into law a new arms control agreement with Russia with reporters barred from the historic event.

Still photographers were the only members of the press allowed in as Mr. Obama signed the treaty known as the New START, one of his top foreign policy priorities, alongside several top government officials, including Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sens. John Kerry and Richard G. Lugar.

The administration’s decision to limit press access to the treaty signing comes after Mr. Obama and his deputies devoted considerable time late last year to a very public push for its ratification by the Senate.

It also comes as Mr. Obama implores the government of embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to respect the basic rights of the nation’s citizens, including the freedom of information and of the press.

The White House Correspondents Association blasted the move in a pointed letter to press secretary Robert Gibbs, pointing out that the “START treaty was held up as one of the president’s most important foreign-policy priorities for almost a year.”

The WHCA also hit Mr. Obama‘s press operation for failing to provide journalists with a “substantive update” as events in Egypt unfolded Tuesday prior to Mr. Obama‘s evening remarks.

Now for two straight days the full press pool is being shut out of events that have typically been open and provided opportunities try to ask the president a question,” according to the board’s protest.

The White House does not always hold a public ceremony when Mr. Obama signs bills into law, but it usually does on key pieces of legislation . Even in the absence of a public signing, the administration often opens up the event to a small group of pool reporters representing the larger press corps.

Mr. Obama - you are conducting the business of "We the People" and if your actions are either enhancing or diminishing the safety of "We the People", we need to be privy to the contents of any treaty or bill signed by you. So no, no private signings. And incidentally, 72 hours online before a bill is presented to either the House or Senate for considersation!


What deity made Joan Rivers some kind of fashion arbiter? Did she study design? Is her personal apparel fashionable enough?

Who put Bill Maher in charge of deciding the way I'm supposed to think about various political questions? What is his education and background that he feels empowered to blather on relentlessly about whateverinhell wanders through his pointy little head!

How much longer will our Mother Earth continue to exist? As I see it, there are a few countries with (they think) a vested interest in our destruction. And isn't it funny, almost without exception, they are swarthy, women-fearing Middle Eastern types? I can list a number of countries around the world where sanity isn't a feature of national dialogue in any respect.

According to reports, Anderson Cooper and his CNN crew were repeatedly punched in the face whilst wading into the throes of a demonstration in Cairo yesterday. I submit that if Anderson Cooper had actually engaged his brain cells for oh, I don't know, 20 seconds - he would have realized this was a situation where discretion should be employed. Hey, on the relatively secure and safe streets of N.Y. City, should I happen to run into Anderson Cooper, I'd be hard pressed to refrain from punching him in his smarmy little face!

Bill O'Reilly still pisses me off; Glenn Beck's paranoia is a bit off-putting.