Monday, March 26, 2012


Saw a bunch of ads for Carbonite over the weekend. It occurred to me that someone who supports Barack Hussein Obama so avidly and has the Kool Aid mentality that led to the withdrawal of advertising from the Rush Limbaugh show over the Sandra Fluke nonsense (which has caused the Corporation's stock prices to plummet incidentally) probably is not someone to whom you want to entrust the entire contents of your computer's hard drive for safety!

Just saying.

I mean, isn't it bad enough that the Obama campaign HQ in Chicago has a boatload of people compiling information from everyone's Facebook accounts to use for their own purposes? Do we need to give them everything on a silver platter?

This may be the most corrupt, unconstitutional, inept and dangerous administration in the history of this nation. His tenure in office must be terminated as of 1/20/13 for our country's survival!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


The heart transplant done on Vice President Dick Cheney is being dubbed "controversial" by some - probably leftwing - "haters" while I applaud the procedure because the man is a national treasure whose life is valuable to this nation.

I'm totally sure that poison tongued Joy Behar will have something wholly inappropriate to utter on the subject, not to mention the pinheads on The Talk.

Let's face it, under Obamacare Cheney probably wouldn't be given this life-lengthening surgery but I don't give a rat's eardrum. Bravo, Vice President Cheney. Live long and prosper for the benefit of your grandchildren who will have the joy of knowing a wise, intelligent and very extraordinary human being!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Now that a month has passed and in the fullness of time some actual details are becoming evident, the so-called "open-and-shut" case of a teenager being killed in Florida takes on a slightly less definitive air.

At first it was all "teenager with angel face, in hoodie, in white neighborhood - profiling - boo hoo" coming from the media.

Now it is beginning to emerge that apparently, the Neighborhood Watch captain, Zimmerman, may have been beaten by the teen - which opens up a whole different set of situations that the left-wing will happily ignore as long as they can! Already Jesse Jackson (the biggest racist in this country after our president - think about his hatred of whites, except when he can extract money from them when he has a temporary affection flickering in that coal scuttle of a heart of his. Al Sharpton has had his inciting ass down there. Oh woe is me has been emanating predictably from the mouths of the likes of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg and the ignorant and uninformed ladies on The Talk.

I also notice that the song that has gone viral on YouTube calling for the murder of Rush Limbaugh has completely escaped their attention!

When, oh when, are these pinhead left wingers going to start waiting to rush to judgment before running their flapping jaws? Perhaps never unless we make it clear that it doesn't work anymore and never will again!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


However, I have been saying for many months that whether or not he loses the election, BHO intends to continue his occupation (legal or not) of the White House. If (horror of horrors) he wins the election, then no big deal. Should he lose, we may see the proverbial merde hit the fan!

Friday afternoon, an update to an existing security order was released which in and of itself is no big deal. But it clearly was released at a time when it was expected to pass unnoticed and in a manner that can only be described as stealthy. However, our erstwhile president can no longer count on the mainstream media being totally asleep!

My concern is that between the new Stellar Wave installation in Utah and Mr. Obama's ability to declare martial law, we could be heading for a very rocky set of circumstances. My advice? Be prepared, see to your own security and while I don't advocate holding your breath (unless you look really good in blue), certainly we need to keep this creature of the Left under close observation.

I wonder (just wondering folks) if the Occupy Movement isn't a stealth preparation for something more heinous and dangerous?

Just wondering.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Among the documents recovered when we finally took out that demented s.o.b. Bin Laden including orders he sent to his minions to assassinate President Obama and General David Petraeus. The reasoning behind his order? Joe Biden would take office in Obama's stead and that would be good for Al Qaeda since Biden is unprepared for the office. Huh? Is he any more unprepared than Obama?

I do not like, trust or have any respect for Barack Hussein Obama. But dammitall, he is MY president (legitimately in office or not) and nobody is permitted to kill the man. Period. Anyone who thinks that is a solution to anything is deluded. Let's elect a replacement and then investigate the man's antecedents, conduct in office and various acts and, if warranted, prosecute him as a traitor, an imposter or whatever else we deem appropriate. But assassination is a definite "absolutely not"!

I'm a woman - I can call that self-entitled idiotic female whatever I want to call her. What she has done is insert herself into the debate that is and should be centered on FREEDOM OF RELIGION you ignorant crone! Ann Coulter says it best in her column today and I highly recommend it.

When will the Dems cease to try to deflect the essential argument into something so idiotic and so filled with assumptions (without a shred of proof) that it boggles the mind!?

Sandra Fluke is in law school. If she's actually studying when would she have time for $3,000 worth of shagging during a three-year period? And if she is larking about so much, how good a student can she be?

Having reviewed her testimony, my sense is that the woman isn't very bright and is hoping for the government job that will at least make whoever paid for her education minimally proud!

Friday, March 02, 2012


It has taken me a little more than 24 hours to digest the fact that I am - at age 69 - writing a memorial piece on a 43-year old national treasure!

This man was my hero and a hero to many hundreds of thousands of Americans who have been inspired and entertained by his courageous and steadfast war on the left wing's attempted coup in this country. And if, in fact, we are able to push the left wing loons back into the dust heap of history where they belong, it will be due in large part to Mr. Breitbart's efforts.

If I can take any lesson from this man's zest and enjoyment of his life, albeit entirely too short a sojourn on this earth, it is to be more courageous in my support of the rejection of left-wing, secular values.

I have no doubt he is watching us from his new home in heaven and cheering us on! God bless you and God keep your family safe and in a state of healing.

UPDATE: Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz ended his wonderful and moving post about Andrew Breitbart with the following sentence, which I have stolen with absolutely no shame whatsoever:

Please start asking yourself “What would Andrew Bretibart do”…and then DO IT.

Read more

UPDATE #2: Let Andrew's final truth-telling begin - go to his site ( to begin the series on just how despicable our current president really is! Apparently there is more to this story and Andrew's team is going to put it out there!