Thursday, February 28, 2013


By Australians and by Brits! Have you noticed lately how many people from England, Wales and Australia are performing in American films and television shows - almost always affecting an American accent?

I'm just curious - whatever happened to all those AMERICAN actors and actresses who are both talented and unemployed?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I'm sick of seeing our First Lady - elected to nothing, by nobody - popping up every damnedwhere on network television shows - presenting Best Picture at the Oscars, doing cooking segments on Good Morning America - just generally participating in popular culture (?) venues as if she was some kind of rock star or media glutton. What is she doing? Why is she acting like she's running for office?

Perhaps she should concentrate on actually raising her kids, growing her freaking garden and generally keeping in the background as most other, more classy First Ladies have done!

Michelle - all you can accomplish by your antics is to make you even less likeable because essentially, my dear, you are NOT likeable woman and the more familiar we become with you, the less likely we are to like, approve of, or generally support anything you're doing!

Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm going to start out controversial here. The broadcast was, as always, entirely too self-indulgent. But despite some of Seth MacFarlane's few questionable jokes, I think he was a very enjoyable host for the evening. There were very few surprises, although I would enjoy one Oscar Broadcast without the treasonous witch Jane Fonda. Where she should be is in prison, not striding forth onto the Dolby Theater stage, dressed like a banana, and pretending to have some worth as a human being!

Michelle Obama's appearance was both unseemly and unnecessary! What is FLOTUS campaigning for? Why is it we have to look at that battered puglist's ugly mug more often than absolutely necesary? Go take another vacation you useless wench!

I can only hope that after the show the winsome Anne Hathaway went out and ate at least a sandwich! There IS such a thing as entirely too thin!

Is Kristen Stewart on drugs? If not, does she OWN a hairbrush. I get that she's awkward and shy. What I don't understand is - if she wants to be in this business - why doesn't she get some coaching and training on public appearances,

Monday, February 11, 2013


As of February 28th, our beloved Pope Benedict will leave the Papacy, clearing the way for another Pope to be elected to fill the office.

He is citing weakening health, both physical and mental. Many are spinning counterclockwise, spewing forth ill-informed theories, while those of us who love His Holiness simply prepare to miss him.

The most loving thing a Pope can do for his people is to recognize his frail health and its impact on his governance of 1.2 billion Catholics and remove himself from office before he does any kind of damage that a successor might need to repair. He's a class act, our beloved Pontiff and now he can retire, at age 85, to quietly enjoy his Mozart and his cats.

I will miss him, as will many other faithful Catholics. Non-Catholic comments are not encouraged.