Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have recently had a month-long visitor, someone I dearly love. One of the prior conditions of his coming to stay with me was that there was to be no drinking - I grew up in a household with an alcoholic parent and have no desire to repeat that experience. Needless to say, that rule was thoroughly ignored. My guest arrived roaring, falling-down drunk and pretty much stayed that way during his entire visit. He has now departed south for the winter and hopefully, he'll be less stewed while there.

The thing I don't get, despite years in Al-Anon (which taught me a lot about the families of alcoholics and very little about the psychology of the alcoholic him or herself), is how someone who readily admits to being an alcoholic can continue to indulge themselves in such self-destructive behavior all the while claiming that their addiction is a special case and that they can stop drinking at any time - but they never do!

This is a brilliant human being, absolutely blindingly so (again, my IQ is slightly higher but I am far less well-read and erudite) with a great deal of charm and good looks and potential. He dissipates it all, and his physical well-being, by quaffing all manner of alcoholic beverages to the point of stupidity!

My heart is sad for his pain, which he exacerbates greatly with his addiction - he cannot and will not contribute all that he can. It's tragic and heartbreaking and I'm glad he is out from under my roof because the stress on me was enormous.

And perhaps that is the worst thing about alcoholism and addiction in general - okay, if you want to drown yourself in an ocean of booze, go ahead and do it. But don't take innocent bystanders down with you as most addicts generally do!

Well, I wasn't about to drown and I wasn't about to be an enabler. He's gone elsewhere now and while I love him and miss him enormously, I'm in a state of absolute relief for myself and the peace and serenity of my home.

It used to be that "innocent until proven guilty" was our way of life. Now people are eviscerated and destroyed in the media, even people who might, just might, be the salvation of our nation's economy and security. In other words, men like Herman Cain.

Bill Clinton got away with serial affairs and blatant falsehoods, even to the point of impeachment proceedings and yet, today he is considered an elder statesman of some sort by many (not me)! We had a rapist for a president and many seem to be okay with that! The mind boggles, seriously!

The pinhead who is now occupying the White House is a grossly unprepared and incompetent buffoon and the only reason I don't say what I truly think of him is because he occupies the office of the President, whether legitimately or not I cannot ascertain although I have my opinions. I do respect the office and thus, do not wish the man any harm. I just wish him gone - by legitimate means only! In other words, I want the voters to reject him for a second, undeserved and wholly dangerous four years!

Herman Cain may or may not have conducted a consensual affair with some woman whose morals I have to question because she knew full well he was married. I also think her claims are a load of bull, but that's my opinion based on the facial and body language of the accuser. Why didn't we hear from her when Mr. Cain first started running for the office. In fact, why on earth are all these charges only surfacing when he becomes a threat to The Anointed One? Just asking.

Maybe Newt is the best candidate after all. All his scandal is already right out there in the open and I have to say that watching Teleprompter Guy try to debate Newt would be a treat for all. Newt would mop the floor with him without even breaking an intellectual sweat. He is brilliant. I also am unsure of Newt's ability to govern and manage the office. Maybe Calista will give him some assistance with that aspect of the presidency.

In fact, anyone but Obama - if only because we'd then be spared the spectacle of the endless campaigning and vacations and golf games and whatnot!

I'd like to see someone in the office who knows that there are only 50 states (not 57) and who knows that Hawaii is NOT in Asia as the incumbent apparently believes!

And as to Herman Cain - if these various charges are all false, then he should sue the shit out of the people making the claims and get his pound of flesh that way while also serving notice that there is a downside to making false accusations!

Sunday, November 06, 2011


It was an interesting competition. The Russian ice dancers (they are so over the top I didn't bother to learn their names) came in first, but are totally unfit to compete on the same ice as Davis/White and Virtue/Moir. They barely defeated our own Shibutani siblings who were excellent.

The men have decided (or felt compelled) to put multiple quads into their programs. This led to a somewhat sloppy competition with a lot of butts hitting the ice and the winner, Jeremy Abbott of the U.S. ending up winning because other than his stumble on the quad at the beginning of his program, his skate was lyrical and lovely.

The Russians are making a big push to stick their toes back under the table in the pairs competition. The Chinese are finding that to be a non-starter. Good for them.

There weren't a lot of dark roots but plenty of dirty skate laces to be seen. Could my bitching be having an effect? Naw....!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


The idea of dating someone for 6 months and then becoming engaged and married in a lavish, over-the-top wedding ceremony (3 dresses - really?) is an insult to the concept and intention of marriage. Her unwillingness to compromise her princess dreams is just a vague idea of what was wrong with the whole thing. Okay, it seems to have worked for Khloe (who has more common sense than her older sister apparently since she knows that marriage requires compromise and hard work) but just because it works for one sister, doesn't mean that her pampered, self-involved, utterly brainless older sister can do it. Kim Kardashian cannot utter a sentence without using the work "like" 20 times! She is a dumbass!

Kris Humphries himself said it best when he opined during one of the pre-wedding episodes, "Four years ago you were selling dresses in a shop in the Valley and now you're some kind of princess?" She sneered at his hometown in Minnesota, unwilling to even consider living like a normal human being for part of the year. And then she prattled on about her "career" (what career unless you mean posing for pictures endlessly and sticking out your big ass and flashing your big tits at the world). And then, apparently because Kris desired some kind of normal married life, she flounces off to a divorce attorney and files after 72 days of marriage! That's what I call true commitment and work ethic! Skank that she is. he's well rid of her!

First, let me preface by saying that I dislike the competitive group dance concept with a great deal of passion.

Second, I thought all of the individual dances were fairly lackluster, including the dance of J.R. Martinez. What moron gave him (they don't choose their own music) the theme from Ghost Busters as a tango backdrop? Were they trying to sabotage him? Maybe they were trying to give Ricki Lake an edge? Regardless, we can prevent those kinds of subtle manipulations from working!

I was also impressed with Rob Kardashian's focus, given his sister's ridiculous marriage drama! He is really developing as a dancer and I applaud him for that.

I notice that the odious Hope Solo and her rude and cranky professional partner Maks are still there. May one inquire as to why? She cannot dance, she has a nasty, "entitled" disposition and she cannot have that big a fan base. Then again, people voted for Obama!

It was a shame to see David Arquette voted off.

During the results show, the dancing of the luminous young Christina Ferri was absolutely inspirational. Talk about courage and heart, not to mention some serious talent. It reminded me of when Scott Hamilton returned to the ice after his bout with testicualar cancer. When he finished his first skate with a back flip, his words were magnificently appropriate: "I won!" Ms. Ferri can say the same! And so can we, from seeing her dance so beautifully.