Monday, January 30, 2012


Like being unable to turn your head away from a train wreck, I had to watch the finale of the current season of the Kourtney and Kim Take New York program.

What I saw sickened me. When Scott Dissick of all people is the clarion voice of reason on the show ("You do know that you are married?"). the Kim K brand is heading for the Edsel heap of history. Perhaps her erstwhile soon-to-be-ex-husband put it best when he opined that by the time they started having children, nobody would care about her was absolutely on target.

They entered into this marriage with immature expectations. She wanted a fairytale, he wanted a WIFE! They had never had a discussion about where they would live, how many children they wanted, anything but whether or not he was going to shave off his freaking mustache! Listening to her talk, she cannot articulate a single sentence without using the word "like" improperly at least 4 times in one sentence. It's obvious why she dropped out of school. She's stupid people! And clearly she doesn't understand that marriage is hard work. Khloe, no fan of Kris Humphries, reminded Kim several times that marriage is hard work, both before and after the lavish, ridiculously over-the-top wedding (and she wore white - how lame is that when she's been married before and is clearly no virgin).

I am very happy that the show is over since I could not tolerate more of her whining about how unhappy she is. She's unhappy because she chose to be a selfish, ignorant brat who wants her husband to bow down to her, much as Bruce Jenner bows down to Kris Jenner! Marriage should be a partnership, you ignorant twit! Although, I did find it irritating and amusing in equal parts that Kris H. reacted to her obsessive neatness compulsion (born no doubt of the fact that she's too stupid to find things if they aren't placed in a pre-determined spot all the time) by being deliberately messy. Grown-ups do not behave this way!

J.C. Penny clearly wants to induce a permanent state of "peeve" in its potential customers with their utterly obnoxious screaming commercial which makes no sense and generally ruins the hearing (temporarily) of those of us who cannot get to the "mute" button fast enough!

Likewise Geico - the squealing pig has gotten on my last nerve - and then some! Enough already! Cute concept, annoying execution!

Life is tough folks, we need to laugh. So for your Monday assignment, pick your favorite liberal and have at it! Myself, I'm going to laugh at that ridiculous harridan Nancy Pelosi who is mincing around shrilling her new mantra "I've got something that will destroy Newt Gingrich"! To which he, very properly responds, "Do your worst you incompetent crone!" only he says it nicer!

Let's all have a good laugh at the woman whose brain is so poisoned by excessive Botox that she cannot maintain her mask of sweetness and light which was so transparently phoney that only another liberal would buy it! Nancy, you despicable twit - don't you know that conservatives are miles smarter than the smartest liberal. In fact, I dare say that if Newt and I were in the same room with all the Dems in Congress, we'd outpoint them on the IQ measurements! And I'm not THAT smart! My sister, however, is that smart and I'd love to see her take on old Nancy!

Memo to all the pundits, commentators, so-called journalists out there - I don't give a rat's eardrum who runs against OBAMA, just so long as they BEAT Obama in all 50 states! Although there's faint hope for Massachusetts and probably Maryland!

FINAL BUT CRITICAL NOTE: All those who speak on television, kindly remember that GRAMMAR matters! It isn't "Like I said". It is "As I said". And a hat tip to my beloved late friend Clara Wochele!

Monday, January 23, 2012


It doesn't matter what Barbara Walters says on The View - the anti-Republican bias was crystal clear, even in her defense of the so-called "elite media"!

The only reason ABC-News ran the hit piece featuring Marianne Gingrich, whose face betrays all her bitterness and ill-will toward her former husband, was to stage an "October surprise" on Newt's campaign. None of this was news really - all of it had been discussed years ago in the press and by Newt himself. That makes the intent of ABC News quite obvious to me, at least, they were trying to slap down another Republican, using their favorite slapping tool - sex. And, once again, they trotted out that same old crap - Newt was part of the group who went after Bill Clinton for his sexual escapades!

First of all, and let's say this one final time: The impeachment wasn't about SEX. It was about lying to a Grand Jury and a Federal judge. Bill Clinton was a lawyer. It isn't done! It's a felony. He should have gone to jail for his bullshit!

But let's remind people, he was committing sexual harassment as well! Using his position to literally bring a chubby little dumbkopf of an intern to her knees. Isn't that something liberal women shriek and holler about?

We won't even discuss the women who have accused him of rape!

Where is it written that only Republicans are not supposed to have sex? Who would WANT to have sex with a liberal? They are the most joyless and utterly contemptible people on earth (at least most of them). And their women are truly ugly with the sour, arrogant, sanctimonious faces that would make a man marooned on a desert island think twice and then say no!

CNN stepped in a pile of doggie do when they asked the question at the opening of the GOP debate in South Carolina. No amount of backpeddling, excuses and whining is going to change that fact.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well now we're 3 for 3 since Santorum WON Iowa, Romney won New Hampshire and now Newt has dominated in South Carolina!

Apparently Senor Roboto isn't as inevitable as he has been touted to be by the complicit mainstream media, eh?

Why is Ron Paul still in the race. At age 76, he's way too damned old to be president, not to mention that his foreign policy ideas are from the crumbled cookie bin! I'm not being ageist folks. I'm 69 years old myself and I have to tell you, I have lost a few steps in the past couple of years and I am not as sturdy as I once was! Far from it. And compared to Ron Paul, I'm a mere stripling, age-wise.

Anything other than withdrawing from the race and quietly going about his business contributing to the crazy on The Hill is unacceptable. He hasn't a chance in hell and if he is such a sore loser as to mount a 3rd party effort, he'd be handing the odious Obama another full term!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


For those who haven't seen it yet, trundle on over to The Anchoress to access the YouTube video of Newt Gingrich absolutely laying out the CNN anchor who chose to lead the debate in South Carolina with a question about the interview with Marianne Gingrich that ran on ABC-TV to their eternal shame!

First, it's a prime example of "He said, she said" so-called journalism (of which William Randolph Hearst would be sooooo proud) with no way to actually prove the veracity of Marianne - and we must remember she is a rejected and bitter former spouse - although Newt's daughters emphatically swear that he asked no such thing of Marianne.

In essence, Newt has already confessed his shortcomings, made amends as best he can, is being gentleman enough not to call Marianne a fame whore seeking vengeance and he is happily married to his true partner Callista who has made him a better man in every way. He is more focused, more disciplined, more at peace with himself.

To the various news outlets that are trying to make big ratings with this crap - shame on you! You deserve the falling ratings and lowered revenues that are the resulting from lowered readership.

And shame on all the slavering sycophants of The Won who are lapping up this poisoned so-called reporting as though it is the gift of life itself. It isn't. It's garbage. It is unworthy of the so-called professional journalist.

Call me a true believer, but I heard and assimilated into my soul every single bit of the ethics training I was given in J-school! What's your excuse you yellow journalism peddling hacks?

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The hypocritical asshats of the mainstream media, led by television reporters and a bitter former spouse has begun.

Clearly, they are frightened that Newt's success will derail the preordained (by the media) ascendancy of Wilbur Romney as the GOP's candidate for president - a candidate they apparently think Obama can defeat!

Wife #2 is coming forward in a so-called "bombshell" interview claiming that Newt wanted an open marriage! Of course, the babbling babes of both The View and The Talk have jumped right on it with their total lack of moderation and clear thinking. Why do I say there is no clear thinking involved? Because all this stuff was already out there - years ago!

Newt has already acknowledged that he was a terrible husband to wives #1 and #2. He has not been a bad husband to wife #3. Callista has taught him discipline, patience and brought him to a religious conversion. She is his intellectual equal in almost every way and that was apparently what was needed to tame the wild man! He has acknowledged that he is a different man and evidence of that has been seen throughout the campaign, although he did lose his temper with Romney and the SuperPac savaging directed at him during the Iowa campaign. He seems to have regained his focus and his poise, and I have no doubt that his wife is partially responsible for that turnaround.

In other words, this is a man who is capable of change and learning. Newt is brilliant. Newt is mercurial like many brilliant people. I would rather have the mercurial Newt as my president than Robotic Man Romney and either would be universes better than the Kenyan Wetback and his socialist and anti-Christian proclivities!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Of course, the glib response is that there is always hope.

I fear for and pray for our Republic because there are incompetent boobs in charge at the moment (the so-called "vetting" process used in making the various loans to the "green" companies revealed people who don't know whatinhell they are doing is a prime example) and I wish I could say I see better quality coming from the Republican party.

I think Newt may be the best we've got on offer and I'm somewhat jumpy about him. If Romney runs with Gov. Christie as his vice president, we'll have a #2 who is bluntspoken on his worst day but also more of a RINO than the party's base will like. Although the prospect of Christie debating that dimwit Biden is somewhat tantalizing. As is the prospect of Newt eviscerating Obama.

Ron Paul on foreign policy is consistent with his libertarian beliefs but they are frightening.

Santorum makes the most sense to me, but I don't have a good feeling about him debating Obama and his teleprompter.

We need to run a well thought-out and completely coordinated campaign against The Won in order to defeat him so thoroughly that there's no chance of the Dems cheating, which they are so prone to do!

Bottom line - the negative ads against Romney are taking that arrow out of Obama's quiver and the negative ads against Newt are defanging that particular issue as well!

Pray for our Republic people. It may well be that only God can help us now!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thank you God for this wonderful young man!

Next season will be far better! I don't like the Patriots, don't like Tom Brady at all (I think he's a sleazeball) but they played one heck of a game tonight. So congratulations to them on a well deserved win.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I certainly hope not but then again, the other candidates don't seem to be able to muster sufficient momentum to challenge him properly!

They are fighting him in all the wrong ways. Since when do Republicans challenge the so-called front runner for being a capitalist for heaven sakes!

When you add the totals for Huntsman and that loon Ron Paul together (I'm sorry - Paul's ideas on foreign policy are ludicrous) they total far more than Romney's total. That says to me that people in New Hampshire were pretty tepid about Romney. If he's getting votes on "electability" then that's wrong. We want electable AND proper Republican thinking as well!

Memo to Gingrich, Perry and Santorum. Stick to the facts fellas - if you're going to attack Romney, do it on the waffling issues (if you don't have waffling in your resume) and on the Romney care issue and beyond all of that - save your best salvos for Barack Hussein Obama. Convince the public that you are electable b y showing how you'll go after that son of a bitch in the White House who is destroying our Republic!

Saturday, January 07, 2012


Ron Paul should quietly and in perpetuity withdraw from the presidential race in expiation of the hateful and disgusting ad run on YouTube by some of his supporters.

If this is the type of supporter Rep. Paul attracts, he is nobody who should be running for president of this nation. We've already suffered enough at the hands of another nutjob - the current occupant of the Oval Office!

Using a candidate's family in the way that this YouTube video ad used Mr Huntsman's is an intolerable act and Rep. Paul must withdraw in a clear signal that this kind of political oafishness is not to be permitted in any candidate's campaign! Baby girls are routinely murdered in both China and India and the fact that Jon Huntsman has adopted one or more of these females is a testament to the largeness of his heart!

After the Obama morons violated bankruptcy laws by taking over General Motors and putting their union thug pals in the catbird seat at GM, they then opted to subsidize the Chevy Volt - an electric vehicle, of which 7,000 have been sold. So far the cost to the taxpayers is around $3 billion.

GM is now volunteering to recall 8,000 of these vehicles (they must have 1,000 unsold or the numbers don't work out) because there's a small problem - the battery in the car is a fire hazard!

Could we have a more embarrassing administration? I don't think so!

Give O'Reilly credit for this line: "So these cars are a fire hazard! Wouldn't 7,000 Chevy Volts catching fire be BAD for global warming?"

It's a $40,000 vehicle, with a $7,250 taxpayer subsidy (I drive a Chevy and it isn't even WORTH that much money and I'm SUBSIDIZING some stuck-up idiot who wants to drive a fire hazard that I could not afford?).

How stupid is our administration? The mind boggles!

Friday, January 06, 2012


Why is it, pray tell, that far too many voice overs and actors in commercials that are currently being aired are Australian? Don't get me wrong, I have a great deal of admiration for the people of Australia and I'm sure that there isn't as much work there as there is here.

However, there are a LOT of American actors who are qualified for and needing the work and they should be given first crack at any commercials.

Aside from everything else, I find the Australian accent to be both annoying and grating to the ear! (Blame that perfect pitch thingie of mine).

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


You put in the work, the basic door-to-door campaigning that used to be the norm in this country and by golly, it paid off.

In the "good old days" campaigns didn't drive people nuts with the robo-calls (I routinely hang up on them) and the other high tech nonsense that most campaigns employ but instead relied on person-to-person contact to get their point across. Only Rick Santorum has been quietly campaigning in Iowa, visiting all 99 counties and demonstrating the up close and personal people skills he possesses.

Now if you can just drive that lunatic (on foreign policy) Ron Paul out of the race with sufficient force to persuade him that a third-party candidacy is a bad idea, I'll be delighted to vote for you. It should be clearly apparent to the RNC fossils and the bought and paid for lamestream media, that the grass roots Republicans are not buying the "Romney is inevitable" bullshit!