Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The show is terrific, don't get me wrong. But a few things need to be fixed.

First of all, most of the male professionals look like Louis Van Amstel clones! Since they all train at his center, that's to be expected, but perhaps some variety would be helpful. The only two I don't see as being as studied and predictable as the rest are Derek Hough and Mark Ballas. Maybe DWTS needs to look outside the current gene pool for its male professionals.

I love the current crop of judges, but they need to be augmented a bit. Paula Abdul would be a good judge, so would Jennifer Lopez. Why not ask the incredible Rita Moreno to sit in as a guest judge. She is after all, one kick-ass dancer. How about Chita Rivera? Here's a thought - Catherine Zeta-Jones as a judge? Talk about a ratings booster. I'm just sick of Bruno's theatricality at the judging table, Len's grump and Carrie Ann's emotionalism.

Quit fiddling with the format. Tonight's final dance-off is redundant and robs the fans of the right to have their final input.

Finally - young performers like Zendaya do not belong on the show. They don't have the maturity to express themselves and end up being a distraction. Yes, she is somewhat talented and yes, she can dance fairly well, but does she move you like an Ali Raisman's hard-fought journey or the unexpectedly exquisite Kellie Pickler? I don't see it.

And a nitpick - professional females, if you're going to be a bleached blonde, do your damned roots! Show some respect for the audience and your craft. I'm talking to you Peta and Kym.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The only thing I can figure is that the New York "elites" (those who do not know or care that this country exists West of the Hudson River) are somehow protecting him, but that suggests that the protectors of this small-minded, nasty little man have a very peculiar version of a sense of humor!

David Letterman is not funny.

David Letterman is not SMART.

David Letterman confuses personal attacks and repetitive nonsense as somehow equating with actual humor.

David Letterman is an ASS!

The sooner this insensitive boorish twit is banished from the airwaves, the better.

David Letterman must go, along with his sycophantic band leader and his Top-10 Unfunny Lists!