Thursday, July 28, 2011


So okay, that may have been slightly over-the-top but, in no specific order, here are a few of my all time disliked commercials (this week at least)!

  1. "That's for babies" - featuring a badly dressed, clearly overcoddled little female person rejecting any clothing suggested by her wimpy mother who doesn't just say, "This is what you're wearing darling and deal with it!". But the kid likes Cheerios. Which means that as long as that commercial is running, I'm not buying the damned things!
  2. "Nobody touches my Butterfingers snackers!" - an overprivileged, not terribly attractive, faux-Southern belle is sitting with a guest when she pours out a bag of the aforementioned treats into a bowl. The friend, believing that hospitality is on offer, reaches out to have a taste, thus triggering the candy bowl's defensive capabilities and getting her fingers zapped! This is a demonstration of total rudeness. If you're going to put out food when you have a guest in the house, then that guest should be invited to sample the candy!
  3. The pertussis commercial which, while highlighting a possibly serious threat to infant health, manages to do so in a fashion that is horrendously unpleasant and off-putting to those of us who aren't blessed (?) with infants in our homes. And it runs every 20 seconds it seems on some channels. Personally, I just change the channel.
  4. Captain Morgan Rum commercials - all of them are just annoying and offensive.
  5. The diaper commercial with the pee fountain shooting up out of the infant's diaper. In the first place, no baby can shoot that strong a stream and in the second, this stupid commercial is often seen at meal times.
  6. The heart wrenching ASPCA or other animal rescue commercials. On too frequently, too filled with pathos and hey you dorks - the damned polar bears aren't dying! Unless they're dying of embarrassment from those commercials! Global Climate Change (as they're calling it now) is a hoax people!
  7. Any commercial or advance peek at "The View" where the ugly face of Joy Behar is visible, just on general principles. I don't watch this show because I thoroughly dislike the obscenely biased presentations and the strident stupidity of Joy(less) Behar! Whoopie I can take, Barbara I can take. Joy Behar offends me for days! I'm biased and glad to proclaim it - against HER!
UPDATE: I truly despise the toilet paper commercial where the man is too freaking lazy to walk down the hall and get a fresh roll of toilet paper and thus, gets his hair shaved off by too rough, gets himself decorated with too soft and so forth. Get off your dead ass and go get a COUPLE of rolls you moron!

Then there's the dumb couple who are so astonished by the arrival of some lame ass magician with new packaging for popcorn. Does she really have to prattle on about how amazing it is - WITH HER MOUTH FULL? And our children watch these commercials and learn from them. Shocking.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Every damned time he opens his mouth!

His speech last night was a masterpiece of untruths, exaggerations, hyperbole and campaign rhetoric blaming President Bush for the current budget impasse. Really? At what point do you take responsibility for your manifest failures?

Barack Hussein Obama, easily the most incompetent president EVER (against some pretty tough competition that includes the inept and disastrous James Earl Carter, Jr.) managed to not only blame President Bush for his nearly three years of unprecedented failures, but also managed to show major disrespect to his "go-to" guy in the Senate, Senator Harry Reid, who is showing some intelligence by distancing himself from "Typhoid Barry" on The Hill.

The country can, with the grace of God, survive this ludicrous faux President. What it cannot survive is another four years of his lackluster, fumbling, weak-kneed and anti-American administration!

Friday, July 15, 2011


"The American people are sold [on higher taxes]," Obama said. "The problem is members of Congress are dug in ideologically." You're damned skippy you delusional twit!

Our increasingly out-of-touch president seems to think that 80% of Americans WANT higher taxes. No you jug-eared, incapable, cretinous yahoo, we don't. We want you to stop SPENDING our money unwisely.

Did the Tea Party movement teach you nothing? Are you so incredibly politically tone-deaf? Go play golf and quit running your ignorant mouth, sir! You aren't qualified to be president of this country, intellectually or in terms of character. We won't even discuss your constitutional situation! Nor should we discuss the fact that you need to be thoroughly vetted by a large and talented team of mental health professionals! Things aren't going your way so you are stamping your little foot, wagging your little finger and pretending that reality isn't true!


Thursday, July 07, 2011


Started thinking today about who we choose to accept as "celebrities" and "stars" and realized that there is no rhyme or reason for most of the people who have careers (Paris Hilton comes to mind) despite a noticeable lack of real talent!

Then there is the beautiful and talented Nadia Bjorlin. All you need to do is look at her and listen to the glorious voice and you wonder why she isn't one of the biggest stars ever! She easily sings opera and yet show tunes don't elude her abilities either. She is absolutely gorgeous. Those blue eyes are mesmerizing!

I swear, we are a very weird bunch of people in this nation!

When the Casey Anthony verdict was announced, I was sickened by the poor prosecution efforts (although the obsessive media coverage sickened me even more) and the poor result therefrom. I doubt that there are many people in this country (and abroad) who truly believe Casey Anthony was not in some way responsible for her 2-year-old daughter's death! Whether through misadventure or intent, this woman has - in my opinion - blood on her hands.

Now that the sentencing is complete and it appears that she won't be waltzing out of prison to drink champagne with her utterly amoral defense team (I mean - yes, you must defend your client rigorously - but there are rules of decency that ought to be followed regardless!) she is apparently looking forward to making a bunch of money from the death of her child and her subsequent prosecution for that death. Talk about blood money.

All that being said, my feelings are, leave her to the mercy of the Great Judge and expect the heavenly finger to be given to any media outlet that puts money into this bitch's hands. Let karma deal with her and in the meantime, pray for the repose of the soul of Caylee Anthony who - given the quality of mothering she apparently received - is truly in a much better place, in the hands of her Creator who loves her, will not harm her and will protect her and cherish her.

Finally - another question - what's the deal with Casey Anthony's forehead? She looks like a mini-throwback to prehistoric man!? Get bangs, hide that disgusting evidence of just how primitive you are!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


And that most of us remembered what the day was about - which didn't include hot dogs and hamburgers and frightening the neighborhood cats and dogs half to death with fireworks!

HBO to my astonishment actually showed a completely appropriate day of the mini-series about John Adams. I did not know that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. They were good friends and then very much at odds with each other until in their very much later years they mended the rift and became friends again. Each assumed that the other was still alive to celebrate the anniversary.

A great deal of attention was paid to the deep bonds between John Adams and Abigail Adams. They were married 54 years when she died and he was still very much in love with her. Modern politicians should take note.

Finally, saw a Sean Hannity program last week that featured nearly an entire hour interview with Herman Cain. The man is impressive to be sure. And he may be someone the Dems cannot denigrate without shooting themselves in the foot. Of course, now that Joe Biden is on Twitter, we may not have to wait so long to hear HIS gaffes!

In any event, hope you all had a great holiday weekend despite the oppressive heat and were safe and sane and filled with patriotic sentiments.

Friday, July 01, 2011


The recent offensive behavior of some New Yorkers (with the apparent acquiescence of the others around them) at an outdoor showing of a film which was attended by Glenn Beck WITH his wife and daughter is a very good sign that this city has absolutely no manners and no class.

While I believe that most New Yorkers consider themselves the cream of the crop, brimming with intelligence and style, I'm here to tell you that the behavior of those people who were overtly intolerant of Mr. Beck and his family are the most thuggish cretins on planet Earth!

I am always reminded of the comment of former critic Pauline Kael when Richard Nixon was elected to his first term: "I don't know how he won; nobody I know voted for him!" What a dumb bitch! These New York people (like the Angelenos and the San Franciscans) believe that so-called flyover country is populated by cretino0us yahoos with no education, no breeding, no intelligence and no class. In actual fact, we are the ones who keep your leaky rowboats afloat you moronic twits and it's high time someone said so!

We can start by voting that class-warfare-promoting jerk Obama out of office!