Friday, August 31, 2012


Watched the speeches last night. Thought Clint Eastwood should not have ad-libbed. At his age, ad libs aren't a great idea! But I loved his line about the politicians being OUR employees! And the subtle imagery of him talking to an empty chair was outstanding.

The other speakers were excellent, particularly Marco Rubio. He is impressive and looks about 12 years old, a genetic gift that will serve him well as he ages!

I was both surprised and pleased by Romney's acceptance speech. He was likable, thorough and passionate (in his own laid-back way) and I found the humor in his facial expression when he announced that The Won had promised to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet absolutely hilarious. His follow-up that he and Paul Ryan would worry about our families was priceless.

All things considered, I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Romney last night. He needs to work on not doing that "Ed Sullivan" thingie with his shoulders but other than that, he was quite good. Naturally the leftwing media is finding all manner of fault with his performance but screw 'em - they're already in the tank for the incumbent idiot (which makes them what?). I trust my own eyes, my own ears and my own perceptions far more than I do those of Chris Matthews and his tingly leg!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am totally and madly in love with the Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez. She's smart, well-spoken, passionate and supremely logical. She has come from a completely ordinary background that is, nonetheless extraordinary. She is a fine example of the American dream realized.

Paul Ryan was impressive and if he just continues to do what he did last night, that fraudulent dork in the White House is toast! No matter how many lies he tells and how many credulous people believe those lies, enough people will see the Obama campaign's falsehoods for what they are and will vote for Mitt Romney in retaliation. The illegal alien ran a smart campaign last time, filled with smoke and mirrors to be sure but it was still a brilliantly run campaign. Because his 4 year record is dismal, he has nothing upon which to run. Ergo the negative and salacious ads accusing Mitt Romney of heinous behavior that just didn't happen!

Rock on Republicans. Who cares if Romney has elevator music in his iPod!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Yes, indeed, I have been having an actual life. Impossible as it might seem to me, I turned 70 a month or more ago, among other things. Also, my dear Linda has been continuing to suffer horrendous physical challenges and is, in fact, facing another surgery today at 11:30 a.m. Please pray for her. This insanity has been going on since March and she is thin and fragile and thoroughly frustrated and I don't blame her. In the meantime, I've been observing the insanity called the political process and I have a few thoughts on the subject. First of all, Mitt Romney is not now nor has he ever been my first choice of candidate. That being said, what choice do we have? Another four years of that cretinous yahoo in the White House will go a long way toward destroying this country. And if that doesn't happen, his vice president will surely continue down the path of embarrassing this entire nation with his endless gaffes. Dan Quayle didn't make nearly as many verbal goofs and he was soundly ridiculed by every liberal in the nation. By comparison to Biden, he was a model of verbal genius! As a senior citizen, I seriously resent the continuing talk of Social Security and Medicare as an "entitlement". Have any of you looked at your pay stub lately (if indeed you are among the fortunate ones who still get such a thing)? Medicare money is deducted from each of our checks on a regular basis and both you and your employer are paying into Social Security regularly. So the Congress and the president need to stop acting like the monies reserved for the welfare and health care of seniors is a lottery they have just won and can fritter away at will! That's OUR MONEY and should be left alone - entirely - and carefully tended. The last thing any of you want is a bunch of ticked off seniors going to the ballot box. We have the TIME to vote and the will to do so. The advertising is the most disgusting from the Dems but I am really enjoying some of the hard hitting and on point ads being run by the RNC. I may feel disposed to send them a sheckel or two as a sign of gratitude for being ballsy enough not to try to curry favor with the liberal dimwits!