Monday, December 31, 2012


And God help us, every one!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


From Fredericksburg, Virginia to everyone reading this, Merry Christmas and God bless this beautiful land of ours which exists more truly in the country away from the two Coasts and which still, regardless of the lunacy in D.C., still holds onto its traditional values!

Friday, December 21, 2012


John F. Kerry is a proven liar, having defamed dead American heroes in his testimony before the Congress after his moment of service in Vietnam and his three (undeserved and unearned) Purple Hearts.

And can we discuss his trip to Paris (uninvited and unsupervised by the State Department at the time) to "meet with the North Vietnamese" during the Treaty talks? If that isn't a violation of U.S. law then I don't know what is! Of course, James Earl Carter Jr. has been violating that self-same law for years. The two men are, of course, equally clueless and dangerous!

John F. Kerry is an entitled idiot who has made his way through life by wedding rich women and using their money to fund his lifestyle.

He is unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate, let alone the State Department. This nomination must be fought tooth and nail at any cost.

No way should this failed human being have any say over our nation's foreign policy

Sunday, December 16, 2012


One can only hope that the Swift Boat Veterans for truth are able to mobilize quickly (and I'm sure they can) to stop this atrocity from happening!

Only a borderline treasonous president would nominate a truly treasonous asshat for the SoS position! Hillary Clinton is bad enough - John Faux Kerry is infinitely worse! Write your Senator NOW!

Friday, December 14, 2012


The shooting death of even one child - of whatever age - is appalling. The shooting deaths of as many as 19 kindergarten children is an obscenity.

That being said, the nonstop, repetitive coverage today is offensive as hell to me. It is as if the alphabet networks AND Fox are using this horrendous occurrence as some sort of ratings booster. We have seen the same pictures on all channels multiple times, repeats of various pieces of information over and over again.

Then let us discuss the continuing repetition of the call for gun control (an agenda that is trotted out every single time there is any kind of crime involving a weapon - including the heavily bodyguarded Bob Costas' recent asinine rant prompted by the suicide of an NFL player after he killed the mother of his young child and then subsequently himself). It IS a fact, let me remind everyone, that if even ONE teacher or administrator at that school had had a weapon to hand (likely illegal under many state's laws), many lives could have been saved.

AND, as a final comment - there were 22 people killed in a similar type attack in CHINA yesterday. A KNIFE was used. Crazy is as crazy does and evil is evil, regardless of the accoutrements used!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


If we criticize that creep in the White House, we're racists? Did we call the idiots who called Bush 41 a "chimp" and "Hitler" racists? No, that isn't the way classy people and people who think things through behave.

If we disapprove of someone's behavior (as I disapprove of the prominence - albeit and hopefully temporary) of people like Honey Boo Boo and the entire Kardashian family (excepting Khloe - who seems sensible and grounded) - then we are called "haters". Of course people who scream that all Republicans should be killed (Howard Dean anyone?), they aren't called haters, even though that was and will always constitute hate speech.

When did we stop being able to disagree with others without rancorous discourse? I am reminded of the late Ohio Senator Frank Lausche. He was a Democrat to be sure, but he was respected by people of both political persuasions because he respected us in return! He would have abhored the current political climate and with good reason. It's counterproductive and in the final analysis, just plain STUPID. And that isn't hate speech folks, it's just my observation.

Sunday, December 02, 2012


I certainly hope not and I suspect the late, much-loved Ronald Wilson Reagan would agree. He won the presidency and the Cold War by being, unfailingly and cheerfully HIMSELF!

Something for us all to remember. People can (in most cases) recognize a humbug when they see one, the current ascendancy of the execrable Barack Hussein Obama being the exception. If you aren't being authentically yourself, your words and actions ring hollow with the electorate. In fact, I posit that is what defeated Mitt Romney. We nominated a good man, but a man who was not wholeheartedly supported by the moderate and/or conservative Republicans. We paid the price. What is more tragic, our Republic is paying the price.

We need to ponder this moving forward!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


The short answer is because it's the only thing he knows how to do. The man is incompetent, probably a mediocre student who lied on his various college applications to claim "immigrant" status to which he was not entitled. Clearly he is tone-deaf and seems to think he's president of only half this country and those the least productive among us.

He talks a good game, as long as he has his teleprompter, but never quite seems to get anything accomplished that's worthwhile. Obamacare isn't worthwhile or even mildly helpful to those who seem to consider him a messiah for the Act. Here's the deal, the people who most need health insurance are the ones who will still be unable to obtain it. Those responsible folk who have always dug deep to be sure they were covered will still be covered.

I just signed up for Humana Advantage to supplement my Medicare coverage. It is costing me $75 per month over and above my basic Medicare cost and provides me with free prescription coverage when I get my most used (generic) prescriptions by mail in three-month quantities (which, let's face it is a heck of a lot more convenient and cost effective) and only $45 for three-months' worth of a prescription that now costs me $80 for ONE month! Plus free health club membership, which will keep me well longer! Yes, it cuts into an already stressed income but yes, I think it is absolutely necessary and responsible.

Hey - dumb ass in the White House: You've got the job for another four years and, thanks to your canny selection of the execrable Rosary Joe Biden as your Vice President, it's unlikely you'll be impeached and removed from office which you so richly deserve - if only because of Benghazi. So here's a tip - quit campaigning and start doing your job! It'll have the attraction of novelty, if nothing else! when have you EVER worked for a living you living, breathing waste of time?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012


So it seems as though the Chicago trained machine has pulled out another rabbit from their hat of tricks and seen to it that their darling, the still-unqualified Barack Hussein Obama will be plaguing us for another four years. I won't pray for his impeachment on the sole basis that that would stick this country with the moronic Rosary Joe ("Plugs") Biden! When there are over 258,000 votes for Obama in one county in Florida - where there are only 175,000 registered voters, some serious examination needs to happen. When there are NO votes for Romney in 59 precincts in Ohio, something stinky this way came. When every state that had voter-i.d. went for Romney, questions should be asked.

When 19 states (including Texas which actually has the legal right to do so) threaten to secede, something is rotten.

We are a constitutional Republic folks and the Constitution is being batted around like a Frisbee by those pissants in D.C.

I am now going to make it my business to live another four years so I can see the insanity stop!

We need another Ronald Reagan and men like him are in short supply. Could Marco Rubio be the one? Maybe Bobby Jindal. Or maybe, in 2020, could it be George Prescott Bush who has a Mexican mother and is fluently bilingual? At least there's a chance that he can pronounce nuclear (one of W's less endearing faux pas).

Friday, November 09, 2012


The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama is a tragedy and proof that the minds of far too many of my fellow Americans are filled with nothing more than feathers and delusions!

WHAT (if anything) were you thinking?

Sunday, November 04, 2012


From the outset, the current occupant of the White House has demonstrated a clear disregard for the traditions and laws of our Republic.

When questioned as to his headlong rush to push through extra-legal and harmful legislation, his response was the supremely arrogant "I won!" And thus, we embarked upon amateur hour in this country, with a so-called president marked by disastrous behavior around the world, including bowing to foreign leaders who were not necessarily our friends, such as the King of Saudi Arabia and others.

In the meantime, himself and his wife ("beard"?) took frequent and costly vacations, while Mr. Obama continues to this day to blame all his failings on George W. Bush. He has fomented class warfare while showing disdain and a dismissive attitude toward our nation's values and institutions, such as the military.

Despite the fact that the college and military records of George W. Bush have been scrutinized and nitpicked and generally used as a somewhat unwieldy and ineffective club against him, we still do not even have any idea of the grades attained by this so-called brilliant man, either in college or law school, nor are we in any way privy to the information set forth in his passport application or his applications for Occidental, Columbia or Harvard Law. Even his birth certificate raises questions because the hospital in which he supposedly was born did not even exist until 4-5 years AFTER his date of birth.

Meanwhile 23 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed, our national debt has risen dramatically and the biggest thing on Mr. O's mind seems to be saddling our future citizens with ruinous debt and a health care law that is unwieldy, ridiculously expensive and ultimately, not really a protection to those most in need at all.

The genocide so beloved of the Democratic Party (abortion) is still slavishly protected and espoused. To date, it is estimated that nearly 50 million unborn Americans have been killed in utero and apparently the Dems have decided that the traditional and constitutional separation of Church and state is of no importance.

Finally, with the complete foul-up of the State Department under Obama that led to the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, Mr. Obama has proven, without doubt, that the killing of Bin Laden was a fluke and lent no credibility to the National Security credentials he tries to claim.

Barack Hussein Obama is a disaster and four more years of his so-called "administration" would be ruinous to our nation.

If you've never felt compelled to vote before, you must for the sake of your own self and the sake of your fellow citizens, hie yourself to the polls and cast your ballot for Mitt Romney. He may not be our dream of a candidate, but he is for sure, one hell of a lot more suited for the office of the president than the current incumbent who is a moronic and shallow pretender!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Apparently it has now become clear that the entire situation in Benghazi was unfolding in real time in the White House situation room so Mr. Obama and Sec. Panetta seem to be being far less than truthful in their denials of actual knowledge!

Four Americans are dead, the "ceremonial president" is denying any knowledge or responsibility, he has thrown Hillary Clinton - not one of my favorite people, but STILL - under the bus and is basically voting "present" instead of manning up and behaving like the President of the United Statex - again!

If you aren't voting for Mitt Romney on 11/6 you're a fool. And remember, if it isn't close, they can't cheat, as they're trying to do in Ohio!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Obama voted present at last night's debate and Romney was measured, calm, pleasant and, above all, PRESIDENTIAL.

You're going down you incompetent cretin, big time, at the polls in November! Glad your pals bought you and Michelle a nice cushy place in Hawaii. Wouldn't want you to be homeless. You know, like the people who lost their homes due to the Dems' mismanagement of the economy?

10/25/2012 - UPDATE: Anyone who saw Ann Romney on Rachael Ray's show this morning and who doesn't vote for Mitt Romney is a stone idiot! The woman would be such a good representation of our nation - much in the same vein as Laura Bush.


Two night competition, no eliminations, team dances. What a fun two evenings!

First off, I seriously think Kelly and Val were severely undermarked. And I'm also starting to agree completely with Wendy Williams who says the show needs new judges. Len is crabby and rigid, Bruno's antics are no longer as amusing as they once were and Carrie Ann Inaba is just annoying.

Shawn Johnson moved out of her comfort zone and was mezmerizing and Gilles Marini was, as always, unbearably sexy!

The team dances were lots of fun. The team doing the cheerleader dance was entertaining but I don't think they merited their high scores. The dances was merely okay!

The Gangyan Dance number tonight was hilarious, definitely a hot mess and had everyone in stitches! We haven't laughed this hard since Rusty the cat developed the peculiar habit of running headlong into closed doors and wondering why it avails him nothing! Or when Timmy gets really, really relaxed and falls off the back of the couch!

Anyway, I voted and I hope those who enjoy the show did too. It's by far their best season.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The bloviator in chief has lost the White House definitively and finally in Debate Two, despite the best efforts of CNN's Candy Crowley to throw it to Obama. Mitt Romney has been calm, measured and completely presidential while Obama's ability to answer even the most basic questions was sorely lacking. He has consistently substituted long-winded, and shrill, rhetoric with many lies interspersed throughout.

The wind whistling through that auditorium at Hofstra University bears with it the stench of defeat.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Wow, wow, wow! If you haven't been watching DWTS so far this season, I strongly urge you to find relief from the incessant political wrangling for a few minutes and catch this show! Hotter than a $3 pistol!

My pick for tonight is the stunning contemporary dance of Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chemerkovsky - absolute perfection! Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough were extraordinary as well.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas did an excellent job. And Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd were absolutely first rate as well.

I don't know who's going to be dinged tomorrow night but any one of the people who danced tonight (except perhaps Sabrina Bryant whose sense of her own self is nearly as overly inflated as her oversized chest). I would not be at all sad to see her, or Melissa Rycroft depart.

UPDATE: To my great sorrow, Bristol Palin was eliminated on Tuesday night.


Liberals lie. Just the same way that scorpions will sting you and rattlesnakes poison you, they think if they say it loud enough, insistently enough and often enough, someone somewhere will believe them.

Despite the fact that, with my own ears, I heard Hillary repeat the "party line" that the killing of our Ambassador and four other brave souls in Benghazi was caused by some troll's offensive video, the fact is and cannot be denied that it was not, never was and never will be the truth. The people killed in that Act of War in Benghazi, Libya, were killed by members of Al Qaeda on September 11th. Do you people need a brick house to fly in from Kansas and land on your dopey heads?

And now, it appears that David Axelrod, that exemplar of evil personified is making every attempt to throw Hillary under the bus.

Look, I don't like the lady and would oppose with every breath in my body any vestige of a chance for the Clintons to reoccupy the White House but hey folks, fair is fair. The the current occupant of the Oval Office and his minions are responsible for that foul lie and it should be walked right back to their doorstep.

Could we please get this America hater out of the office and have him take his "beard" with him?

Friday, October 12, 2012


If the Administration didn't know, a full six days after the horrendous event, the true facts of the Benghanzi atrocity, they should have checked the Internet and the blogsphere. We KNEW for sure from our own sources the truth of the matter only three days after it happened!

Just asking!


I absolutely cannot possibly say anything more scathing about the Liberals in the White House that this dimbulb doesn't make crystal (meth?) clear herself!

Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter is coming under intense criticism from Republicans for saying the "entire reason" the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, had become a political topic was "because of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan."

Cutter was responding to a question about the continuing investigation into the terrorist attack on the consulate in Libya that left four Americans dead, and arguing that the administration was working to get "to the bottom of that attack to figure out what happened and bringing the people to justice."

But Cutter then accused Republicans of playing politics with the issue, and said pressure from the Romney campaign was the "entire reason" the issue had persisted.

Surely the grown-ups are living in an alternative universe from these idiotic children!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


RYAN nailed Biden on the Obama campaigns use of a surreptitious tape, which is admitted to be edited by those who released it, and that was Ryan's riposte!

Joe Biden knows about Mitt Romney's generosity? He doesn't emulate it, but he "understands it". Joe Biden gives under $1,000 annually to charity while Mitt Romney gives in EXCESS of $4 million! And only shows $2 million on his tax returns!

Joe Biden's toothy grin and constant interruptions of Rep. Ryan are not making him any points at all.

Joe Biden is a freaking idiot and his stupidity is fully on display.

Ryan will end up mopping the floor with Biden and wringing his sorry ass out over the airwaves of the nation!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It became blindingly clear from today's CSpan broadcast of the House Hearings (Darrell Issa - I swear, I'd move to California for the sole purpose of voting for you and then move right back to Ohio) that the Obama Administration flat out lied trying to obscure the fact that the attack that took place on our consulate in Benghazi was an Al Qaeda attack on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks on our nation. The various Administration "useful idiots" will try to parse, obfuscate and outright utter blatant falsehoods but it became clear to all but the most blatantly besotted Obama-supporter that our now and hopefully not future president has created an atmosphere that emboldens our enemies and makes our various government employees around the world more vulnerable to attack.

Ambassador Kennedy (no relation except in the area of fecklessness, lack of character and cringe-inducing dishonesty) tried every way he could to make the case that the deaths of four Americans on 9/11/12 in Benghazi was not a terrorist attack and was rather the result of outrage over some trifling anti-Muslim video released by some idiot in California.

Can we move the election up a few weeks and get this pusillanimous nitwit out of the White House?

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


The contestants were tasked with the job of bringing something to the dance floor that was beyond anything the judges had ever seen based on a previous season's signature dancer and dance. The results were out of bounds!

Kelly Monaco, I think, absolutely killed it! She was sexy, focused, technically spotless and just plain fierce. The other Paso Dobles were okay but not anywhere near hers. That dance is one of aggression and passion and she nailed it. Sabrina Bryan, not one of my faves, did a passable job and despite her reserve, the technically impeccable Bristol Palin did a creditable job.

Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson, knowing full well it might cost them, broke a bunch of rules in bringing a spectacularly athletic Quickstep to the floor which was entertaining and exciting and despite the rule-breaking garnered them top scores for the evening. That's courage!

Double elimination tonight. We'll see what happens. If you haven't voted, don't bitch!

Saturday, October 06, 2012


Joey Fatone, a delightful and funny man, is no dancer. That would explain why he is no longer on "DWTS" and rightly so.

I am sick to death of the ladies of The Talk, The View and Wendy Williams, predicting the exit of Bristol Palin. They are haters and blind as well. The child is not the worst dancer out there, far from it.


After his outstanding performance in Wednesday's debate - so outstanding that even the NY Slimes acknowledged it along with Barbara Walters - it is beginning to appear that this election is going to be a real contest. Romney needed to impress the independent, undecided voters - not you and me who already were in his column - and apparently that is just what he did.

I could give credit to the lovely Linda who has been running canvassers out of the yard telling them to get the hell off her property, but that might be excessive! She does, however, have TWO Romney/Ryan stickers on her car!

Is God going to forgive us for never prosecuting Jane Fonda and allowing Jimmy Carter to roam free by helping us to elect Mitt Romney? I can only pray.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Pamela Anderson, who didn't belong on the program in the first doggone place, was justifiably sent home after her first so-called dance.

Wendy Williams is predicting that Bristol Palin will be sent home next, which I do not believe and which I will do everything in my "voting" power to prevent. And she predicted today that Drew Lachay would be next. And that would be fine with me if HE is next.

The level of dancing is exceptional and this is a season worth watching.

Questions to Pamela Anderson:
1. If you have or had such a busy travel schedule, why did you commit to this show in the first damned place?

2. Why, considering the outrageously talented hair and makeup people on the show, did your hair look like small animals were living in it? You're 45 damned years old woman, quit trying to look 25. It isn't working and you'd have looked better if you had sported a more updated and modern look.

Monday, September 24, 2012


The Won is busily conducting his seemingly endless reelection campaign. Now he has time to appear tomorrow with his "beard" Michelle on "The View" but doesn't have time for meetings with officials of the U.N. Ostensibly he is in town to speak at the U.N. but why do the job you were elected to do when it's so much more important to keep your fat-assed wife in luxury overseas vacations!


Thursday, September 20, 2012


At the time of the shameful attacks on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Mitt Romney was criticized for "shooting from the hip" when he blamed the attack on terrorism - coming as it did on 9/11! Turns out he was absolutely right.

Evidence in the pictures taken of the event itself shows the American flag being burned, yes, but also the Al Qaeda symbols being raised. And our Ambassador did not die of smoke inhalation, but rather was savagely beaten and sodomized. And, by the way, Libyan authorities warned us THREE days before that something was likely to happen in that place and on that date.

In his desperation to hang onto his cushy and free digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this current occupant of the White House has lied, spun and generally made it a policy to bamboozle the American people and endanger our safety, with the willing complicity of the "elite media" who continue to push the false narrative that some doofus filmmaker is responsible for the violence. Too bad for them, the "new media" is alive and well and not yet under his control

WE MUST work to ensure that he is no re-elected. Nothing less than our national sovereignty and security is at stake!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Now, thanks again to Breibart's Big Journalism site, Mother Jones has admitted that the video of Mitt Romney was incomplete and heavily edited! And of course, the complacent, Kool Aid media is all over it (not).

By Joel B. Pollak

Mother Jones, the left-wing magazine that released a controversial video of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's remarks to a fundraiser in May, now admits that it has no full tape of what Romney said, and that its video is missing "one to two minutes" at the most important moment.

The Legal Insurrection blog's William Jacobson and The Blaze both raised questions on Tuesday about whether Mother Jones had, as promised, revealed the full video, given an apparent jump cut in the critical section of Romney's remarks.

Also, today on The View, Barbara Walters erroneously stated the reason that the Catholic priesthood is celibate and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus' marital status. It has to do with the Black Plague and the fact that married priests would not go out on sick calls to give the Last Rites for fear of bringing it home to their families. Don't run your ignorant mouth if you don't know what you're talking about Baba Wawa!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Friday, September 07, 2012


Do you see the American flag anywhere on tht bus?

Thursday, September 06, 2012


And if it is true that a person's inner self is reflected in his outer visage, that man's been rode hard and put up wet! What a dissipated face he has developed. Not that he was ever that good looking in my view. My idea of good looking is a Tom Selleck or even a Clint Eastwood. Intelligence in a man's face is soooo attractive and while Clinton supposedly has a high IQ - I have never seen much evidence of it. Manipulative narcissism absolutely and a venal but manipulative spouse, undoubtedly. But true brilliance, which includes morals and ethics, not so much!

So, did we all watch Clinton’s speech last night? The only president ever impeached for lying under oath told more lies in one hour than most people tell in their entire lifetimes. Luckily, millions more people watched the football game than him. One of the rapist-in-chief’s biggest whoppers was that Obama had NOT gutted the welfare to work requirement that Clinton himself had signed into law. However, a few hours before his speech, the General Accounting Office had announced that Obama HAD gutted the welfare to work requirement and his action was illegal without Congressional approval. I guess no one bothered to tell Clinton about that decision.

H/T My brilliant cousin Scott!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Last week I had to search to find any coverage of the Republican Convention. This week, I cannot AVOID the Democratic Convention. Do these media morons actually think we won't notice?

And the fawning over Michelle Obama is making my teeth hurt! The woman is freaking UGLY and no amount of hair and makeup can disguise that failed pugilist face and that completely awkward body! I am so sick of hearing how beautiful she is. As I am sick of hearing Mrs. Joe Biden referred to as "Doctor" Jill Biden. Granted, she does have a Ph.D. but the implication always is that she has an M.D. rather than a doctorate in Education!

Monday, September 03, 2012



As urged on, go put an empty chair on your porch, your lawn (it's raining here so maybe not on the lawn).

Friday, August 31, 2012


Watched the speeches last night. Thought Clint Eastwood should not have ad-libbed. At his age, ad libs aren't a great idea! But I loved his line about the politicians being OUR employees! And the subtle imagery of him talking to an empty chair was outstanding.

The other speakers were excellent, particularly Marco Rubio. He is impressive and looks about 12 years old, a genetic gift that will serve him well as he ages!

I was both surprised and pleased by Romney's acceptance speech. He was likable, thorough and passionate (in his own laid-back way) and I found the humor in his facial expression when he announced that The Won had promised to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet absolutely hilarious. His follow-up that he and Paul Ryan would worry about our families was priceless.

All things considered, I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Romney last night. He needs to work on not doing that "Ed Sullivan" thingie with his shoulders but other than that, he was quite good. Naturally the leftwing media is finding all manner of fault with his performance but screw 'em - they're already in the tank for the incumbent idiot (which makes them what?). I trust my own eyes, my own ears and my own perceptions far more than I do those of Chris Matthews and his tingly leg!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am totally and madly in love with the Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez. She's smart, well-spoken, passionate and supremely logical. She has come from a completely ordinary background that is, nonetheless extraordinary. She is a fine example of the American dream realized.

Paul Ryan was impressive and if he just continues to do what he did last night, that fraudulent dork in the White House is toast! No matter how many lies he tells and how many credulous people believe those lies, enough people will see the Obama campaign's falsehoods for what they are and will vote for Mitt Romney in retaliation. The illegal alien ran a smart campaign last time, filled with smoke and mirrors to be sure but it was still a brilliantly run campaign. Because his 4 year record is dismal, he has nothing upon which to run. Ergo the negative and salacious ads accusing Mitt Romney of heinous behavior that just didn't happen!

Rock on Republicans. Who cares if Romney has elevator music in his iPod!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Yes, indeed, I have been having an actual life. Impossible as it might seem to me, I turned 70 a month or more ago, among other things. Also, my dear Linda has been continuing to suffer horrendous physical challenges and is, in fact, facing another surgery today at 11:30 a.m. Please pray for her. This insanity has been going on since March and she is thin and fragile and thoroughly frustrated and I don't blame her. In the meantime, I've been observing the insanity called the political process and I have a few thoughts on the subject. First of all, Mitt Romney is not now nor has he ever been my first choice of candidate. That being said, what choice do we have? Another four years of that cretinous yahoo in the White House will go a long way toward destroying this country. And if that doesn't happen, his vice president will surely continue down the path of embarrassing this entire nation with his endless gaffes. Dan Quayle didn't make nearly as many verbal goofs and he was soundly ridiculed by every liberal in the nation. By comparison to Biden, he was a model of verbal genius! As a senior citizen, I seriously resent the continuing talk of Social Security and Medicare as an "entitlement". Have any of you looked at your pay stub lately (if indeed you are among the fortunate ones who still get such a thing)? Medicare money is deducted from each of our checks on a regular basis and both you and your employer are paying into Social Security regularly. So the Congress and the president need to stop acting like the monies reserved for the welfare and health care of seniors is a lottery they have just won and can fritter away at will! That's OUR MONEY and should be left alone - entirely - and carefully tended. The last thing any of you want is a bunch of ticked off seniors going to the ballot box. We have the TIME to vote and the will to do so. The advertising is the most disgusting from the Dems but I am really enjoying some of the hard hitting and on point ads being run by the RNC. I may feel disposed to send them a sheckel or two as a sign of gratitude for being ballsy enough not to try to curry favor with the liberal dimwits!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Have you noticed lately that there are a large number of women in the 20-40 year age bracket who are all talking in a breathy, little girl voice? Why don't they want to grow up? Is adult responsibility too much for them to face? I'm really tired of dealing with other women who sound like Minnie Mouse! Or a very bad imitation of Jackie Onassis. Those voices are annoying and if you want to advance in your profession or be taken seriously in any way, get thee to a speech therapist and learn to talk like an adult female. The same can and should be said for those who employ the beautiful and rich English language in a disrespectful and ungrammatical manner. This can be noticed most clearly in the states of Maryland and the District of Columbia where the English language is routinely murdered in the mouths of some of those locale's citizenry. I have also noticed a plethora of females who are dressing in a manner more suitable to their 12-year-old daughters, most of whom are dressing like hookers! Here's the deal. Growing up has a lot going for it and once you have children who have mastered the art of using a flush toilet, you should start dressing like a grown-up woman. And if you weren't so busy being a "pal" to your daughters, you might have the energy to actually be a PARENT, and make sure your daughters understand the harm they are doing themselves by indulging in the too-much-too-soon mode of late childhood. I blame the overly hyped "reality" stars - particularly the Kardashians who only weigh about 90 pounds soaking wet when they get up in the morning. Once they've applied their eye makeup and shoveled enough goo onto their faces to lubricate an entire car's chassis, they've gained 20 pounds, I suspect! I like to watch "The Five" on Fox News Channel. Friday afternoon they were discussing the testimony of John Edwards' good friend who not only took campaign monies to cover up Edwards' out-of-wedlock shenanigans, but also used some of it for himself. They commented that it was a two-for-one-pond-scum affair! Well done. And as far that toddler who burst into tears when a young couple caught a foul ball and didn't give it to him - welcome to reality, kid. Life isn't always going to hand you what you want and if you want to have a happy and successful life, you'll learn now to deal with it!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


First the administration goes to war with the Christian/Catholic community over Obamacare, thus violating the religious freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and now he has the effrontery to violate yet another Constitutional provision - the separation of powers.

He has not the right nor the permission of our Constitution to "threaten" the Supreme Court (a separate and co-equal branch of our government)! What kind of pinhead would even consider doing that? Apparently, there is nothing Barack Hussein Obama is loathe to dare! What's next you moron, abolishing Congress? If you want to start a major insurrection amongst the voters, just keep on doing what you are doing. You'll end up with 2 or 3% of the votes in November and the GOP nominee will win by a landslide such as we've never seen.

The thing of it is, this so-called professor of Constitutional law is a freaking moron! He doesn't know our Constitution even a little bit or he wouldn't keep displaying this boneheaded behavior.

Wise up, you worthless piece of crap. We need to put up with you until 1/20/13 but not one second longer, of that I am sure.

And don't blame the GOP for your forthcoming loss - you are doing it all by yourself!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Saw a bunch of ads for Carbonite over the weekend. It occurred to me that someone who supports Barack Hussein Obama so avidly and has the Kool Aid mentality that led to the withdrawal of advertising from the Rush Limbaugh show over the Sandra Fluke nonsense (which has caused the Corporation's stock prices to plummet incidentally) probably is not someone to whom you want to entrust the entire contents of your computer's hard drive for safety!

Just saying.

I mean, isn't it bad enough that the Obama campaign HQ in Chicago has a boatload of people compiling information from everyone's Facebook accounts to use for their own purposes? Do we need to give them everything on a silver platter?

This may be the most corrupt, unconstitutional, inept and dangerous administration in the history of this nation. His tenure in office must be terminated as of 1/20/13 for our country's survival!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


The heart transplant done on Vice President Dick Cheney is being dubbed "controversial" by some - probably leftwing - "haters" while I applaud the procedure because the man is a national treasure whose life is valuable to this nation.

I'm totally sure that poison tongued Joy Behar will have something wholly inappropriate to utter on the subject, not to mention the pinheads on The Talk.

Let's face it, under Obamacare Cheney probably wouldn't be given this life-lengthening surgery but I don't give a rat's eardrum. Bravo, Vice President Cheney. Live long and prosper for the benefit of your grandchildren who will have the joy of knowing a wise, intelligent and very extraordinary human being!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Now that a month has passed and in the fullness of time some actual details are becoming evident, the so-called "open-and-shut" case of a teenager being killed in Florida takes on a slightly less definitive air.

At first it was all "teenager with angel face, in hoodie, in white neighborhood - profiling - boo hoo" coming from the media.

Now it is beginning to emerge that apparently, the Neighborhood Watch captain, Zimmerman, may have been beaten by the teen - which opens up a whole different set of situations that the left-wing will happily ignore as long as they can! Already Jesse Jackson (the biggest racist in this country after our president - think about his hatred of whites, except when he can extract money from them when he has a temporary affection flickering in that coal scuttle of a heart of his. Al Sharpton has had his inciting ass down there. Oh woe is me has been emanating predictably from the mouths of the likes of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg and the ignorant and uninformed ladies on The Talk.

I also notice that the song that has gone viral on YouTube calling for the murder of Rush Limbaugh has completely escaped their attention!

When, oh when, are these pinhead left wingers going to start waiting to rush to judgment before running their flapping jaws? Perhaps never unless we make it clear that it doesn't work anymore and never will again!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


However, I have been saying for many months that whether or not he loses the election, BHO intends to continue his occupation (legal or not) of the White House. If (horror of horrors) he wins the election, then no big deal. Should he lose, we may see the proverbial merde hit the fan!

Friday afternoon, an update to an existing security order was released which in and of itself is no big deal. But it clearly was released at a time when it was expected to pass unnoticed and in a manner that can only be described as stealthy. However, our erstwhile president can no longer count on the mainstream media being totally asleep!

My concern is that between the new Stellar Wave installation in Utah and Mr. Obama's ability to declare martial law, we could be heading for a very rocky set of circumstances. My advice? Be prepared, see to your own security and while I don't advocate holding your breath (unless you look really good in blue), certainly we need to keep this creature of the Left under close observation.

I wonder (just wondering folks) if the Occupy Movement isn't a stealth preparation for something more heinous and dangerous?

Just wondering.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Among the documents recovered when we finally took out that demented s.o.b. Bin Laden including orders he sent to his minions to assassinate President Obama and General David Petraeus. The reasoning behind his order? Joe Biden would take office in Obama's stead and that would be good for Al Qaeda since Biden is unprepared for the office. Huh? Is he any more unprepared than Obama?

I do not like, trust or have any respect for Barack Hussein Obama. But dammitall, he is MY president (legitimately in office or not) and nobody is permitted to kill the man. Period. Anyone who thinks that is a solution to anything is deluded. Let's elect a replacement and then investigate the man's antecedents, conduct in office and various acts and, if warranted, prosecute him as a traitor, an imposter or whatever else we deem appropriate. But assassination is a definite "absolutely not"!

I'm a woman - I can call that self-entitled idiotic female whatever I want to call her. What she has done is insert herself into the debate that is and should be centered on FREEDOM OF RELIGION you ignorant crone! Ann Coulter says it best in her column today and I highly recommend it.

When will the Dems cease to try to deflect the essential argument into something so idiotic and so filled with assumptions (without a shred of proof) that it boggles the mind!?

Sandra Fluke is in law school. If she's actually studying when would she have time for $3,000 worth of shagging during a three-year period? And if she is larking about so much, how good a student can she be?

Having reviewed her testimony, my sense is that the woman isn't very bright and is hoping for the government job that will at least make whoever paid for her education minimally proud!

Friday, March 02, 2012


It has taken me a little more than 24 hours to digest the fact that I am - at age 69 - writing a memorial piece on a 43-year old national treasure!

This man was my hero and a hero to many hundreds of thousands of Americans who have been inspired and entertained by his courageous and steadfast war on the left wing's attempted coup in this country. And if, in fact, we are able to push the left wing loons back into the dust heap of history where they belong, it will be due in large part to Mr. Breitbart's efforts.

If I can take any lesson from this man's zest and enjoyment of his life, albeit entirely too short a sojourn on this earth, it is to be more courageous in my support of the rejection of left-wing, secular values.

I have no doubt he is watching us from his new home in heaven and cheering us on! God bless you and God keep your family safe and in a state of healing.

UPDATE: Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz ended his wonderful and moving post about Andrew Breitbart with the following sentence, which I have stolen with absolutely no shame whatsoever:

Please start asking yourself “What would Andrew Bretibart do”…and then DO IT.

Read more

UPDATE #2: Let Andrew's final truth-telling begin - go to his site ( to begin the series on just how despicable our current president really is! Apparently there is more to this story and Andrew's team is going to put it out there!

Monday, February 27, 2012


I've been listening to the chatter, both online and on the morning chatfests which seem to imply that last night's program was "boring" and that Billy Crystal's hosting was irrelevant.

Here's an opposite viewpoint - the show was terrific. Billy Crystal, as always, was delightful, efficient and totally entertaining. And wonder of wonders, the doggone thing ENDED on time for the first time in my rather long memory.

There weren't many surprises, although I think that Meryl Streep's win was very unexpected and a total shame in many ways! Viola Davis' performance was brilliant and didn't have the self-conscious "look I'm acting" aura that inbues many of Streep's roles.

Cirque du Soleil was a delicious surprise - although I'm not sure how relevant they were!

Angelina Jolie needs to eat a sandwich! She's entirely too thin and Brad Pitt is an unkemp mess. Why anyone would think either of them is attractive is beyond me. Angie dear - how you got him is how you'll lose him, although what woman would want to touch that seldom washed character is beyond my comprehension! I'm 69 years old and I can say what I want!

The acceptance speeches were wonderful and the trio that won the writing award and then mocked Jolie's posing with her leg out (who wants to see your lumpy bony knees anyway).

Brian Grazer did a terrific job and I hope the Academy has him back (with Crystal) again and again and again.

I seldom enjoy this smug, self-congratulatory snooze of a show but to my surprise, last night I did. Didn't even fall asleep halfway through! That in itself is a miraculous happening. I stayed up way too late which made the call from the "sleep center" at 8:30 this morning all the more annoying! You woke me up for this nonsense?!

Friday, February 24, 2012


President Obama's life, starting with the location of his birth, is still shrouded in mystery. We know (we think we know) the name of his father, we suspect the location of his birth, we have seen what purports to be his long form birth certificate which shows the name of a hospital that didn't exist and a doctor's name that appears to be bogus. The long form certificate appears to be a somewhat clumsy forgery! His high school and college transcripts are strangely unavailable and the grades he earned while in college are somewhat suspiciously unknown. Why he had to surrender his law license is unknown, nor is it clear why Michelle surrendered her license to practice as well. How his Ivy League education was financed and by whom is also strangely unknown.

Who really wrote the two books attributed to him? Was it in actual fact the work of Bill Ayers, well known and unrepentant would-be destroyer of America and known bomber of American institutions?

Who is this man who is destroying our Republic with every act of his administration? Who is Barack Hussein Obama and is he even who he says he is? What are his true beliefs? Is he even a Christian? Is he even a native born American citizen? In other words, is he or is he not the "Manchurian Candidate" president?

How is it that a man who was early in his first term as a U.S. Senator was able to capture the money and the backing to win the presidency?

What are his true purposes? Why does he feel it necessary to continue to apologize for everything America stands for?

Finally, should he be defeated at the polls in November 2012, will he go quietly and constitutionally from office? Or will he manufacture a crisis and use that crisis to declare martial law and invalidate the national election so that he can remain in power?

The man must be defeated to save the American dream. We must work tirelessly to elect the candidate of the Republican Party - even if that candidate is not the conservative standard-bearer we prefer. And we must be prepared to defend our nation should my worst fears be realized. This is a crucial year for America and we must be prepared to preserve, protect and defend that which Obama is not prepared or willing or even competent to preserve, protect and defend.

Monday, February 20, 2012


There are more important things in this world than the death of Whitney Houston. The networks act as though this woman's death is the most urgent thing in our world. Yes, it's sad and yes, it was too soon but people are rioting on the streets in Greece, we have a president who is trampling our Constitution willy-nilly and it's time to get on with the business of the living, folks!

Whitney is resting in peace and those who remain behind are dealing with their grief in their own private ways. A good lesson for all of us. Yes I enjoyed her music, but let's be honest, she was pretty much ignored for the past 5-10 years and now it's as though some sort of world leader had died unexpectedly. Get a grip people!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


She was the powerful voice of the 80s and 90s and beloved by music lovers around the world. Her very public battles with substance and alcohol abuse are well documented so I won't even go into them now.

Apparently God needed another powerful voice in his heavenly choir thus we have the magnificent voices of Etta James, Amy Winehouse and Whitney all singing together in His praise.

God rest your trouble soul, dear Whitney. May the light of God shine upon you and bring you to eternal glory.

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Obama started with the Jews, by tacitly abandoning Israel.

Now HHS has moved on to the Catholics by requiring that Catholic institutions abandon portions of their religious beliefs in order to conform to the illegal and unconstitutional Obamacare. This requirement is, in itself, wholly unconstitutional and they damned well know it!

Memo to evangelical Christians and all other Christians in this country - they'll be coming for you next.

Why would ANYONE in their right mind vote for this dunderhead!? A vast number of Catholics voted for this pinhead in the 2008 election! With scathing letters being read from pulpits all over the country in the past weeks regarding this outrageous interpretation of the Administration's right to trample our Constitution willy-nilly, how many Catholic votes does this inept, incompetent moron expect to receive?

And I don't give a shit what happened today in Nevada - I'm still sticking with Newt!

UPDATE: Turns out that Cardinal Designate, Archbishop Dolan of New York met with the President in the Oval Office before this appalling assault on religion was promulgated by HHS and lo and behold, Obama assured the Cardinal Designate that "we'll work this out". Subsequently, the president's representative called Dolan and said that the President had decided a one-year extension was the best he could do!

November cannot come soon enough for me.

Thursday, February 02, 2012


A company is advertising a giveaway of laptops to children, with another laptop going to kids in Africa!

All of this sounds marvelous until you realize that they probably don't have WiFi available in most poor villages!

Do these people think through their campaigns at all?

Monday, January 30, 2012


Like being unable to turn your head away from a train wreck, I had to watch the finale of the current season of the Kourtney and Kim Take New York program.

What I saw sickened me. When Scott Dissick of all people is the clarion voice of reason on the show ("You do know that you are married?"). the Kim K brand is heading for the Edsel heap of history. Perhaps her erstwhile soon-to-be-ex-husband put it best when he opined that by the time they started having children, nobody would care about her was absolutely on target.

They entered into this marriage with immature expectations. She wanted a fairytale, he wanted a WIFE! They had never had a discussion about where they would live, how many children they wanted, anything but whether or not he was going to shave off his freaking mustache! Listening to her talk, she cannot articulate a single sentence without using the word "like" improperly at least 4 times in one sentence. It's obvious why she dropped out of school. She's stupid people! And clearly she doesn't understand that marriage is hard work. Khloe, no fan of Kris Humphries, reminded Kim several times that marriage is hard work, both before and after the lavish, ridiculously over-the-top wedding (and she wore white - how lame is that when she's been married before and is clearly no virgin).

I am very happy that the show is over since I could not tolerate more of her whining about how unhappy she is. She's unhappy because she chose to be a selfish, ignorant brat who wants her husband to bow down to her, much as Bruce Jenner bows down to Kris Jenner! Marriage should be a partnership, you ignorant twit! Although, I did find it irritating and amusing in equal parts that Kris H. reacted to her obsessive neatness compulsion (born no doubt of the fact that she's too stupid to find things if they aren't placed in a pre-determined spot all the time) by being deliberately messy. Grown-ups do not behave this way!

J.C. Penny clearly wants to induce a permanent state of "peeve" in its potential customers with their utterly obnoxious screaming commercial which makes no sense and generally ruins the hearing (temporarily) of those of us who cannot get to the "mute" button fast enough!

Likewise Geico - the squealing pig has gotten on my last nerve - and then some! Enough already! Cute concept, annoying execution!

Life is tough folks, we need to laugh. So for your Monday assignment, pick your favorite liberal and have at it! Myself, I'm going to laugh at that ridiculous harridan Nancy Pelosi who is mincing around shrilling her new mantra "I've got something that will destroy Newt Gingrich"! To which he, very properly responds, "Do your worst you incompetent crone!" only he says it nicer!

Let's all have a good laugh at the woman whose brain is so poisoned by excessive Botox that she cannot maintain her mask of sweetness and light which was so transparently phoney that only another liberal would buy it! Nancy, you despicable twit - don't you know that conservatives are miles smarter than the smartest liberal. In fact, I dare say that if Newt and I were in the same room with all the Dems in Congress, we'd outpoint them on the IQ measurements! And I'm not THAT smart! My sister, however, is that smart and I'd love to see her take on old Nancy!

Memo to all the pundits, commentators, so-called journalists out there - I don't give a rat's eardrum who runs against OBAMA, just so long as they BEAT Obama in all 50 states! Although there's faint hope for Massachusetts and probably Maryland!

FINAL BUT CRITICAL NOTE: All those who speak on television, kindly remember that GRAMMAR matters! It isn't "Like I said". It is "As I said". And a hat tip to my beloved late friend Clara Wochele!

Monday, January 23, 2012


It doesn't matter what Barbara Walters says on The View - the anti-Republican bias was crystal clear, even in her defense of the so-called "elite media"!

The only reason ABC-News ran the hit piece featuring Marianne Gingrich, whose face betrays all her bitterness and ill-will toward her former husband, was to stage an "October surprise" on Newt's campaign. None of this was news really - all of it had been discussed years ago in the press and by Newt himself. That makes the intent of ABC News quite obvious to me, at least, they were trying to slap down another Republican, using their favorite slapping tool - sex. And, once again, they trotted out that same old crap - Newt was part of the group who went after Bill Clinton for his sexual escapades!

First of all, and let's say this one final time: The impeachment wasn't about SEX. It was about lying to a Grand Jury and a Federal judge. Bill Clinton was a lawyer. It isn't done! It's a felony. He should have gone to jail for his bullshit!

But let's remind people, he was committing sexual harassment as well! Using his position to literally bring a chubby little dumbkopf of an intern to her knees. Isn't that something liberal women shriek and holler about?

We won't even discuss the women who have accused him of rape!

Where is it written that only Republicans are not supposed to have sex? Who would WANT to have sex with a liberal? They are the most joyless and utterly contemptible people on earth (at least most of them). And their women are truly ugly with the sour, arrogant, sanctimonious faces that would make a man marooned on a desert island think twice and then say no!

CNN stepped in a pile of doggie do when they asked the question at the opening of the GOP debate in South Carolina. No amount of backpeddling, excuses and whining is going to change that fact.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well now we're 3 for 3 since Santorum WON Iowa, Romney won New Hampshire and now Newt has dominated in South Carolina!

Apparently Senor Roboto isn't as inevitable as he has been touted to be by the complicit mainstream media, eh?

Why is Ron Paul still in the race. At age 76, he's way too damned old to be president, not to mention that his foreign policy ideas are from the crumbled cookie bin! I'm not being ageist folks. I'm 69 years old myself and I have to tell you, I have lost a few steps in the past couple of years and I am not as sturdy as I once was! Far from it. And compared to Ron Paul, I'm a mere stripling, age-wise.

Anything other than withdrawing from the race and quietly going about his business contributing to the crazy on The Hill is unacceptable. He hasn't a chance in hell and if he is such a sore loser as to mount a 3rd party effort, he'd be handing the odious Obama another full term!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


For those who haven't seen it yet, trundle on over to The Anchoress to access the YouTube video of Newt Gingrich absolutely laying out the CNN anchor who chose to lead the debate in South Carolina with a question about the interview with Marianne Gingrich that ran on ABC-TV to their eternal shame!

First, it's a prime example of "He said, she said" so-called journalism (of which William Randolph Hearst would be sooooo proud) with no way to actually prove the veracity of Marianne - and we must remember she is a rejected and bitter former spouse - although Newt's daughters emphatically swear that he asked no such thing of Marianne.

In essence, Newt has already confessed his shortcomings, made amends as best he can, is being gentleman enough not to call Marianne a fame whore seeking vengeance and he is happily married to his true partner Callista who has made him a better man in every way. He is more focused, more disciplined, more at peace with himself.

To the various news outlets that are trying to make big ratings with this crap - shame on you! You deserve the falling ratings and lowered revenues that are the resulting from lowered readership.

And shame on all the slavering sycophants of The Won who are lapping up this poisoned so-called reporting as though it is the gift of life itself. It isn't. It's garbage. It is unworthy of the so-called professional journalist.

Call me a true believer, but I heard and assimilated into my soul every single bit of the ethics training I was given in J-school! What's your excuse you yellow journalism peddling hacks?

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The hypocritical asshats of the mainstream media, led by television reporters and a bitter former spouse has begun.

Clearly, they are frightened that Newt's success will derail the preordained (by the media) ascendancy of Wilbur Romney as the GOP's candidate for president - a candidate they apparently think Obama can defeat!

Wife #2 is coming forward in a so-called "bombshell" interview claiming that Newt wanted an open marriage! Of course, the babbling babes of both The View and The Talk have jumped right on it with their total lack of moderation and clear thinking. Why do I say there is no clear thinking involved? Because all this stuff was already out there - years ago!

Newt has already acknowledged that he was a terrible husband to wives #1 and #2. He has not been a bad husband to wife #3. Callista has taught him discipline, patience and brought him to a religious conversion. She is his intellectual equal in almost every way and that was apparently what was needed to tame the wild man! He has acknowledged that he is a different man and evidence of that has been seen throughout the campaign, although he did lose his temper with Romney and the SuperPac savaging directed at him during the Iowa campaign. He seems to have regained his focus and his poise, and I have no doubt that his wife is partially responsible for that turnaround.

In other words, this is a man who is capable of change and learning. Newt is brilliant. Newt is mercurial like many brilliant people. I would rather have the mercurial Newt as my president than Robotic Man Romney and either would be universes better than the Kenyan Wetback and his socialist and anti-Christian proclivities!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Of course, the glib response is that there is always hope.

I fear for and pray for our Republic because there are incompetent boobs in charge at the moment (the so-called "vetting" process used in making the various loans to the "green" companies revealed people who don't know whatinhell they are doing is a prime example) and I wish I could say I see better quality coming from the Republican party.

I think Newt may be the best we've got on offer and I'm somewhat jumpy about him. If Romney runs with Gov. Christie as his vice president, we'll have a #2 who is bluntspoken on his worst day but also more of a RINO than the party's base will like. Although the prospect of Christie debating that dimwit Biden is somewhat tantalizing. As is the prospect of Newt eviscerating Obama.

Ron Paul on foreign policy is consistent with his libertarian beliefs but they are frightening.

Santorum makes the most sense to me, but I don't have a good feeling about him debating Obama and his teleprompter.

We need to run a well thought-out and completely coordinated campaign against The Won in order to defeat him so thoroughly that there's no chance of the Dems cheating, which they are so prone to do!

Bottom line - the negative ads against Romney are taking that arrow out of Obama's quiver and the negative ads against Newt are defanging that particular issue as well!

Pray for our Republic people. It may well be that only God can help us now!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thank you God for this wonderful young man!

Next season will be far better! I don't like the Patriots, don't like Tom Brady at all (I think he's a sleazeball) but they played one heck of a game tonight. So congratulations to them on a well deserved win.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I certainly hope not but then again, the other candidates don't seem to be able to muster sufficient momentum to challenge him properly!

They are fighting him in all the wrong ways. Since when do Republicans challenge the so-called front runner for being a capitalist for heaven sakes!

When you add the totals for Huntsman and that loon Ron Paul together (I'm sorry - Paul's ideas on foreign policy are ludicrous) they total far more than Romney's total. That says to me that people in New Hampshire were pretty tepid about Romney. If he's getting votes on "electability" then that's wrong. We want electable AND proper Republican thinking as well!

Memo to Gingrich, Perry and Santorum. Stick to the facts fellas - if you're going to attack Romney, do it on the waffling issues (if you don't have waffling in your resume) and on the Romney care issue and beyond all of that - save your best salvos for Barack Hussein Obama. Convince the public that you are electable b y showing how you'll go after that son of a bitch in the White House who is destroying our Republic!

Saturday, January 07, 2012


Ron Paul should quietly and in perpetuity withdraw from the presidential race in expiation of the hateful and disgusting ad run on YouTube by some of his supporters.

If this is the type of supporter Rep. Paul attracts, he is nobody who should be running for president of this nation. We've already suffered enough at the hands of another nutjob - the current occupant of the Oval Office!

Using a candidate's family in the way that this YouTube video ad used Mr Huntsman's is an intolerable act and Rep. Paul must withdraw in a clear signal that this kind of political oafishness is not to be permitted in any candidate's campaign! Baby girls are routinely murdered in both China and India and the fact that Jon Huntsman has adopted one or more of these females is a testament to the largeness of his heart!

After the Obama morons violated bankruptcy laws by taking over General Motors and putting their union thug pals in the catbird seat at GM, they then opted to subsidize the Chevy Volt - an electric vehicle, of which 7,000 have been sold. So far the cost to the taxpayers is around $3 billion.

GM is now volunteering to recall 8,000 of these vehicles (they must have 1,000 unsold or the numbers don't work out) because there's a small problem - the battery in the car is a fire hazard!

Could we have a more embarrassing administration? I don't think so!

Give O'Reilly credit for this line: "So these cars are a fire hazard! Wouldn't 7,000 Chevy Volts catching fire be BAD for global warming?"

It's a $40,000 vehicle, with a $7,250 taxpayer subsidy (I drive a Chevy and it isn't even WORTH that much money and I'm SUBSIDIZING some stuck-up idiot who wants to drive a fire hazard that I could not afford?).

How stupid is our administration? The mind boggles!

Friday, January 06, 2012


Why is it, pray tell, that far too many voice overs and actors in commercials that are currently being aired are Australian? Don't get me wrong, I have a great deal of admiration for the people of Australia and I'm sure that there isn't as much work there as there is here.

However, there are a LOT of American actors who are qualified for and needing the work and they should be given first crack at any commercials.

Aside from everything else, I find the Australian accent to be both annoying and grating to the ear! (Blame that perfect pitch thingie of mine).

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


You put in the work, the basic door-to-door campaigning that used to be the norm in this country and by golly, it paid off.

In the "good old days" campaigns didn't drive people nuts with the robo-calls (I routinely hang up on them) and the other high tech nonsense that most campaigns employ but instead relied on person-to-person contact to get their point across. Only Rick Santorum has been quietly campaigning in Iowa, visiting all 99 counties and demonstrating the up close and personal people skills he possesses.

Now if you can just drive that lunatic (on foreign policy) Ron Paul out of the race with sufficient force to persuade him that a third-party candidacy is a bad idea, I'll be delighted to vote for you. It should be clearly apparent to the RNC fossils and the bought and paid for lamestream media, that the grass roots Republicans are not buying the "Romney is inevitable" bullshit!