Friday, March 25, 2011


and plan to walk around sightseeing, here's a simple tip - OBEY the walk/don't walk signs and be sure not to wander out into the street when the light is against you! It's a recipe for vehicle-assisted suicide!

The worst drivers in the world are in D.C. Forget the fact that there are numerous cars with diplomatic license plates (which essentially means they can run over your sorry ass with impunity), the city is supposed to be bicycle friendly which only means that people on bikes are incredibly arrogant and dismissive of the rules of the road, plus there are a lot of very weary people who commute unconscionably lengthy distances to come to work here who may just have slight moments of inattention. Add to the mix the plethora of independently owned taxicabs in the City (they are actually the most courteous component of driving in D.C.) and you have a recipe for peril.

I have never seen a city with so many heedless and careless pedestrians. This problem is most acute in areas dominated by government buildings (and government employees). They appear to believe they are somehow immune from normal safety concerns.

So bear this in mind - don't disregard safety laws when you come to the District for any reason. It's a dangerous place to be!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Otherwise known as Vice President Joe "Plugs" Biden and his erstwhile "boss" Barack Hussein Obama.

First example on Wednesday. That was when a few early arriving members of the Toronto Blue Jays weren't permitted to disembark from their team bus and go into their own clubhouse at Steinbrenner Field because the Secret Service was using it as a route to get Joe Biden onto the field for a meet-and-greet with members of the New York Yankees. Mind you, there was a game scheduled and the Blue Jays needed to get ready to go to work (Work - you know that activity that Vice Presidents really don't participate in?). But the Vice President had taken a notion that he wanted to hang out with the big boys at Steinbrenner Field so who gave a damn about the convenience or comfort of the Toronto Blue Jays who were left sitting on their bus - not even parked - circling the facility until they could be permitted into their OWN clubhouse!

Second example - on any given day of the week when himself is in town and not on another of his never-ending vacation trips or playing golf, the President of the United States, usually during rush hour, likes to go swanning around town in his motorcade. It doesn't matter to this oblivious and selfish child that hard working folks are trying to get out of town and go home after a long day at work, generally a day that starts with a lengthy commute (and not via limo).

It occurs to me that the Democrats like to paint themselves as the party of the little guy - when in reality, they are the fat cats, endlessly self-indulgent and completely ignorant of the lives and needs of the people they are SUPPOSED to represent.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Bill Maher's latest insult to Sarah Palin finally, finally, brought down chastisement from NOW! Finally, call her a T**T and they don't like it. I wondered what it would take and how long it would take for the National Organization for Women to actually show concern for ALL women, not just the women with whom they agree!

Bill Maher is, by his own admission a confirmed bachelor. At least one of the women with whom he was involved claimed he behaved badly toward her. Really? And you are surprised by that? The man is a misogynist and a punk who was clearly raised by wolves. And I'm hesitant to insult the wolves that way!

I suspect that, beyond hating women (which is evident in the fact that he could use the kinds of terminology he does toward ANY woman), Mr. Maher clearly hates himself. He has no real talent and his humor is far from humorous. Maher - I think it's time for you to do a little soul searching (yes, you DO have one) and start examining your treatment of your fellow humans. The kinds of comments that you make about your fellow man/woman tells us a great deal about you that you might want to consider!

Meanwhile, you are a dumb son-of-a-bitch and a nasty, humorless one at that.


A few months after the death of Mike Todd, I happened to be on a flight to New York and who should come aboard but Elizabeth Taylor with her entourage, still in mourning but likewise spectacularly gorgeous. She was an absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful presence on the flight and those eyes were beyond anything I have ever seen!

My late mother was fond of telling me that character lasted long after looks. But Elizabeth Taylor's looks were nearly indelible. The bone structure was phenomenal and quite honestly, I have always found it difficult to forgive Joan Rivers for her many cheap shot jokes at Ms. Taylor's expense.

Elizabeth Taylor has always been there throughout my lifetime and, like everyone, I was absolutely fascinated by the Taylor-Burton relationship and the tempestuous marriage between the two talented stars. I know that, like the rest of the world, she mourned the not-unexpected early demise of Richard Burton who was, along with Mike Todd, the love of her life.

Now she has departed this life - perhaps to find a better, more pain free plane of existence. We will miss her and mourn her passing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Once upon a time, Dennis John Kucinich was the boy-wonder of Cleveland politics. Then he was revealed to be a complete failure as mayor of Cleveland, and one of the worst. And let me tell you, he defeated some pretty sorry competitors for that title!

Now, for whatever reason (probably to keep him out of town), he is consistently re-elected to the House of Representatives where he constantly embarrasses himself and the citizens of his District, as well as those of us who are FROM Cleveland but don't live there any more!

Dennis has rarely, if ever, had an unexpressed thought. That's problem #1. That he is so damned leftwing that even the Leftwing of the Democratic Party finds him extreme is problem #2. Yes, as a nation, we are entitled to free speech. But Dennis carries it too far, given the witless nature of his locutions. This is the man, you'll remember, who ran for the presidency in order to meet a potential spouse! Peculiar little man, he is!

Remember Dennis, it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it.

His latest is to opine that President Obama, not normally a personage I would or could defend, has committed an impeachable offense by joining a coalition of nations in establishing the "no fly" zone over Libya. But he further opines that it probably isn't a good idea to charge the president. Dennis - what planet do you visit from time to time? Have you never heard of the War Powers Act? President Obama has 90 days to do what is efficacious to keep that other nutjob Qaddafi, too busy to promote terrorism in the Western world or go chasing after weapons of mass destruction! For once our president has displayed a modicum of testosterone and you're encouraging him to act like Prissy the house servant in "Gone with the Wind"?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


New York Times to start charging for website

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Times says it will start charging for access to its website and for the use of smart phone and tablet applications later this month in the U.S.

Beginning March 28, prices start at $15 for four weeks of full access to the website and the smart phone app.

Subscribers to the printed edition will keep free access to the website and apps. Others will be able to view 20 articles a month for free on the website and see the "Top News" section in the apps.

Newspapers are trying to increase digital revenue as online ad revenue, while growing, hasn't fully offset the declines in print.

A similar system will go into effect on Thursday in Canada, which will serve as a testing ground.


What part of incompetent blithering idiots do you not understand? Japan needs to hear from a strong and reassuring President of the United States, Libya needs to be dealt with, likewise all the other nations going up in flames in the Middle East, drilling for oil, both offshore and in ANWAR needs to commence sooner rather than later, and our President is filling out his NCAA brackets and playing golf!

Actually, given what happens when he does mosey into action, maybe the country is better off that he is playing golf!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Although try telling that to the MSM which is in full hyperbolic overdrive vis-a-vis the Japanese nuclear reactor problems.

According to a nuclear power plant expert on Fox and Friends this morning, the reality is that yesterday's incident was a steam release which was, of course, troubling but in the main not long-term dangerous. The various nuclear power reactors are damaged, no question, BUT they are encased in stainless steel containment buildings that appear to be undamaged in the main.

But of course, behaving in a rational manner about the possibility of nuclear contamination from nuclear power plants would not serve the left-wing's longtime opposition to nuclear energy that is based on their fear of what? Not living to be 200 years old? Big news flash - it isn't going to happen regardless. All your jogging and health foods and nonsense and behaving like smug, self-righteous boors will avail you maybe an extra year or two (while listening to your whining tends to make me feel that I've been here long enough). Are you so special that we need you around that long? Hell to the no! You're annoying and self-absorbed and, for the most part, non-contributing members of society in any real sense. I mean, your feckless leader - the magnificent Barry - is absorbed in all kinds of important activities like playing golf and filling out his Brackets. Why does a mental picture of Nero fiddling come to my mind?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Showing predictable class, the International Figure Skating Union has postponed (possibly canceled) the World Figure Skating Championships, which were scheduled to begin next Monday in Tokyo.

As far as can be determined, the Japanese figure skating team is in good health and training elsewhwere and one would hope that eventually the postponed competition will take place.

God bless everyone who is showing such grace and class during this difficult time for Japan. And again, God bless each and every citizen of Japan. They are in our prayers.

I lived in the shakey state of California for some 20 years. Earthquakes are unpredictable and destructive, as well as harmful to your mental health. That might be the explanation (in part) for Charlie Sheen, but I really couldn't say for sure!

My point is that living with that kind of uncertainty and danger 24/7 is detrimental to a human psyche and yet the Japanese people, in the main, are the most balanced and hardest working people one can imagine. They produce some incredibly good figure skaters as well!

What these people are enduring is appalling. Somehow I doubt that many Americans would fare as well as the average Japanese citizen under similar circumstances. I know I'd be hard pressed to do so. Unlike the union thugs in Wisconsin, there's no whining, no sense of entitlement. There's just an attitude of "get on with it" abounding throughout the nation of Japan. They have my admiration and they should have all the support we can give.

Ordinary Americans are the most generous and charitable people on earth. However, what the Japanese need the most is something that is cost-free and without price. Pray for them. Pray that the aftershocks will abate sufficiently to permit measures to stabilize the nuclear power plants. Pray that the predicted death toll is erroneous! Pray that God takes these heroic people in the palm of his hand where love and safety abide.

God bless them, all of them.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


During the time that "Skating with the Stars" was airing, I was dismissive and critical of Bethenney Frankel. She appeared to pose a threat to my beloved Rebecca Budig and I truly didn't think she was as good.

Over the weekend, I happened to start watching her reality show "Bethenney Getting Married?" which was about as enjoyable as anything I've seen in awhile - touching and funny and thought-provoking. It also gave me a very clear opinion of Ms. Frankel and utterly changed my mind about the woman. She is damaged, emotionally fragile, strong of character and purpose and a very funny woman. I think I'd like her for a friend and I don't accept that easily.

So Ms. Frankel, I'm sorry for misjudging you and hope that you, your husband and your adorable daughter Bryn have a long and happy life.

Thursday, March 03, 2011


The usual self-congratulatory, arrogant and smug nonsense prevailed on Sunday night with a few bright spots. And of course, some loons had to inject politics into an area where politics were, most assuredly, out of place but that's the nature of the air-head beast, after all!

I don't give a rat's eardrum for the critiques of James Franco and Anne Hathaway as co-hosts. I thought they were a perfect counterpoint to each other. She was light and frothy, he was a tad dour and laconic. And I very much suspect that the producer of the show, Bruce Cohen, planned it that way. Mr. Cohen is brilliant and talented and it would be most remarkable if he did anything by accident!

The acceptance speech by the screenwriter of "The King's Speech" was delightful and gave hope to us old farts who suspect they haven't fulfilled our potential as yet! Hey, I'm only 68. I still have time!

Kirk Douglas proved that despite the nasty assault of time and illness, he still has "it" which includes timing and humor!

I think the glossing over of the Hersholt Awards was deplorable and the In Memoriam segment should not have been shortened to conform to the length of the song "Smile" - Celine wouldn't have objected to an additional chorus under those circumstances.

But those minor snits aside, it was the best show in years and closing with PS 22's choir was inspired and inspiring, as well as emotionally satisfying.

So the self-appointed "smart people" who no doubt feel that unless they disparage something that was actually enjoyable to watch for a change can just continue to run their stupid mouths but none of us need to heed their stupid opinions! That's what I think and I don't really give a damn if others don't agree. I am, after all, closing in on the age of 69 and every day I care less about the opinions of others!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Sirhan Sirhan is up for parole for the first time in 9 years and one of his "other" victims says he has no problem with Sirhan receiving parole.

I have a BIG problem with letting this p.o.s. loser loose on American streets. This was, in my mind, the first openly Islamic terrorist attack in this country. And, lest we forget, Sirhan successfully murdered another human being - a man who was a candidate for the Presidency, the father of a multitude of children and the brother of an assassinated President.

By all rights, Sirhan Sirhan should be dead but of course the lily-livered punks in the California judiciary outlawed the death penalty and so now a murderer may be set loose to walk the streets of our nation. Oh yes, two psychiatrists say it's okay! Unfreakingbelievable!

And lest people feel that I in some way Islamophobic, damn straight I am. They're trying to destroy Christianity and the American way of life, among other things, and replace it with a 7th century anachronistic cult!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


As much as you love them, as much as you want to help them - addicts of all kinds are a hopeless endeavor. They must hit rock bottom (whatever that may be - it differs from addict to addict) before they are even remotely interested in helping themselves.

Charlie Sheen's current public pronouncements are disturbing and indicate - at least to me - that he is nowhere near rock bottom. It's too bad he is 44 years old. If he were younger, perhaps his father could lock him up as needs to happen.

When, oh when, is someone going to have the courage to tell this out-of-control, delusional adolescent that he hasn't "cured himself" with his mind but rather that he is on the way to total destruction. My fondest wish is that this talented manchild will reach true enlightenment about his poor and ever-diminishing prospects of living long enough to see his twins grow to adulthood, never mind his two beautiful daughters with Denise Richards!

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen just keeps giving interviews. His P.R. person has resigned which is a sign to me that Mr. Sheen is batshit crazy and totally out of control. He is clearly bipolar or schizophrenic and he's also afflicted with diarrhea of the mouth and no impulse control or editing functions!

Continue to pray for him. This is a talented man in deep trouble, helped not one bit by the various media outlets who are lining up to give him a forum for his insane expression of the turmoil that is his mind!