Friday, March 30, 2007


Joe Lieberman is the most powerful man in the United States Senate, at least so far as the Democrats are concerned, since he provides their ONE VOTE majority.

In a powerful op-ed in USA Today, Senator Lieberman makes a strong point about the reality of the current Democratic plans to hamstring our commanders in the field and the Commander In Chief and he uses the word "retreat" three times. And they don't dare challenge him because he IS their majority. The last thing they want to do is push him into the arms of the Republican Party.

You go Joe! Keep on telling truth to idiots. You do it well.

At a brilliant article by Lorie Byrd says everything that needs to be said about the absolute disgrace named Rosie O'Donnell - ignorant liberal and babbling idiot. I recommend reading this if you read nothing else today.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


It seems some of the "news" magazines are waxing nostaglic about the late President Ronald W. Reagan, including unflattering comparisons of the Bush 43 presidency with that of President Reagan. What incredible hypocrisy. What chutzpah!

Dr. Sanity has more.

As stated in GM's Corner, although he does not support Senator McCain for President in 2008 (nor do I), sometimes the man has a great idea. This is one of them. I urge you to go to GM's Corner where you will find a link to this excellent petition. I've signed it. Will you?

UPDATE: Go here to read a brilliant letter that tells WHY the U.S. Congress is constitutionally interdicted from attempting to micromanage any war - including this one!

When Ann Coulter is being humorous, sometimes she says things that make people uncomfortable. Sometimes she offends people. But she is always very true to her message which is that Republicans have shown no spine in the past few years and that Democrats, by and large, do not have our nation's best interests at heart. Furthermore, many of the supercilious, bloviating Democratic boneheads live in glass houses of major proportions. But in today's column, Ann lays it right on the line without equivocation, and I agree with her completely:
"I refuse to parse the inane allegations the Democrats are making, to point out that Clinton's wholesale firing of Republican U.S. attorneys was worse, or to mention that some of these U.S. attorneys should have been fired a long time ago (Carol Lam).

"Bush should say: "We did it, it was political, and there's nothing you can do about it." Then he should start holding hearings on Congress' obstruction of the war effort.

"Members of Congress should be asked to come before the administration's hearings and testify under oath about their commitment to victory. If they are not traitors, what do they have to hide? Surely they will be willing to state under oath that they are not undermining the war effort for partisan political gain. The hearings could be televised in prime time: "Traitor or No Traitor?" "

President Bush, I know you came into office a little over 6 years ago as the great conciliator. Unfortunately, you are attempting to build bridges to people whose only delight is in destroying those selfsame bridges. It's time to smack these jerks down hard and fast and get back to doing the job that needs to be done. We know you're capable of it, at the moment it's your willingness that is in question. You have every right under the Constitution to do this. What is more, you OUGHT to do it. It's time the renegade, arrogant, seditious twits in the U.S. Congress learned who IS the President!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I don't know if her own experience with cancer was somehow affecting her interview of former Senator John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth Edwards, but Katie Couric was - to put it mildly - way off her not-terribly-good-in-the-first-place game the other night. Her demeanor and her questions were frequently snarky, ofttimes inappropriately accusatory and in a tone that the Edwards both were gracious enough to ignore. This was one time when John Edwards looked really good by comparison - to his interviewer.

I have no doubt that Elizabeth Edwards is in for one hell of a fight. I have no doubt that she has a great deal to fight for - especially her two young children. I admire her courage a great deal. And I don't really have a lot of respect for anyone who politicizes her battle. How each person fights his or her cancer is their choice and theirs alone. And nobody has the right or the privilege of passing judgment, not even someone who has fought that same fight on behalf of a loved one. We all deal with the difficult challenges of our lives in our own individual ways. I don't know how I would react in a situation such as Elizabeth Edwards faces. I do know that I would resent like hell anyone telling me it was a choice I had no right to make or a choice I was making for perceived wrong reasons. I don't know if it was Ann Landers or Dear Abby who first coined the phrase, but here you go folks: MYOB works really well in this situation. Yes we can CARE and we can PRAY for those facing this battle. Certainly I will be praying for both Tony Snow and Elizabeth Edwards. I will NOT be judging their choices regarding fighting their illness.


If Tony Snow had ever had any doubts about how much he is respected and LOVED, the past few days should have dispelled them completely. Yesterday's press conference with his Deputy made it clear that this man is respected. Listening to the commentary on other channels, particularly his alma mater Fox News, made it clear that he is both respected and loved.

For an especially moving and brilliantly written piece on Tony Snow's situation, I can only commend to your attention "GM's Corner" (no relation) for his March 27th piece: For Tony ~ Fight On!

Maybe the best thing about being part of the blogsphere (besides being able to vent on a regular basis) are the people you encounter along the way. GM Roper is my latest treasure.

For the first time in the history of the event, the podium was all-Asian, with first-time World Champion Miki Ando of Japan, silver medalist Mao Asada of Japan and Yu-Na Kim of South Korea who took home the bronze.

The outcome of the evening came down more to who didn’t fall flat on their butts than it did to excellent skating – because on that basis, Miki Ando would have placed third. She is a beautiful girl, but she needs to learn to really HEAR her music, to stretch in her spiral sequences (and sustain them), and her “extension” (pointing of toes) is abysmal, while her spins are at best second-rate as they are seldom centered or tight. Despite their falls, both Asada and Kim outskated Ando in the “program components” area (the old artistic score) – as did Kimmie Meissner of the U.S. Emily Hughes, as usual, managed to deposit her not insubstantial derriere onto the ice during the free skate. At least she’s consistent! In my view, there is no more overrated skater than Emily Hughes.

As a result of this final event, the United States managed one medal in the entire competition, the bronze medal won by Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto, for ice dancing. Lest we lose perspective, this is the first time since 1960 that a Soviet or Russian skater was NOT on the podium in ANY discipline.

But of course, a number of the successful competitors from other countries trained in THIS COUNTRY with American coaches. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

The Canadian ice dance team of Moir and Virtue are already superb and look to only improve over time as they are VERY young, as are the equally promising Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Both pairs train in the Detroit area, alongside Belbin and Agosto and both pairs are mature far beyond their tender years. I see only good things in store for them both.

Finally, how utterly lovely was the magical performance of Shen and Zhao in what may be their final competitive performance? We shall not soon see their like again, if ever. And perhaps the MOST moving moment was as they were kneeling face to face on the ice at the end of their program. They were speaking to each other and then they kissed. That in itself was quite unusual, particularly for the somewhat stoic Chinese skaters but it was only later that we learned that, in that moment, Hongbo Zhao had proposed marriage to his longtime partner, and Xue Shen had accepted his proposal. Now THAT is romantic folks! I’m puddling up just thinking about it! In fact, I’ve been puddling up about it for about 24 hours.


And now for my rant. I’ve been building up to it all week and I cannot suppress it any longer!

To the ISU – why are you recycling judges on the world scene who are KNOWN to be “bent”. When a judge is so dishonest as to “tap dance” signals to other judges during a competition, he has forfeited all rights to the privilege of judging in perpetuity. And do we really need these corrupt officials at a time when rumors were already floating around that the international judges wanted to “hold up” Domnina and Shabolin, a pair of ice dancers who fall far, far below the formerly high standards of Russian ice dancing, with their excessive reliance on two-footed skating.

To the skaters: These are the world championships. If you’re going to compete, why haven’t you worked non-stop to achieve peak physical condition. I am particularly addressing this snarl at Elena Sokolova of Russia (cute only takes you so far darling and you’re getting a tad long in the tooth to be selling that commodity anyway), Johnny Weir of the United States and Stefan Lambiel of Switzerland. If your heart isn’t in it, why bother? If you’re only skating for the money, turn professional and don’t impose your lack of commitment on the competitive world and the hopes of fans of competitive skating in your country.

These are the world championships. If you’re going to compete, why haven’t you gotten a decent haircut (any number of men, Staviski in particular), touched up your ROOTS (Albina Denkova in particular had dark growth about 2” long), shaved (Staviski and Lysacek) and made sure that your skates (and laces) are immaculately clean? This is only showing respect for your sport, for the judges, your coaches, the audience and your peers – not to mention YOURSELF.

These are the world championships. Why is it necessary to perform in costumes that look as though they were attacked by a demented chicken? Aside from the fact that these outfits are ugly beyond imagination, they are a danger to the other skaters. Like anyone who has ever skated with any degree of seriousness, I HAVE tripped over a feather or a loose bangle that has fallen off some sloppy predecessor’s overdone costume.

Finally, some words to the American competitors:

Mr. Johnny Weir you are, without question, the most naturally talented male skater competing today. You would still be U.S. champion and probably world champion had you spent the last year concentrating on your TRAINING rather than all the other foolishness which catches your self-indulgent fancy. Either you are a competitive SKATER or you are a costume designer or a lifestyle maven or whatever else in hell you fancy yourself to be. Make up your mind who and what you want to be and then devote yourself to that. And if it is skating, you and your audience will all be the richer for it.

Mr. Evan Lysacek, I’d like to see you start shaving regularly. Otherwise, keep on doing what you’re doing – only more so. I still expect to see both World and Olympic medals around your neck. You are enormously talented.

Miss Emily Hughes, you haven’t got the heart of a champion and you are an embarrassment in major competitions. I have to admit, my dislike of you stems from your bratty behavior prior to the last Olympics and your complete disrespect of Michelle Kwan, an accomplished, remarkable, utterly classy skater whose laces you aren’t fit to tie. But nothing you have done since then has served to redeem my opinion of you, either.

Miss Kimmie Meissner, you are a treasure. However, you are old enough to lose the “Kimmie” and start being addressed in a more adult fashion. Somehow I think the judges will notice in a favorable manner. Beyond that, more attack and more consistency, coupled with a much higher degree of artistry will carry you as far as your dreams will take you, you are that good.

Miss Alissa Czizny, quit believing that your successes are the result of fluke. They are not. You are an elegant and exceptionally talented skater – the only one who doesn’t know that is you.

John Baldwin and Rena Inouye – retire now. You have achieved your highest level of success and any further competitions will only tarnish your achievements irrevocably as well as endangering Rena’s physical well-being.

Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto, you are unique and immensely talented skaters. All you need to do is develop some new (and original) technical moves, watch the timing of those pesky lifts and be who and what you are as ice dancers – there is much success in your future and I am looking forward to seeing all of it.

There are some wonderful new pair and ice dancing couples “coming up” here in America. To them I wish all the best in terms of health and stability, good training conditions and success in the future.

Friday, March 23, 2007


I think the Dems in Congress have finally gone and done it - they've finally pissed off President Bush, a good man who has been far too tolerant for far too long.

In an Associated Press article, the President is quoted as saying:
"A narrow majority in the House of Representatives abdicated its responsibility by passing a war spending bill that has no chance of becoming law and brings us no closer to getting the troops the resources they need to do their job," the president said. "These Democrats believe that the longer they can delay funding for our troops, the more likely they are to force me to accept restrictions on our commanders, an artificial timetable for withdrawal and their pet spending projects. This is not going to happen."
I like it. I like it a lot. It's about time those bloviating numbskulls were reminded that THEY are not the President of the United States. The inmates are NOT running the asylum. Not now and not ever if the American people have anything to say about it.

(Side note: So Paul, how's that self-imposed operation coming along?)


Albina Denkova and Maxim Staviski who were skating together in a competitive event possibly for the last time, had a score of 201.61 points in the Ice Dance final, while Canadians Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon finished with 200.46. Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto of the United States were third with 195.43 points. Considering the rocky year Belbin and Agosto have had, including some injuries to each, this was a good result.

There had been rumors in the ice dancing world that the international judges wanted to “prop up” the Russian ice dancers, Domnina and Shabolin, but in the end, the system worked.

Congratulations to all who competed and to Denkova and Staviski for their well-deserved victory.

(Is it my imagination, or does Maxim Staviski bear a remarkable resemblance to actor Forbes March? Maybe it's the hair - they both need a good haircut.)

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Rep. Pelosi - karma's a bitch, ain't it?

Should we hold our breath waiting for the MSM to report on this one? I don't suggest it - unless you look really good in blue.

The unique and penetrating intelligence of
Don Surber is never more evident than in his post today on this subject. What he seems to be saying is that the Dems are making a huge kerfuffle out of nothing because they are trying to hide something. He then goes on to opine that perhaps what the Dems are trying to hide (other than their own incompetence since the first of the year) is that their constituents are conducting sit-ins in the offices of DEMOCRATS, not Republicans, as reported today in The Hill.

Well when it comes to making like "Wiley Coyote", nothing beats the Dems. Unfortunately for them, they're ultimately just as successful at their dirty dealings and machinations as Mr. Coyote was.

What am I saying? The Democrats I remember when I was growing up (all those years ago) were pretty smart cookies. I might not have agreed with a lot of what Adlai Stevenson was saying, but I surely did admire the way that he said it and I found his reasoning thought-provoking. I adored Harry Truman because he reminded me of my paternal grandfather, but also because there was very little "guff" to the man - what you saw was what you got. I was college age when John F. Kennedy was running for the presidency and like many young women of my generation, he was just so charismatic and appealing. Those Dems are long gone and forgotten and only shadows of the former Democratic Party remain, pallid imitations of what was, once, a vibrant and interesting opposition party.

I also must admit that I am starting to sound like an old fart! I make no apologies. I look around me and see some very disturbing trends in this beautiful Republic of ours and fear for its continued health and safety.


Congratulations on winning your first world championship, Mr. Joubert. You have worked very hard to achieve this goal and your skating throughout the season has been without equal. I cannot be parochial in this instance - you have been virtually unbeatable all season and deserve to be the first Frenchman in 42 years to win the title.

You aren't hard on the eyes, either!

While I consider her husband a fatuous phoney, nevertheless I cannot and will not wish any ill to Mrs. Edwards, particularly on a day when we have learned of the death of the amazing Cathy Seipp at the young age of 49.

I think it behooves us all to make a point of wishing Mrs. Edwards the best, if for no other reason than that she and her husband have two small children who need their mother.

I cannot find it in my heart to criticize former Senator Edwards for continuing with the campaign. If that's how he and Mrs. Edwards choose to handle this situation, that is their business.

Meanwhile, I will be praying for continued good health for a long while to come for Mrs. Edwards. Her husband will need her support when he is rejected by the Democratic Party or the voters once again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Congratulations On a Well Deserved Victory in the World Figure Skating Championships!

For those of you who don't know the story, until just a couple months before last year's Olympics, it was thought - for good reason - that Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao, who represent the People's Republic of China, would probably never compete again. The cause was a ruptured Achilles tendon suffered by Hongbo Zhao - an injury that is virtually always a career ender for an athlete at his level.

In a testament to his dedication, commitment and just plain hard work - today the pairs team of Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao won the World Pairs Figure Skating Championship for the third time! And considering that he is pushing on toward his mid-30s, the feat is even more remarkable.

To put it quite bluntly, finding the news online reduced me to tears of joy. I have been actively rooting for this brilliant and courageous couple to win their third title. And yes, I'm really emotional about it.

It occurs to me that we would all, as humans, be so much better off if we could focus MORE on the positives of other people and actively hope for their SUCCESS, instead of xenophobic denigrations of others who may not agree with us to a greater or lesser degree. Certainly, it's something worth considering.
PERSPECTIVE ON THE U.S. ATTORNEY FIRINGS - AND SOME ACTUAL FACTS (which still won't convince the screeching zealots of the left)

I have discovered a wonderful new site, Garden Ridge, and I found this brilliant piece of actual FACT there this morning:

". . .That said, one contribution I believe I can make to this discussion is to remark that this whole "scandal" reminds me of the circumstances surrounding a previous Washington scandal: the impeachment of Andrew Johnson in 1868. The specific circumstance being the Tenure of Office Act of 1867.

The successor to the since-sainted Abraham Lincoln, Johnson was politically unpopular, and with good reason-- he was an awful President, and a racist whose policies hastened the collapse of Reconstruction and a hundred succeeding years of Jim Crow. The Radical Republicans who favored pro-black, anti-Confederate policies had every reason to contest the Democrat Johnson's actions, and one of their tactics was to pass-- over Johnson's veto-- the Tenure of Office Act.

The Act, simply stated, gave the U.S. Senate the power to approve not only the appointment of political members of the administration as per the Constitution, but also *the removal* of political appointees. Thus, the President could no longer fire anyone who received a Senate confirmation without also receiving Senate approval for his actions.

This wasn't done for reasons of constitutional interest-- it was done for the very specific purpose of protecting a number of former Lincoln Administration officials serving in the Johnson White House, especially Secretary of War (and Radical Republican) Edward Stanton. When Johnson attempted to remove Stanton without Senate approval-- thus violating the Act-- Congress struck, impeaching the President, and nearly removing him from office.

Ultimately, the Act would be repealed (in 1887). A similar law dealing with lesser officials (i.e. sub-Cabinet appointees) was ruled unconstitutional in 1926 in Myers vs. United States."

What is being said here is something clear, concise and SIMPLE - the U.S. Attorneys serve AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT. The President can fire them FOR CAUSE or for NO CAUSE.

I will grant that political tone-deafness occurred during these firings, but nevertheless, there is nothing illegal or criminal about the firings and if the United States Congress wants to continue to look foolish (since January 3, 2007 that seems to be their full time occupation), then they can continue down their chosen path.

Ah yes, subpoenas are being issued as we speak! The President will, if he is half the man I think he is, tell the U.S. Congressional committees to go pound salt - as he has every right to do. The Congressional moonbats will huff and puff and garner numerous soundbites and, if they persist in trying to embarrass the President with this nonsense, may find themselves before the U.S. Supreme Court for the ultimate smackdown. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch!

I know, I promised to be all nice and kind in 2007 - it's becoming injurious to my health. I'm just saying - I'm about to go from fuming to spewing!

UPDATE: This is rich:
“Oh, and one little tidbit to ponder, Chuckie [Schumer] and company are demanding subpoena's at the same time that Congress is fighting subpoena's in a REAL criminal case involving Jefferson. How Interesting.”

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


One thing that the leftists in America (and elsewhere) possess in abundance is passion. I cannot (and won’t) vouch for their intelligence in many instances, but the fact remains that their passionate adherence to their beliefs is unable to be disputed.

The logic apparent on the left is specious at best a good deal of the time. That they embrace wholeheartedly the jidhadist lunatics in our midst and around the world is also difficult to ignore. And considering that most, if not all, of the left live a lifestyle that would make them primary targets of the jidhadists seems to trouble them not at all.

The hatred of their own nation is evident in so much of what the dedicated leftists do and say and while I am attempting to understand the whys and wherefores of that attitude, it is to me incomprehensible that they think this way about a country that permits them to make asses of themselves on a regular basis without consequences. Nowhere else in the world would they have the freedom to do or say the things they do and say without some form of governmental retribution. And often, the leftist haters-of-America take this freedom and assume it to be license to tell any lie, make any outrageous and fallacious claim, say and do any destructive thing that flits into their rather empty (of character at the very least) thought process!

The dilemma of the moderates in the Democratic Party, libertarians, conservatives and others who love and respect our nation and its laws and governing principles is: What do we do to reduce the disproportionate influence of the leftwing nutbars whose pernicious influence is driving even formerly sensible Democrats toward the left far too often.

I refuse to believe that the moderate and rightwing citizens of this country need to resort to the frequently insane tactics and rhetoric of the left in order to combat their inimical influence on American public life. I do, however, believe that more passion is needed on our side of the fence. I know we CARE – we need to express our caring more vocally and publicly in order to protect the nation in which we grew to adulthood from those to whom behaving like an adult is a foreign concept. The Gathering of Eagles campaign was a huge success this past weekend. It made the silliness of the leftwing’s nonsensical protests and planned depredations against memorials to our nation’s finest citizens less likely – and in fact, they didn’t happen. I congratulate the organizers on their courage, determination and energy. It occurs to me that highlighting a different point of view when protesters are trying for their 15 seconds of fame or a sound bite is a very good thing. If nothing else, it will let our military know that Cindy Sheehan and her ilk are NOT the voice of America when it comes to the sacrifice and dedication our military evidences every single day.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Over the weekend, I happened to hear Anderson Cooper on CNN doing a promo for an up-coming show. His words were “Outed against her will, Valerie Plame will be . . .”!

I thought even the most dedicated leftwing true believing nutbar knew by now that Valerie Plame (a) was not a covert CIA operative and (b) despite the conviction of the hapless Scooter Libby, her identity as “Lying Joe” Wilson’s spouse was actually blathered about by Richard Armitage. Or is the left following the advice of Messrs. Marx and Engels, and continuing with the big lie?

I know, I know – the liberals are going to go off about how dare I accuse Anderson Cooper of lying! My question is, how can I NOT accuse him of lying when, in fact, that’s precisely what he was doing! It is so blatant that the mind simply reels!

And don't even start with me on calling Joe Wilson a liar! The United States Congress has already beaten me to it after all - several years ago!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Monday morning I happened to catch Rosie O’Donnell, bloviating (it’s her only speech mode) on “The View". She was babbling on about how we are “torturing” people at Guantanamo (we aren’t of course but why should facts get in the way of her agenda) and how the Patriot Act is violating the “civil rights” of so many Americans. She had no examples, of course, but again – why confuse her audience with facts!?

I pondered the mindset of today’s liberals all the way into work and throughout the week. My conclusion is that basically liberals are big, highly dangerous babies who do not want to accept the fact that bad things do happen. They truly believe that if they just stick their heads under their little baby bird wings and hum a few choruses of “Kumbaya”, the bad stuff will go away. And of course, the very notion of risking their lives for ANYTHING is absolutely anathema to them.

This attitude is particularly galling emanating from such as Rosie O’Donnell. This is a very VOCAL lesbian woman who considers herself married to another woman. I think it is safe to assume that her persona and lifestyle would be offensive beyond words to your average jihadist lunatic. In other words, whether she wants to believe it or not, should there be a victory for America’s enemies in the GWOT, she will have a big fat target on her back! But again, why interject reality into her fantasy worldview – or the fantasy worldview of most liberals.

Actually, most of those who spend a great deal of time agitating against the President and his efforts to protect America have lifestyles that would make them targets. Sarandon/Robbins – living together without benefit of marriage. Barbra Streisand – Jewish. Nancy Pelosi – a woman in a position of power. Sean Penn – he’d open his big fat yap and have it shut for him permanently. Jihadist scum won’t give a damn about his Oscar.

This completely self-absorbed group of people – liberals all – are a danger to our nation. For every intelligent, reasonable, ADULT person such as Joe Lieberman, there are 99 idiotic, prattling public liberals (in entertainment, the news media and public life) who just don’t seem to understand that a loss for America will be the loss of their comfortable lives as they know them – even, in fact, for their very existence. There are days when I truly think we are doomed. But this nation and our way of life IS worth fighting for. And fortunately, I know that there are many Americans who are willing to do just that.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


“Clinton supporters contend that the firings of the 93 US attorneys and the seven Travel Office employees were the right of the Clinton administration because anyone appointed to such positions serves at the pleasure of the president. This is true. It is also true that the eight US attorneys fired by Gonzalez served at the pleasure of the current president.

That the Democrats choose to start this obvious battle is very telling indeed.” [emphasis mine, not Pam’s]

What is telling to me is the level of hypocrisy the Democrats are willing to display quite blatantly. Clearly they have misunderstood the 2006 election results entirely and are under the impression that life as they knew it “BN” (before Newt) with all the cronyism, dishonesty and deals-under-the-table, running the U.S. government as they deem comfy-cozy without regard to law or ethics. Of course, this very incestuous relationship also flourished before their buddy Al Gore invented the Internet.

The absolutely stunning contempt for the intelligence of this nation’s voters – which in some venues is justified but in most is not – is blindingly evident. But then, throughout the 20th century in particular, they’ve managed to get away with it so often, they probably feel they are invulnerable. To say that the Democrats have become tone deaf is to sugarcoat matters.

There is one thing that life has taught me. When someone feels they are bullet-proof, that’s when they start making fatal and stupid mistakes. The Democrats believe they are Teflon-coated and that can and will be their downfall, if we are alert enough and unyielding enough to expose their dishonesty and corruption.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


CNN is rather breathlessly reporting that protests against our fine President are "heating up" in Latin America.

I have no idea how deep the lack of historical insight truly is at CNN, but as I recall (the result of my rather lengthy years on Planet Earth), they ALWAYS protest Amerian presidents in Latin America.

Where's the story?

The amazing and magnificent Durham in Wonderland site examines Mike Nifong’s January 16 response to the Bar in all its evasions, half-truths and frightening ramifications.

For example, the assertions are described thus:

“” . . . that the Meehan report “was a summary report, which I would define as a report that states what tests were performed and either lists all positive results (i.e., those in which something is revealed) or states that there are no positive results.”

Alarmingly, the district attorney states that this type of report has “always” been the type that he has requested “in my 28+ years as a prosecutor,” that Meehan’s was “the type of report with which I have always dealt in cases involving forensic testing.” This admission begs the question of whether Nifong has engaged in games of hide-the-evidence previously.’

I have some questions about this entire appalling miscarriage of justice.

What is the State Attorney General’s office actually doing and, given the 3 indicted INNOCENT young men’s right to speedy justice, why are they taking so long?

And, since Nifong apparently IS represented by counsel, why did they let him write the January 16th letter – on office stationery no less – and why have they not acted to restrain him from offering continuing conflicting excuses for his shoddy behavior?

This case has stunk to high heaven from the very outset and it is definitely not improving with the passage of time.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


In today’s edition of The Hollywood Reporter, in an article written by Paul J. Gough, Katie Couric is quoted thus:

"But without specifically mentioning the third-place showing and acknowledging that her bosses may be chagrined to find out, Couric said she doesn't get stressed out about ratings."I've never really obsessed over ratings," Couric said. "I want to turn out a quality newscast."
Ratings? Quality? Since you aren't delivering on ratings, when will we be seeing the quality?

The ever-reasonable and intelligent Blogmeister weighs in on the Ann Coulter controversy.

“I have been a fan of Coulter for some years now, and admit that I will probably Continue to be one. Her style is not for everyone, and she has had her fair share of detractors well before now. But until the left denounces those on their side who make similarly outrageous comments, I won’t be shedding too many tears the next time Coulter offends.

Rhymes with Right wonders why corporate sponsorship being pulled from Coulter’s site is okay (and even encouraged) by the left, while boycotting of the Dixie Chicks by fans was considered unfair.”

I have to admit, Coulter sometimes makes me uncomfortable and I also believe that is her intent. Occasionally I think she becomes too enamored of her own reputation for outrageousness and goes too far. The fact remains that her articles and books are impeccably researched and footnoted, which is considerably more than most leftwing writers can claim they do. She has a clear vision of just how egregiously offensive the speech of the left has been and continues to be. That she has the brass ones to respond to them in their own language is something I’m not altogether sure many are willing or able to do, myself included (although I occasionally edge really close to doing so), she has the writing skills to make her points succinctly and the wit to use biting humor effectively.

What this whole kerfuffle has crystallized for me is the complete strait jacket being put on public discourse by those who are “offended” in some way. You know what, get over your damned selves and do it right this minute! My freedom of speech is absolute, stopping just before the point of yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre. If you don’t like what I have to say, you are perfectly free to say the opposite, nor would I deny you that right, although I don’t have any patience for profanity or the use of glib DNC talking points or jingoistic prattle. The English language is rich and varied and there are sufficient words available without resorting to offensive language. I find the use of it both tedious and intellectually lazy. Don't expect me to apologize for exercising my rights as a U.S. citizen - now or ever.

Our founders referred to many freedoms available in this Republic of ours. However, nowhere did they mention the right to be willfully stupid, the right to be ugly in thoughts and/or deeds, nor the right to be a big whiney baby. The Constitution and Bill of Rights haven’t been amended to add those rights so, I repeat, GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Scooter Libby has been found guilty by a reasonably moronic Washington, D.C. jury who apparently didn't understand that (a) Valerie Plame's identity was no secret, her husband having revealed the nature of her job in his own "Who's Who" entry, (b) others have revealed that THEY, not Scooter Libby were broadcasting her identity and these people were no friends of the current administration, and (c) not remembering is not obstruction of justice!

Since I have read a great deal of the testimony, it boggles my mind that this jury could come to this erroneous conclusion AND take so doggone long to do it!

But then, the law and justice really don't have one heck of a lot to do with one another, do they?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Brainster!

I think I celebrated too much.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Father Jonathan Morris writing on takes Director James Cameron to the woodshed in the most delightful manner when he writes that Cameron should have said the following at his press conference:

"Thank you for being here. I must admit, I am pleasantly surprised so many of you have come. Our public relations company had quite the challenge to convince you our commercial projects were headline-worthy. After all, what we are peddling is pseudo-science based on old and discredited news. But we obviously hired the right company. They came through on their promise that you wouldn’t remember, or wouldn’t care, that when this tomb was discovered twenty seven years ago, the Jewish archeologist in charge of the investigation, Amos Kloner, determined it was not the tomb of Jesus and his family and that, in fact, it is unlikely Jesus and his relatives even had a family tomb. To think that not a single respected archeologist from the Holy Land region is willing to go on record that our claims are true, and still you are here with us today, is mind-boggling. How can we thank you enough?"

As I have said before, the best way to deal with this kind of drek is to laugh at it. It's impossible to take these people seriously. We should be treating the exaggerated claims of the adherents of the Religion of Global Warming in precisely the same manner. Do this with caution, however, as their heads may explode!

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


When I first started blogging, TWD was one of my first blogsphere buddies, even to the extent that he offered to walk me, step-by-step, through adding links to other favorite bloggers on my own site.

TWD has been released from Kaiser and is back home with his beloved remote control, TV and, eventually, his computer. He is engaged in the most important war of his life - against a deadly disease - and he needs us to offer up a prayer for him daily. I know I'm going to do so and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

There is always a shortage of good guys in the world (although I've become friends with a substantial number of them online) - TWD is one of them and I'm proud to call him friend!

An unintended consequence of the ridiculously early start to the 2008 presidential campaign (which started the day after the 2006 campaign ended) has been the plethora of nasty articles claiming all manner of bad, unethical or illegal behavior being published regarding many, if not all, of the putative candidates. None have been spared and it has crossed my mind more than once that the candidates whose “stuff” is already out there (Rudy, Newt, and even Hillary – although I’m sure there are murky roiling depths still to be researched in her case) may have a strong advantage.

Perhaps in this version of the “silly season” it will be our good fortune to have only the truly strong candidates survive. However, I think it more likely that only the nastiest will survive, an outcome not remotely healthy for our Republic.

The name calling and denigrating language needs to stop. I myself have been guilty of it a number of times and since any change I espouse needs to start with me, I hereby foreswear the use of such terms as nutroots, moron, cretin or anything along those lines. And while I may occasionally feel an irresistible urge to describe someone's behavior as stupid, I will not characterize the actual person as stupid.

This does not mean that I will restrain myself from offering justified criticism when inimical behavior occurs. This morning I sent a rather forcefully (but politely) worded e-mail to the producers at “The View” chastising Joy Behar for her attitude wherein she seems to feel she can denigrate the President of the United States by calling him “murderer” or “liar” but she objects to being called a “fringe liberal”. Incidentally, since when is being called a “liberal” an insult? Regardless of Ms. Behar’s opinion, that is what she is. I wouldn’t even append the qualifier “fringe” – she’s a full-on liberal. If she considers being called a liberal somehow an insult, perhaps she ought to reexamine her views and moderate them so that her views may be described in a way more pleasing to her. But then intellectual honesty isn’t something frequently done by liberals, is it?

Finally, I think if we truly WANT civility and honesty in our public officials, maybe it is way past time we started demanding it. First, we need to practice it. Next, although I know it’s a lot to ask but any time your Senator or Congressman (Republican or Democrat) trespasses on the bounds of civility and/or fair dealing, it might not be a bad idea to call them on it. Make it clear that votes will not be forthcoming if such sterling qualities appear to be absent from the politician’s playbook. Do the same to your local newspapers and media outlets of all kinds. It may take a long time to get things back to where they need to be, but the effort really is worth it and this current trend started in the 60s and gained enormous traction in the 90s with the James Carville campaign machine, still in use by the Junior Senator from New York. (I cannot say anything NICE about her, so I don't often mention her by name.)