Monday, August 31, 2009


The thought that what we have in this world is transient and that we are only here to serve the Almighty in every way we are able is a helpful mindset when dealing with the present occupant of the White House and his actions, odious though they may be.

Therefore, we should resolve to love Barack Hussein Obama with all our might and all our concentration in the hopes that our outpouring of love will reach the man and touch his heart and cause him to begin to realize the error of his ways.

Nice thought. One I shall attempt. Probably will fail, but the attempt will be made.


I have been deeply emotional of late, and this stunning ordination film clip really got the waterworks going! The faces of these five young men glow with the sublime happiness they are experiencing of entering formally into the service of God!

We had a thunderstorm and power failure late on Saturday, so I was spared the sight of the last vestige of stagecraft attending the burial of Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-Chivas).

First, how much did this overblown spectacle cost the American taxpayers? Let's calculate - the cost of flying the Senator's relatives and casket from Boston to Washington, D.C.? The cost of the motorcade? The cost of crowd control along the route and in front of the Capitol? The cost of the actual Arlington National Cemetery services? I don't honestly think that the Kennedy family paid for any of it. Up until the end of the services in Boston, I think the family footed the bill. Once we got into motorcades and aircraft and motorcades in the nation's capitol - that's another story.

It was nausea-inducing to watch the odious Chris Matthews all but salivate as he proclaimed how wondrous the Kennedy brothers were. No mention of their womanizing, their cynical disregard of the women they married. Pathetic.

The Kennedy men were - to the last of them - libertine creatures who took who and what they wanted without regard to propriety. Nobody really buys that crap about "Camelot" except a few credulous fools who are, to our distress, provided with an on-air forum to spew their nonsense - like little Chrissie Matthews, he of the leg-tingles when President Barack Obama is near.

The two-hour power failure provided me with a quiet time to curl up with my cat and just enjoy the utter peace and quiet of a late Saturday afternoon. The seemingly neverending services for Senator Kennedy - a man who was not admired in my household EVER were no more by the time the power was restored..

The idea that the Democrats will cynically and unsuccessfully try to use the name of Senator Edward Moore Kennedy as a "hook" to ram through the horrid health care boondoggle they have in mind is offensive as hell.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Not content with opining that we poor humans are powerful enough to effect the warming of the entire planet, now we are being told that laughing gas is contributing to problems with the ozone layer protecting Earth. Poppycock!

I think the true threat to our planet is from these bloviating morons who continue to believe that we can "fix" whatever they perceive is wrong with our planet when we are unable to do anything to prevent earthquakes, major storms, hurricanes, blizzards and so forth. We are but tiny little antlike creatures in the vastness of space. We've got no negative mojo against the natural, utterly normal and cyclical changes in the planet we inhabit! These so-called scientists create artificial panics for their own benefit and to give themselves something to justify their existence as scientists - when they could actually be learning HONEST science and operating from that base!

Several months ago, Sam the Wonder Cat was diagnosed with feline diabetes which explained why he had developed the habit of peeing on the carpeting throughout the house! (Yes, I finally got it all cleaned up). Since he has been on his insulin shots, twice daily, and his special diabetic kitty food, there has been some improvement, but he was still a fairly depressed kitty.

I was doing some online shopping about a week ago and lo and behold, I found a special cat box designed for diabetic kitties that is constructed in such a way that the caregiver can easily test the cat's blood sugar without drawing blood (mine or his). I immediately put in an order and it arrived earlier this week. In the meantime, I began corresponding with someone in their customer service department and I mentioned Sam's rather listless behavior. She suggested that his food might be at fault since all cats, but particularly diabetic cats, require a carb-free diet that is filled with high quality protein. She recommended a cat food called "Taste of the Wild" which is NOT carried by any of the local pet stores. It is, however, available from a store called Tractor Supply reasonably close to my house.

I picked up a sack of this new food last Friday night. It is much less expensive than the diabetic cat food and it definitely is higher in protein - no carbs, no wheat gluten, no fillers like corn. It's venison and smoked salmon. I should eat so good! I poured some of this new diet into Sam's dish and to my delight, he nearly fell face forward into his food dish and he's been loving this new food ever since. His coat no longer looks dismally matted and greasey and his eyes are bright and happy. There is, however, one new problem that has developed!

Sam is feeling so good that he is trying to follow me out the door when I leave for work. This morning he was dodging behind me, running faster than I could grab him en route into the front yard - it took me a full 5 minutes to get him corraled in the house with the front door closed and locked and me safely in Joyce's carpool van to head to work. By the time I got into her car, she was laughing so hard I had to join her! Time to go buy a squirt bottle to discourage lurking around the front door.

In addition to all of the above, he has taken to playing his chase games at 4 a.m. and I am the trampoline of choice. I really don't need him springing forth off my hip as he races up and over the bed, meowing the entire time, running out the kitty door onto the deck! Still, I'm delighted that he's feeling so good. He is my beloved baby.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Somali pirates holding a hijacked ship off the coast of Somalia fired at a U.S. Navy helicopter as it made a surveillance flight over the vessel, the first such attack by pirates on an American military aircraft, the Navy said Thursday.

The helicopter, which is based on the USS Chancellorsville, was not hit and there were no injuries, the Navy said.

The copter was flying on Wednesday over a Taiwanese-flagged fishing vessel, the Win Far, which pirates seized along with its 30-member crew in April and were holding south of the Somali port town of Hobyo.

The helicopter was about 3,000 yards (meters) away from the ship when the pirates opened fire with "a large caliber weapon," the Navy said in a statement. The helicopter did not return fire, it said.

Why didn't the helicopter return fire? Why do we not acquaint these lawless thieves with the price to be paid for screwing with the United States of America? Or our allies?

Oh wait, I forgot, Herr Obama is our president! Why didn't the helicopter play a recorded version of "Kumbaya"?


To my enormous sorrow, that beautiful and much loved woman died at the age of 58 in 1974. I still miss her. She was bright, funny, opinionated (if anyone wondered where it came from) and the best mother anyone was ever lucky enough to have. She taught me a lot, but not how to cook. No patience. My aunts and my father instructed me in the art of cooking. But from my mother I learned to appreciate good literature and pure-Lord crap literature. Her opinion was that you could learn something from everyone and everything - if not what to do, then what not to do. She was beautiful and loving and I loved her for every minute that I had her. And I've wanted her with me every day since she died.

I love you Mom!

Actress Anne Heche, she of the lengthy and very public liaison with Ellen DeGeneres, before she decided she was not gay - went on David Letterman last night and trashed her ex-husband in the most unpleasant of tones. Mind you, this is the woman who bore this man's child. Then engaged in a very public love affair with her co-star while on location. Not you basic poster child for marital fidelity or honor.

I have heard it said that a woman should LOVE her child more than she hates her child's father! Anne, take note.

I am sometimes (frequently) moved to wonder how much longer He is going to protect us from our worst instincts!

We elect poltroons and completely incompetent idiots to public office. We tolerate their bloviating and their apparent disregard of the fact that they work for us and not the other way around. We allow them, without objection, to pack massive quantities of pork into otherwise benign legislation. We are complicit in allowing some of them (Edward Moore Kennedy) to make a career out of serving in the U.S. Congress which was never what was intended by our nation's founders. We are often self-serving, all too frequently lazy about examining public policy, we spend almost our entire time focused on our own selfish pursuits in lieu of holding our public servants' feet to the fire and demanding that they do the jobs we elected them to do.

If I were God I would be thoroughly disgusted with the American people in general, the leftwingers most of all. He has given us this beautiful, rich in natural resources land with a Constitution framed by some of the most remarkable men who have ever lived. And we don't focus enough attention on preserving our gift.

This year and next year, in the November elections, we really must give some serious attention to the candidates for whom we vote. No more slackers and men of dubious provenance such as our current President. Let's make a real effort to elect patriots and honest men of character to the various state and Federal offices. Candidates who honor and value this beautiful country are in short supply, but we must make every effort to find them.

The ACORN folks will be doing everything in their power to thrwart our efforts to take back OUR country from their dishonest and thuggish hands. We must and should resist with everything we possess.

"Had I been asked, I would have advised them against reinforcing the idea that Democrats are hysterical bed-wetters who can't be trusted with national defense while also reminding people of the one thing everyone still admires about President George W. Bush."

She is referring to the proposed prosecution of CIA operatives for talking nasty to some Al Qaeda goons! Personally, I'd have pistol whipped the bastards - but then that's why I'm not in the Obama cabinet.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When Dan Rather reported that he had documents that impeached then-President George W. Bush’s military service and those documents were produced and later proven to be absolute forgeries, one portion of the story never came out.

Dan Rather’s fired producer Mary Mapes knew and had known for weeks that George W. Bush had VOLUNTEERED to go to Vietnam and ended up not serving in Vietnam because other, more experienced pilots were sent ahead of him while he was still in training. Since Ms. Mapes knew that George W. Bush had volunteered, she was obligated by journalistic ethics, to include that information in the report of Dan Rather on the air. She did not. Did Rather know, and if so, when did he know it?

When the so-called lost military documents were produced and examined by people online, we quickly realized that there was no way that those documents had been produced at an Air Force Base in the 1970s. They were done in a typeface that wasn’t available for another 15 years and then only on computers. And it was obvious.

Dan Rather kept insisting that the story was true, even if the documents were false. I found that point of view to be both troubling and somewhat astonishing. How much of that stemmed from Rather's longstanding antipathy for George H.W. Bush which was spilling forth onto the son? This is another factor of the story that should have been reported as part of Rather’s story. He should have reported his bias, the source of the bias and the length of it. He did not. So on that basis, I cannot excuse him, whether he knew that President G.W. Bush had volunteered or whether he did not.

Where is this information to be found? On page 130 of the report produced by an independent panel hired by CBS to research and examine and then produce a report. Their report is readily available online. The information has been available for years and nobody was ever curious enough or thorough enough to read the report thoroughly until an unnamed source directed the attention of journalist Bernard Goldberg to page 130 where this lonely, little emphasized or noticed fact became evident!

Is the press biased in favor of Democrats? Don’t make me laugh!


I didn't especially like you or share any scintilla of your politics, but apparently your family found something about you to be lovable so for their sake, I am saying Rest in Peace. I WILL pray for the benefit of your soul and I would hope that you made a good confession and cleansed your soul properly before the end came.

There are a lot of people saying a lot of smarmy and self-servingly laudatory things about you, now that you're gone. I won't join in that hypocrisy. There are even some cynical souls who will try to use your death as a goad to get the Senate and the House to pass a completely unacceptable health care bill. However, in view of the fact that YOU were and would not be covered by any public option or nationalized heatlh care scheme and that no doubt, due to your family money and your position in the Senate you received the best health care that money can buy, any attempt to use your death for political advancement purposes would be despicable and completely inappropriate.

I have a friend, who is not yet 60. This man was diagnosed with primary site brain cancer before you were. His very ordinary family is paying a huge amount of money to get him his monthly chemo treatments ($6,000 for 5 days of chemo meds, including the anti-nausea pills). His health insurance only covered 80% of the cost of the chemo, so his wife and family were on the hook for $1,200 per month. Fortunately, she was able to roll him onto her health care plan during open enrollment which has greatly ameliorated the costs down to $35 per month co-pay. Radiation treatment was horrendously expensive and they are on the hook for a fair amount of that as well. And still, this family does not support the dreadful health care scheme being proposed by your colleagues in the House and Senate. Thank God that Mark is younger and was at base, far healthier than you. We want him to last another couple of years - if possible - for the sake of his grandchildren who truly deserve the chance to know this remarkable and very entertaining man who loves them so much.

Under the completely unacceptable health care reforms now in the House and Senate, Mark would not be encouraged to fight his cancer. Screw that is my opinion. He is the husband of a dear friend and I love him for his own sake. He makes me laugh. He loves his grandchildren, his children and his wife - and they love him back - and I know how important a grandfather can be. I had one I adored and a lot of my mindset and inquisitive nature are a result of that association.

So go with God, Senator Kennedy. He is the impartial and incorruptible judge of us all. I leave you to his tender mercies. God bless your grieving family. I will pray for them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Rumors are circulating that this is exactly what he has planned and it would be completely consistent with the Democratic Party's nonstop anti-Semitic meme!

The hideous Obama Administration is planning to significantly step up the pressure on Israel by announcing a comprehensive plan for Israel and the Palestinians at the opening of the United Nations General Assembly in September. Because, of course, Zero as a result of his infinite ignorance, knows better than anyone how to settle the differences and disagreements that are rampant in the Middle East. I have no doubt that the famous anti-Semitic boor, James Earl Carter, Jr., has been whispering in his ear. I come to this conclusion on the basis that like is attracted to like - and President Carter would recognize a fellow traveler in that area.

Any "agreement" forced upon Israel will leave it isolated and thus vulnerable in the Middle East. All manner of bad stuff can emanate from President Obama's utter and complete naivete in the area of international affairs. Iran and Syria between them can try to eradicate the State of Israel. Although, my money's on Israel should that kind of infamy go down - they have nuclear weapons and the aircraft and personnel and the WILL to take down Iran and Syria before those two rogue states do the same to Israel. From there on, more and more countries will be roped into this game of nuclear "gotcha" - except France which will be busy sitting in sidewalk cafes, sipping their lattes, smoking their Gauloise and hoping that the nuclear winter doesn't destroy the truffles growing in their forests!

Someone somewhere said that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world in December 2012. Wouldn't surprise me! To hearken back to predictions I have heard before the end of the world is triggered by the anti-Christ (BHO?).

And in those last moments, will any of those who voted for this disaster realize the folly of their actions and apologize to the rest of us for their stupidity? Hell, no. They'll try to find a way to blame George W. Bush with their very last breaths!

From the news report: professionally staffed rallies with hundreds of people. (Isn't this what they accused us of doing? When we didn't?) You have to give them props! They are so shamelessly blatant!

I do not like our current President at all. Not because he is a semi-black man. But because he's an idiot!

There IS a difference. Apparently ABC News doesn't know that.

In an ABC News story about how racist white militias are somehow connected to town-hall protests, Mark Potok of the dismayingly left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center insists Obama has “triggered fears among fairly large numbers of white people in this country that they are somehow losing their country.”

This country is comprised of a multitude of races, ethnicities, religions and education levels. We have room for everyone. What we do not need in these perilous times is an empty suit with a carefully concealed life history, leading us down the road to socialism via illegal [unconstitutional] legislation perpetrated by an equally corrupt Congress!

Barack Hussein Obama is our president. 53% of Americans voted for him because they were either deluded or demented. Many of them are awakening to their folly - too late. We'll have to curtail the worst of The One's excesses until such time as we can elect someone else to the presidency. Impeaching him is no answer. Then we'd be stuck with Joe Biden, heaven forfend!

The town halls are Americans at their very best. . . raucous, outspoken, loud and opinionated. And, ultimately, completely legal and understandable. We don't like what's happening in D.C. and we have every right to say so, at the top of our lungs.

Someone told me this morning that it was bordering on treason to hope that President Obama was a failed president. I don't agree - with a caveat. I do hope that his more extreme programs (like the ill-conceived health care plan) will take a dive. I do hope that his reasonable proposals are given consideration and weight and duly voted upon - up or down as Congress may be so moved. The belief that Obama is already a failure as President is my right under the Constitution. I will be proven correct long after I'm dead because it takes 30-50 years for a president to be evaluated fairly and comprehensively. The exception to that is James Earl Carter, Jr. who was the absolute WORST president of the 20th Century (edging out my personal favorite failure - Warren G. Harding) and his utter and complete incompetence was unmistakeable from the very first!

Why do I hope that President Obama's plans for this country fail? Because they are unconstitutional and un-American in the extreme. And a compliant Congress mostly seems to be buying into his bullshit and selling all of us down the river. Why doesn't someone who can afford the costs of litigation file lawsuits questioning the legality of the takeover of the automobile industry? Take the wind right out of that incompetent moron Pelosi's sails? Ditto for the Cadaver over in the Senate. Reid is facing major challenges to his reelection. God is good. Reid is another dessicated cretin of questionable morality.

A friend of mine claims that every president with the exception of Reagan and Andrew Jackson were owned by someone. Do you agree? I don't, but it's tough to prove a negative!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Glenn Beck's advertisers are scurrying away as fast as their quisling little paws can take them. They are, wholesale, caving in to the LeftWing's assault on the First Amendment by removing their advertising from his show.

Now I'm not a huge fan of Glenn Beck. I think he gets really hysterical and is credulous enough to believe every flipping conspiracy theory that comes down the pike, but he does fill a need and is far less likely to make an ass of himself by kissing the butts of the left wing than say an O'Reilly who has devolved into an idiot over the past five years - wholly in love with his own self! That being said, the people who have the stones to advertise on his show will get my patronage (and guys, I'm still spending money - maybe not quite as freely as I once was, but it's still being spent) and the hell with Geico Insurance, Clorox and their confreres in cowardice.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Tell your Congress critters you do not support any tinkering with the current setup at the FCC. The so-called "Fairness Doctrine" is designed to kill Conservative Talk Radio (nobody wants to listen to Air America with good reason) once and for all. They're trying to sneak this one in under the radar so let's let them know we're too savvy for that nonsense!

It is becoming more apparent by the day that our President doesn't really grasp the very real reservations held by many (most?) Americans about the hastily thrown together, ill-conceived and ultimately far too costly [unconstitutional] takeover of the health care industry.

August 21, 2009

Obama Insists Health Plan Will Pass

WASHINGTON — President Obama said Thursday that he “would love to have more Republicans engaged” in the health care negotiations under way in Congress, but expressed doubt that a bipartisan compromise could be reached because he suspected the party’s leadership was intent on defeating his signature domestic priority.

“I think early on, a decision was made by the Republican leadership that said, ‘Look, let’s not give him a victory,’ ” Mr. Obama said, accusing his rivals of trying to reprise the efforts that went into derailing the Clinton health care agenda.

“There are some folks,” he added, “who are taking a page out of that playbook.”

But one lawmaker who participated Thursday night in a conference call among six Republican and Democratic senators trying to reach bipartisan agreement on a health care plan said the senators agreed to keep working together and asked staff members to focus on making health coverage more affordable while holding down medical costs.

It's the return of the vast, right-wing conspiracy!

Zero doesn't seem to realize that HIS party controls the House, the Senate and the White House (but not yet the Supreme Court) and if he can't get his boondoggle rammed through, it can only be laid at the feet of himself!

How's that Hope/Change thingie working out for ya, Mr. President? You have a brain dead robot in charge of the Senate, a woman of almost indiscernible mental capacity as Speaker of the House And you cannot understand why these worthies cannot ramrod your completely ill-conceived plan through either of the two houses of Congress. It has taken too long you idiot (okay, President Idiot) - we've read the damned bill (although certainly most of the congresspersons haven't) and we know what a piece of undiluted crap it truly is. We're honestly protesting it and you think it's a negotiating ploy! What a tool!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Coalitions of interest groups running at least $24 million in pro-overhaul ads hired GMMB, which worked for Obama's 2008 campaign and whose partners include a top Obama campaign strategist. They also hired AKPD Message and Media, which was founded by David Axelrod, a top adviser to Obama's campaign and now to the White House. AKPD did work for Obama's campaign, and Axelrod's son Michael and Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe work there.

Reminds me that Herr Clinton and his harridan of a wife promised the "most ethical" administration in history. Didn't Mr. Obama promise something along those same lines? Hmmm.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Now these idiots have come up with a billboard that shows the back of an overweight woman in a bikini and which says that you can "save a whale" by changing to a vegetarian diet! The implication and the execution are both offensive in the extreme and once again, PETA has proven what infantile simps they truly are. Is being overweight unhealthful? Probably so in most cases, although both men and women who are overweight AND physically active seem to have normal blood pressure and no more ailments than their thinner brothers and sisters. It is likewise true that yo-yo dieting is unhealthful in the extreme. And while a vegetarian diet can be healthful, properly integrated into a weight management program, many other eating plans are equally healthful.

But then people that are overweight are the last group that is acceptable to denigrate and demonize.

SCREW YOU, PETA! And the whale you swam in on!
(which killed his beloved father)

I have just spent 2 days in our local hospital. I had what I am pleased to call roto-rooter work done on the right carotid artery in my neck! When I was in recovery, for unexplained reasons, my blood pressure decided it didn't want to play anymore and dropped precipitously to 70/40 - I know this because I was beginning to return to the land of the living and I could hear the nurses in the recovery room sounding ever so slightly nervous. So they popped my happy butt into ICU (a supremely noisy place to be sure) and there I stayed overnight until my blood pressure stabilized at an acceptable level. From ICU to release in world record time! That's my story.

The article in The Atlantic enumerates many conditions that are not present at our local hospital - Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia - where the ICU, while utilitarian in most respects, is still comfortable and welcoming. The regular hospital rooms (where I sojourned for 3 days after my very mild mini-stroke) are enormously cheerful and pleasant and the hospital food is exceptional. Would you believe, they have a room service menu in each room? You can order what you want, thrice daily. And Mary Washington's kitchens produce one heck of a chicken caesar salad - my staple lunch while I was there! The rooms are equipped with hand sanitizer stations and the staff uses them. Trash is picked up every 8-10 hours. They also wear gloves when they are performing tasks that require any kind of needle stick and are most careful about infections. Perhaps I was lucky enough to land in a first-rate hospital, but my doubts about being so far away from The Ohio State University's world-class medical care, or the Cleveland Clinic, are completely assuaged.

God bless Mary Washington Hospital. I feel enormously lucky to have you in my backyard!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


People protesting outside appearances by President Barack Obama have taken to showing up with their [legal] guns in full view.

Gentlemen (and I use that term reluctantly) - what are you trying to prove? That you have balls? Let's take that as a given. You are also indulging in needless provocation. Sooner or later there will be an "incident" - probably one provoked by Axelrod or his gang of leftwing anti 2nd Amendment cronies. And the 2nd Amendment will once again be put in peril because of your silly behavior.

Knock it the hell off! AND OF COURSE, the suggestion now has been made that these people are left wingers posing as provacateurs to create an incident! That would be the Chicago way!

"The White House e-mail list is made up of e-mail addresses obtained solely through the White House Web site. The White House doesn't purchase, upload or merge from any other list, again, all e-mails come from the White House Web site as we have no interest in e-mailing anyone who does not want to receive an e-mail," the statement said. "If an individual received the e-mail because someone else or a group signed them up or forwarded the e-mail, we hope they were not too inconvenienced."
White House Press Office

You freaking spammed us, you lying sacks of excrement. It's just that simple. Don't go around blaming unnamed "third-party" people for what you did. Man up. Take responsibility. That's what adults do! Spamming is ILLEGAL you ignorant twerps. Plain and simple. The Office of the President of the United States broke the law. No matter who is responsible, the responsibility ultimately rests with Zero. Put on your big boy panties and own it, you supremely unprepared amateur! - Conservatives Now Outnumber Liberals in All 50 States, Says Gallup Poll - Conservatives Now Outnumber Liberals in All 50 States, Says Gallup Poll

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Once again we have been distracted from a major power grab by the Obama administration.

During the last day the House was in session before leaving for its August recess, Rep. Ed Markey's staff introduced HR 3458, the so-called "Internet Freedom Preservation Act," which would essentially enable government control of the Internet, treating the networks as a government-managed utility. (For more information about "net neutrality," read this interview that one of the key "net neutrality" supporters gave to a Canadian socialist publication.) The Markey legislation is considered the last piece of what some conservatives consider to be Democrat and progressive attempts to control the Internet and limit citizens' ability to use the networks to organize and oppose their agenda.

The bill was introduced the same week it was revealed that the Obama Commerce Department was demanding from the phone and cable companies highly detailed data about private citizens' Internet and broadband connections as part of plans of "map" broadband networks across the country.

It was also revealed the White House had put in place a plan to collect email addresses of citizens who opposed the administration's health reform proposal, and then last week we learned that the Obama administration had negotiated deals with companies like Google and YouTube to collect and provide citizens' personal data.

We're heading down the road folks - at double time. You can start by kissing your First Amendment protections adios!

H/T Curmudgeonly and Skeptical

From Andrew Koenig:


The efficiency of the Post Office

The compassion of the IRS

The frugality of Amtrak

What’s not to like?

Monday, August 17, 2009


On Friday's edition of The Factor - which I watch since O'Reilly isn't the host and Laura Ingraham is, a representative of the ever-so-politically correct Democratic Party made it his business to talk about Gov. Sarah Palin in disparaging tones - doing himself or his cause absolutely no good whatsoever. You want to look like a bullying weinie, fellow, have at it. But REAL women like REAL men who don't feel it's necessary to disparage a strong women in order to make their dicks feel normal sized!

The Hammer will be appearing on Dancing With The Stars this season. All that is running through my head is Charles Durning, playing the governor of Texas, in the movie "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" doing his song "A Little Sidestep" - never have I ever seen such pure evil joy radiating as when Durning was doing that dance! If Tom DeLay can muster that kind of soul deep, mischievous joie de vive, he'll beat the crap out of the other competitors! And we'll all have the pleasure of watching their little heads spin around on their necks counterclockwise.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Have these simple-minded idiots ever heard of the First Amendment? Whole Foods is probably well rid of their patronage. Supercilious nincompoops, all of them! They want the CEO who built a very successful organic grocery business from nothing to keep his mouth shut on political matters, but they'll take political advice from Sean Penn and Barbra Streisand! I swear, I give up!


The left-wing, aka Libtards, are blaming Fox News for their problems. (Classic leftwing meme - when in doubt blame someone else!) And, in the course of that rollicking little blame game, they are pressuring the sponsors of Mr. Glenn Beck to withdraw their advertising from his show, and like the craven little cowards they are, some of them are ceasing to look for their cojones and are allowing the Libtards to have their pathetic little victory. I say we make those craven companies pay for their quivering acquiescence to a bunch of anti-Capitalist goons and WE cancel our patronage of their companies.

Here's the spineless crew:

SC Johnson:
Fisk Johnson Chairman & CEO
Phone: (262)260-2000

Petrell Ozbay
Senior Global Public Affairs Manager
Phone: (262) 260-2114

Progressive Insurance:
Glenn Renwick, President & CEO- (440)461-5000

Linda Harris, Advertising & Sponsorships

Tony Nicely
Chairman, President & CEO, Insurance Operations
(301) 986-2462

Chris Tasher, GEICO Media Relations

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Is A Rude Bitch

The Thugs of the Congressional Democratic Caucus continue to demonstrate their disdain and disinterest in the opinions of their employers vis-a-vis health care reform as can be witnessed by the YouTube video of Rep. Lee taking a fairly lengthy telephone call right in the middle of her Town Hall meeting, while a constituent is asking a thoughtful and pertinent question.

Compare it with this:

NJ Teacher To Pay $22K Fine For Phone Call

Asbury Park Teacher To Pay Large Fine For 4-Minute Call Made During Class

Her lawyer says a New Jersey teacher won't appeal a $22,000 fine for making a four-minute personal call in class.

Attorney Stephen Hunter says Desley Getty acknowledges she made a mistake.

The 120-day salary forfeiture will be based on calendar days and will be deducted from a base salary of about $70,000. A previous story had estimated the penalty at as much as $50,000 based on 120 work days.

Court records show the Asbury Park High School performing arts teacher was covering for another teacher in 2008 when she called suspended superintendent Antonio Lewis.

Any chance we can fine Rep. Lee as well?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Mrs. Shriver was one of only two members of the Kennedy clan in her generation that I considered worth a tinker's damn. The other member was her brother, our late president, who had good intentions but poor execution and insufficient time. If you study the speeches of JFK you will see that in many ways, he and Richard M. Nixon had similar points of view.

Brother Edward Kennedy is a waste of human skin, a killer of innocents (both by extension - his support for abortion - and in fact, i.e. the matter of Mary Jo Kopechne).

Mrs. Shriver believed in the infinite possibilities possessed by all humans, however, limited they might appear to be. Her private pain at her sister Rosemary's fate led her to founding the Special Olympics. If you have ever attended one of their events, you will, like me, have experienced the optimism and joy that emanates from these remarkable young people. So she will be missed. How very sad for Maria Shriver - all her beauty and all of her accomplishment and intelligence and position as the First Lady of California cannot protect her from the agonizing and lingering departure of her father due to Alzheimer's and now the death of her beloved mother. I would hope that she took the opportunity in her mother's last months to say to her mother the things that she needed to say (like "I love you" and "Thank you" - mothers need to hear those things - we cannot assume that they know how we feel) so that no guilt accompanies her to her mother's funeral and interment.

Rest in peace dear lady. May angels escort you to your well deserved rest!

When the left was disrupting the 1968 and 1972 Republican National Conventions (and, in the process, hoping to 'off' a few elderly Republicans) that was characterized as speaking truth to power. When the right and moderates are legitimately protesting a 1,000 page health care bill that was thrown together with indecent haste by a Congress primarily interested in rushing to adjournment, that's called being a "brownshirt" or a "Nazi" and thus those with legitimate concerns about this gigantic boondoggle are being insulted and demonized by the very public servants whose salary they pay! They are scurrying forward to pass a bill they haven't even read! Has anyone read this piece of legislation? Actually, the reason they're experiencing such protests is that someone HAS read the legislation! WE have!

Why should we have any faith in the health care legislation knowing that it will be administered by the same geniuses who cannot handle the Cash for Clunkers program effectively!?

Somehow it occurs to me that the best method to ensure your reelection in 2010 is to refrain from insulting the very people whose votes you need to keep your job. I'm just saying!

And that arrogant pipsqueak who is currently in the White House suggests we just "shut up and get out of the way" - he can shove that up his you-know-what with feathers on it! Hey, you rude, ignorant little shit - YOU work for ME not the other way around. You WILL shut up and listen to what your EMPLOYERS are telling you they want! Come to think of it, that's probably what you're doing - but WE THE PEOPLE are your true employers - not George Soros and the rest of that leftist gang of yours!

And yes folks, I'm back from my carotid artery surgery - a procedure that probably saved my life and one which might not have been available to me under this new legislation! In all probability it would have been a "rationed" procedure denied me, despite my private health care coverage. And it may be this prospect of rationed care that is causing my doctor to insist on doing the second procedure in early September!

Monday, August 03, 2009


This is the reason that Yu-Na Kim of South Korea will win the ladies' Olympic gold medal in Calgary next year! And in winning, she will have achieved a truly international victory since she is coached by Brian Orser of Canada! This young woman is the complete package. Beautiful young woman with a beautiful way of moving across the ice, dependable and secure jumps and a magnificent ear for the music!