Friday, July 31, 2009


There will likely be some form of health insurance reform that passes both houses of Congress and finds its way to Zero's desk, and he will sign it and declare a huge victory! The new bill will make it mandatory for all employers to provide access to health insurance to all employees and will mandate that all employees must accept and pay for that health insurance. These employees are the young who do not really utilize the services of health care providers. Think back to when you were in your 20s or early 30s - how often did you consult a doctor? The upside of all of this is that we who possess health insurance that we like - and I mostly like mine - will be enabled to keep it. And we won't have to accede to euthanasia as was feared by many, including me. No more "pre-existing" conditions, increased and guaranteed portability of health insurance, probably including more and smaller employers being covered by the law.

The President overreached and the leaders in Congress, particularly La Pelosi and Henry Waxman (a despicable little man) were too incompetent and thus, unable to produce the massive and comprehensive overhaul of the health care delivery system that Zero wanted. Thank God for that. What we now have works fairly well. Socialized medicine would not work all that well. Think about the Veterans Administration and how poorly it serves our veterans. We've managed to dodge that bullet! We must remain vigilant, should they try to put one over on us again in the future!

It occurs to me that much of what Zero has put on the books since taking office in January will eventually - and justifiably - be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. For a man who claims to be a professor of constitutional law, our president is curiously ignorant of what the U.S. Constitution actually says - about his powers and about the powers of the legislative branch. Let me 'splain Lucy - the U.S. Congress is responsible for enacting the laws, the Supreme Court is responsible for interpreting the laws, and the President serves as commander in chief of the Armed Forces whilst being available to sign legislation produced by the Congress such that it passes into law. Do they even teach civics in schools these days? I swear, there are more people in this nation who are ignorant of the Constitution and its provisions than there ought to be! They prattle on mindlessly about our "democracy" and don't even know that this nation is a Republic. Most Americans don't seem to understand that all the powers of governance were given to the individual states. The Federal government's powers and responsibilities are clearly spelled out in the Constitution and then it goes on to say that if the Constitution doesn't give the Federal government the power, they cannot claim it! All powers not specifically given to the Federal government belong to the individual state governments. Nowhere in the Constitution does the Federal government have the power to take over General Motors and Chrysler! Dear merciful heavens. A lot of people don't even seem to know that the President is not our ruler, but rather that HE or SHE is OUR employee. They are not the boss of us. The reverse is true. We are the boss of THEM. And not remembering this simple fact is what gets us into heaps of trouble!

Then again, if we don't speak up and insist that they remember their specific responsibilities, we pretty much deserve what we get in the way of governance! If we don't vote, we have no right to complain. And if you're here illegally, you have the absolute right to leave but I am not willing to grant any other right to you. Our country, our rules. Suck it up and deal!

It is time to be grateful that Nancy Pelosi is the most spectacularly incompetent Speaker of the House we have ever had! It is time to be grateful that she chose the uncivil, uncooperative, truly offensive and ignorant Henry Waxman (I used to live in California. I don't hate him. Only his guts!) to push the awful health care reform bill along. The socialist agenda being pushed by Zero is doomed to failure with Pelosi and Reid shepherding it through Congress. Be enormously grateful!

At the beginning of Zero's term in office, I was hoping he would succeed as president. Now I am hoping that he will succeed in letting Nancy and Henry BE Nancy and Henry, their most authentic selves. In that way, our nation will be protected from their evil and despicable intentions, as well as their poorly thought out attempts at legislating cradle-to-grave socialism for a nation that has thrived and done well under our capitalist government. It's like watching a pair of mentally challenged and somewhat inebriated bears attempting to wrestle each other!

Thank you, God, for providing us with Nancy and Henry to balance the appalling intentions of Zero!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


The brilliant Jed Babbin writing in Human Events 7/27/09: The Incredible Shrinking President With every passing week the president's sphere of influence gets smaller and smaller.

It's as always masterfully written prose, but there is one line that totally made the article for me: Obama is a small man, as deeply shallow as Paris Hilton. In that one sentence, he has completely summed up the current poseur in chief!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Jim at Gateway Pundit lost his beloved mother Dorothy Hoft today. Please join me in praying for the repose of her soul and comfort to Jim and his entire extended family who are suffering the pain of Dorothy's loss today.

But blogging will be suspended until after 8/10/09 due to my impending surgery on 8/6/09 - a minor inconvenience and one from which I expect to be soon mended! If Zero does something truly astonishingly horrid (that's always a possibility) or if Bill O'Reilly does or says something that is amazingly humble (unlikely), I will have to drop my 2 cents worth into the mix. Otherwise, I'm taking a break, folks! Me and Sam the Wonder Cat will be nesting!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The State of Hawaii has made it quite clear that they intend to defend the native-born birth of President Obama, regardless of whether or not facts support their defense. So it's time to drop the subject.

The neverending debate about whether or not Barack Hussein Obama was born on American soil is a distraction. And to the extent that this has been done, the debate has been fueled by President Obama's coy behavior vis-a-vis his birth and other life history records. Why would our President want us to be all exercised about whether or not he is legally holding the office? I think he believes that we are not capable of considering two concepts at a time. That we will become so exercised with the birther movement that he can slip all manner of unwise and unconstitutional or UnAmerican laws and programs past us without our notice.

It would be wise for us all to remember that we are dealing with a CHICAGO politician - I've seen corkscrews more straightforward! All manner of subterfuge and chicanery are the stock in trade of a Chicago politician and Barack Hussein Obama is no different. Let's focus on his anti-American agenda and behavior and keep calling foul whenever one is committed. Let's not let the smoke and mirrors of questions about his birth records keep our attention away from what is really important! I grew up in Ohio - and the twists and turns of Chicago politics were always fascinating to me. Repulsive but fascinating.

The man is an empty, well-tailored suit. He is unfit to serve, not because of the location of his birth but because of the contents - or lack thereof - of his character. He is the original stealth officeholder - a Marxist in liberal clothing whose distaste for and dislike - nay contempt - for America and most of America's citizenry becomes more evident with every passing day. By his works shall we know him. And so far, his works have been destructive and ill conceived, hastily pushed through flimflam that will burden our nation's citizens for generations to come.

So move away from the birth certificate issue. There are more offensive aspects to Mr. Obama than the location of his birth. We have a virulently anti-American president. Let's deal with that. How to contain him. Keep him from wreaking further havoc on the American way of life. Keep this supposed "constitutional scholar" from destroying the U.S. Constitution! We have evil in the White House, folks. Let's concentrate on containing him (via the 2010 elections) and removing him from office (via the 2012 elections) and then, with a Congress filled with intelligent and courageously steadfast elected members, we can undo a lot of the Obama damage! We must use our wisdom (a quality in the American body politic that Mr. Obama has chosen to ignore or denigrate) and our courage to interdict the foul and evil plans Mr. Obama and his sponsors have for our great nation, until such time as we can VOTE this aberrant disgrace out of office.

Monday, July 27, 2009


And she doesn't care!

In an article appearing in Politico Pelosi opined as follows:

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the most despised political figures in the country.

And, frankly, she doesn’t give a damn.

“No, I don’t care,” Pelosi told POLITICO last Thursday, laughing heartily as she walked beneath the Capitol dome and plunged into a crowd of tourists.

Last week’s Public Strategies Inc./POLITICO poll brought grim news for Pelosi, revealing that only a quarter of Americans trust the San Francisco Democrat — putting her in the basement with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio).

Mention of the “trust” question halted the click-clack of Pelosi’s heels against Rotunda marble, and she turned to face the reporter who posed the question.

“I don’t know about ‘trust’ — I think I’m trusted,” she said.

“I certainly want to be trusted. I’m not particularly concerned if I’m liked.”

But month after month of polling shows that the speaker is neither trusted nor liked by the general public — even as she emerges from one of the most productive legislative periods any speaker has ever enjoyed."


Congressman John Conyers (D-Mich.), questioned the point of lawmakers reading the health care bill.

“I love these members, they get up and say, ‘Read the bill,’” said Conyers.

“What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?”

You freaking WROTE the damned bill, why don't you know what infamia is contained therein!? More important Congressman, we're expected to abide by what's in the bill. Don't we have a right to expect that YOU, our employee, will do the job you've been elected to do and read the silly damned thing!?


My roto-rooter surgery is scheduled for 8/6/09 and Sam the Wonder Cat will be staying at the veterinarian's office since he is diabetic and needs to get insulin daily! The need for this precaution became even more urgent on Saturday night. Sam the Wonder Cat had an insulin-related seizure on Saturday night and I'm exhausted from dealing with it. I shot some maple syrup down his gullet which stopped the seizure but it was hours before he really "came back" to me. He even stopped breathing for a moment at one point - I started petting him really hard when that happened and he started to breathe again. Yesterday we were both absolutely exhausted - but he gets to sleep all day today and I'm at work! And cleaning up the mess he made on the kitchen floor took a lot of energy as well. I'm just grateful my baby is okay!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Very interesting reading. Go here to commence a fascinating journey! You need to have Acrobat Reader for this one!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


In July 2008, Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was at Harrah's in Reno for a personal appearance. Now, one full year later and absent any kind of timely criminal complaint with its attendant collection of fresh physical evidence (as in "rape kit") some female is claiming that he raped her when he was in Reno. How does this bimbo intend to prove her case? Is she counting on "he said/she said" to enable her to cash in on a Super Bowl champion's bank account? Does she have the equivalent of Monica's little blue dress in her back pocket? And what exactly - at this late date - would anything of that ilk prove?

Bottom line, my opinion is that this female was likely trying to extort money from Ben Roethlisberger by threatening to accuse him of this heinous act and he refused to be intimidated! So she was forced to put up or shut up or leave herself vulnerable to a charge of extortion! And no, I don't automatically believe her story simply because I am also a woman. Women have become way too prone to making false and sexually related claims to get their own way over the past 20 years. The Duke lacrosse players can testify to that painful fact. Is that what the women's movement was all about? Have we abandoned all semblance of decency and fair dealing with one another? I must be getting old!


You think?

Open Letter to President Obama

I am 67 years old and still working full time as a legal secretary. One of the reasons I continue to work so hard (and working for attorneys is doggone hard work) is to maintain my excellent health coverage.

I have read what is available to the general public of the new reorganization scheme vis-à-vis health care and frankly – it stinks.

One of the most disturbing portions of the plan is that, yes, you claim we can keep our private health insurance coverage and then, throughout this new plan, everything is done to make that untenable. The other area in which I believe great danger lies is the requirement that seniors work with their doctors (not lawyers) to update and discuss their end-of-life planning! What’s up with that – are you slipping euthanasia to us on the down low? If so, I respectfully decline!

Your ambitions far outrun your abilities and those of your majority in Congress who, by the way, don’t seem all that enthused about your health care boondoggle either! Other than Nancy Pelosi (who I consider to be certifiable and somewhat stunted mentally due to over use of botox), I’m not sensing a lot of enthusiasm for your grand imposition of socialized medicine on an unwilling American public. Of the 47 million you claim are uninsured, are you aware that many of them are young people, new to the workforce, who don’t want to pay $100+ per month to cover their one doctor visit per year? How many of the 47 million you are counting are actually in this country illegally (I’m not counting YOU in that number)?

The bottom line, Mr. President, is this: You’ve used up whatever limited political capital you might have possessed with me when you began your administration. Your demeanor since the Inauguration has been arrogant and imperial. Are you aware that you are merely a temporary caretaker and not the new imperial ruler of this nation? Are you aware that you work FOR me, and not the other way around? Are you aware that you are already quite distinguished in the minds of many – who consider you to be the worst president since James Earl Carter, Jr.? Perhaps it would be a good idea if you just spent the next 3+ years studying the U.S. Constitution so you can truthfully say you’re an expert on it. So far you’ve proven to be woefully ignorant, despite your unsubstantiated claim to have been a professor of constitutional law!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The President is hellbent on getting his new health care scheme passed into law -- apparently before anyone has a chance to read it. Here's a possible reason:

Section 1233 of HR 3200 the elderly are required to visit their doctors and nurse practitioners every 5 years to discuss information such as living wills, hospice, durable powers of attorney, and other end of life decisions.
The section requires that they talk to their doctor, not a lawyer, about living wills, durable healthcare powers of attorney, hospice, etc. Given the progressive intelligentsia already being on the record in favor of euthanizing the elderly, it is no small leap to see where the Democrats are headed with this.

Legally forcing senior citizens to have "death with dignity schedules every few years is just another way to say the government wants to make sure seniors know it is time to commit suicide to save the system money.

The more time passes, the more obvious will the horrors of this evil health care scheme become evident to the American people. It is very clear that Zero intends to force this health care bill down the throats of the American public with or without our acceptance of it. Call your Congressman and Senator today and tell them flat out - vote for this bill at your re-election peril!

"The city of Cambridge issued a statement saying the arrest "was regrettable and unfortunate" and police and Gates agreed that dropping the charge was a just resolution.

"This incident should not be viewed as one that demeans the character and reputation of professor Gates or the character of the Cambridge Police Department," the statement said."

First they arrest the man for breaking into his own house and for objecting vociferously to their continuing suspicion of him (they think HE was loud - you'd hear my big mouth shouting 10 blocks away), AFTER he has shown them his university identification card AND his picture I.D. - I'd sue the silly twits, that's what I'd do! But his immediate and unwarranted assumption that their suspicion of him was racially motivated is foolish and just plain wrong. He was behaving badly. Police officers don't like that!

The policeman, Sgt. Crowley, is being accused of racism (easy charge to make, hard to prove) because he arrested Prof. Gates. Here's my thought - even a respectable, normally mild-mannered person can become a raving lunatic on occasion. Sgt. Crowley, following his inclination to protect and defend his fellow citizens, probably arrested Prof. Gates for his own protection given the circumstances. And Barack Hussein Obama should have kept his ignorant pie hole shut until he knew ALL the circumstances!

UPDATE: This powerful open letter to the President from the wife of a police officer in Miami, who also happens to be a police dispatcher herself!

Although he never truly had to answer for the death 40 years ago of this young woman, it seems to me that the time is rapidly approaching when his brain cancer specifies that Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Dewars) will be forced to answer to the incorruptible Judge for all his acts of commission and omission! In the meantime, I will pray for the repose of her soul on this anniversary of her death at the hands of an irresponsible drunkard!

I was at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, Virginia most of the day yesterday doing pre-operative stuff (EKG, blood work, visit with the vascular surgeon - he's adorable) and kept my mouth shut and my little pointed ears open.

Lots of people in my age group (seniors) are getting possibly necessary work done NOW (that includes me) because they are afraid that "Obamacare" will condemn them to death! They don't support him, they don't LIKE him, they fear his ability to damage our nation. The interesting side note on this is that many of the people who are losing or who have lost faith in Zero are the very people who voted for him! They were saying things like "What were we thinking?" and the like. I have the same question for them, "What WERE you thinking? Or were you thinking at all?"

Friday, July 17, 2009


Thus spake the mentally retarded Speaker of the House of Representatives, the hardly honorable Nancy Pelosi (D-Botox). If ever the American political scene featured anyone more delusional or uninformed than this creature from the degenerate netherworld of San Francisco, I've never seen any evidence of it and I've been immersed in our nation's history for 57 of my 67 years on this earth. I had a teacher in school who made American history interesting and that early fascination has never waned.

Nancy, you do NOT have my support, nor will you ever have it. I have private health insurance and I'm freaking keeping it, you demented loon!

I am, unhappily reminded of the song from the musical "Evita" which contained that phrase!

With all the travel, the "date nights", the hamburger runs around the District, President Obama has been doing his very best to keep the peasants entertained with irrelevant nonsense, all the while rushing his destructive Left-wing agenda through a compliant Congress, who don't even read the 1,000+ page bills! President Zero must have been delighted that the death of Michael Jackson led to over two weeks of unbridled hysteria in the news media.

Apparently our current President is attempting to destroy America as we know it as completely as possible because he knows, he must know, that he will soon be unmasked as the vapid tool of destruction he really is and the fact that he is beholden to such as George Soros will be his ultimate undoing.

Will President Barack Hussein Obama go down in history as the worst American president of all time? Or will Jimmy Carter manage to hang on by his fingernails to that unenviable title?

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Writing at Red State, E Pluribus Unum presents us with the following truly marvelous sentence: "Honestly, she could kiss Pat Leahy on the lips (Ick!) and grab John Cornyn’s rear while singing “Look for the Union Label” and not fail to get voted out of the Judiciary Committee." (parenthetical expressions of disgust all from Gayle)

All I’m saying is – I’d pay good money to see that! In fact, I think we could use something like that! We're all so earnest and serious these days. Let's laugh a little!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It certainly looks like the lady is going to be confirmed. She has been deft beyond belief in dealing with potential minefields and her rumpled and unkempt appearance hasn't seemed to harm her one little bit. Thank goodness she'll be wearing robes to conceal her poor taste in clothing.

Naturally, the thing that is garnering the most attention is the exchange with Senator Coburn wherein he used the phrase "Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do'. A lot of asinine attention will be paid by the armies of the politically correct. Those of us of a certain age just find it amusing since Ricky Ricardo said that so often on "I Love Lucy" with varying (and usually justified) degrees of frustration.

Ethnically, Cubans (which Ricky Ricardo was) are wholly different from natives of Puerto Rico. They combine African and other cultural elements in their ancestry. Judge Sotomayor is of Puerto Rican descent which is much more purely Hispanic in nature. Nevertheless, I will expect to hear nonsense from the humorless Left about this innocent exchange.

President Obama could have done worse in nominating this woman to the Supreme Court. At least Judge Sotomayor has a more compelling claim to American citizenship than does the President! She may be a biased loon, but she comes across very well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Is it my imagination, or is our latest Supreme Court nominee a hot mess? Her suit doesn't fit, her hair isn't combed, she hasn't been groomed professionally in months!

I know I'm being picky as hell, and it's hardly something earth shattering to come back early for, but why do liberal women insist on being as unkempt as possible. Are they afraid nobody will take them seriously otherwise?

Here's the deal. You demonstrate respect for the congressional body that requires your presence by taking a shower, combing your hair and otherwise being groomed. You show your respect for YOURSELF by doing the same. There are many great hair dressers in the District. There's a place called Nantucket that is on H Street near the White House that gives fantastic haircuts and styling!

My carotid artery tidying job is scheduled for 7/28/09 and I will be out the balance of that week. Thanks to all of you for your good wishes and prayers. Getting older isn't for sissies!

Thursday, July 09, 2009


I will be having a roto rooter procedure on the blocked carotid artery in my neck in another couple of weeks and I need to concentrate on preparing for that. Several friends who have had the procedure assure me that it is a "piece of cake" and that you get "good drugs" whilst having the procedure. I want to come home to a clean and well organized house afterwards and not have to worry about things at all. So I'll be discontinuing my blog activities (unless of course we find proof that Obama isn't a U.S. citizen and we have the spectacle of him being frog-marched in handcuffs out of the White House) until after the procedure so I can concentrate on my LIFE.

In a rare and unexpected show of common sense, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put the kibbosh on a special resolution honoring the late Michael Jackson!

See, even a moronic twit can make sense some of the time!


This wildly inappropriate tee shirt was sported by President Obama's daughter Malia while in Rome. Where were her parents? Where were the protocol people?

Clothing of this type (we won't even mention the "from the hood" clothing of her far-too-old male companion) is completely wrong for the daughter of a U.S. President in public. She is, whether she likes it or not, representing us - and we, as a nation, don't like to be dissed! One wonders if Michelle (who has no taste whatsoever) will be foolish enough to wear her trademark sleeveless garb when they have their audience with the Pope, or whether the girls will be in shorts. The Pope's diplomatic aides will make it quite clear to the Obamas that such garb is not permitted!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Finally, finally, finally the memorial service for Michael Jackson is underway. Once the various networks have beaten the happenings at the Staples Center to death with their over-the-top coverage which is excessive and offensive - can we all move on and forget about this tormented and not terribly admirable man?

While the various alphabets and, shamefully Fox News, have been ad nauseum saying farewell to Mr. Jackson, young men of courage and character have been dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iranian mullahs are still killing their own people. The U.S. Congress has been frittering away our nation's future with hastily passed and ill-considered (and not even read) spending bills. There are more important things going on in this world than the probably self-induced death of a probable sexual predator! Will these morons knock it the hell off? Not until they have wrung the last drop of advertising dollars from a credulous public! Sheesh!

At least I hope we haven't. One thing she said in an exclusive interview with the local (Anchorage) Fox News reporter who had the "experience" of going out on a fishing trawler with her is that most politicians have the luxury of facing their critics or the news media and saying "Leave my kids alone!" and she hasn't had that advantage.

I would say that she has taken what can only be described as felony-level battering from the national press corps and the leftwing blogsphere. And I do not want to hear from anyone the moral equivalency bullshit about what was said about Bill Clinton who admitted he was porking a chunky little intern nearly as young as his own daughter in the Oval office whilst on the phone with foreign leaders. It's a well known fact that blood flow can serve only one head at a time! Bill Clinton was blatantly lying to the American people and, worst of all, he was lying to a Grand Jury, which is called perjury and that is a FELONY in every state in the union.

Sarah Palin is an extraordinary woman. Liberals and especially the feminist nutbags hate her guts because she is beautiful, accomplished and tough as they come. If she lets some of the irrational hatemongering to die down a bit and removes herself from the constraints of public office, those who have been piling on the insults and calumny may find that they have really picked on the wrong woman. She served notice through her attorneys that anyone who prints false accusations (such as the one currently bouncing around in the leftwing blogs that she is soon to be indicted by a Federal Grand Jury - a charge that the FBI itself has labeled as absolutely without merit) will find themselves in a courtroom being sued for big bucks. You go Sarah! Sue the bastards! Removing their ill gotten gains from their pockets is the best way to shut them the hell up!


Read more at Wide Awake Cafe where the analysis vis-a-vis Mrs. Palin is brilliant!

Monday, July 06, 2009


The alphabet and cable networks are falling all over themselves with endless blathering about the life, death and significance of Michael Jackson. Here's the honest poop - he wasn't THAT great!

His so-called brilliance at dancing was repetitive and derivative. Much of what he did he copied from others - like Jackie Wilson and James Brown. His singing voice was only mediocre. And his personal life was - to put it mildly - an indefensible nightmare!

The irony of all of this is that his nearly-bankrupt estate will now, like that of Elvis before him, triple in value and thus be worth something to his three children - and does anyone believe that any of Jackson's DNA is present in those three children?

So stop the endless wailing and carrying on. He died from his own self-indulgence, just as Elvis did! Neither deserves to be treated as though they were the "greatest" anything at all. As an all around entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr. beat them both!