Monday, February 24, 2014


I have a friend, a longtime friend of 30 years, to whom I have always been supportive and kind. She, on the other hand, has committed a number of non-friend offenses, going back to the early 90s when we both were at a law firm in Los Angeles. She couldn't understand why the other secretaries disliked her so much. Here's the clue - they disliked her because they liked me and were offended by her talking about me disparagingly behind my back!

So now here we are, a goodly number of years later - and not much has changed. Someone she once worked with, an intelligent woman who drinks like a fish and becomes maudlin and sloppy after she indulges in her nightly habit, is staying with us and suddenly, I am like a bad smell in our household. My "friend" feels perfectly free to laugh at me, insult me and generally act as though I have no right to live. She is actually offended that I don't help her clean her house - clean up messes SHE has made! Yeah, right, like that's going to happen!

So what I'm thinking is this: I'm going to get a job that pays me enough money that I can pay off some bills, pay a mover and resettle myself in a place where I feel comfortable and loved.

My question is this: Does this "friend" deserve to ever hear from me again once that is done?

My present stance is "Hell no!"

Just saying.

Friday, February 21, 2014


The figure skating competition(s) were entertaining and annoying simultaneously! The entertainment came from the brilliant skating, both in the team competition and in the individual events. The judging was questionable in the Ladies' Final and both Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski were annoying as hell, never shutting up. And Johnny Weir acted more like a cheerleader than a commentator. How many routines (I stopped counting) did he proclaim to be "flawless"? As far as the final event, the Ladies' competition, was concerned, the scoring was incomprehensible and WRONG. Clearly the "stacked" judging panel had something to do with it. there is no way that Russia's skater deserved the Gold. Maybe the bronze, but both Yu Na Kim and Carolina Kostner skated far more skillfully and with more exquisite lyricism. And those things matter. The "secret" judges seem to me to be a total flop!

However, Hanyu deserved the Gold, as did Davis and white. The team medals were awarded accurately.

Now onto my regular kvetching. There were dark roots and dirty skate laces, as well as soiled skates. This is the OLYMPICS kids, and these things ARE important. Feathers and sequins and lovely lacy costumes are wonderful, but good grooming matters!

Finally, MAO ASADA. I have never really cared for her. She has always seemed somehow cold and arrogant to me. However, at these Olympics, she displayed a level of courage and the heart of a champion. After ending up in 16th place after the short program, a result that left her near tears. She came back in the final and skated with courage, skill and pure beauty. it was a flawless performance which left her 20 points ahead temporarily and gave me respect beyond measure.

So now on to the rest of the Olympics!